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July 30,1946.
Filed May s, 1945
Patented July 30, 1946
Gertrude R. Marshall, Schenectady, N. Y., as
signor to C. J. Bates & Son, Chester, Conn., a
Application May a, 1945, Serial No. 591,786
1 Claim.
( Cl. 66—117)
This invention relates to improvements in
knitting implements and is directed more par
in the knitting of cable stitch patterns and the
ticularly to improvements in hand knitting stitch
In connection with knitting cable-stitch pat
terns, it is common practice to employ two or
more needles for the knitting operation and one
or more other straight needles onto which cable
The principal objects of the invention are di
rected to the provision of a stitch holder for
hand knitting which is constructed and arranged
in a novel manner‘ so as to be adapted, among
other purposes, for holding stitches in knitting
stitch loops are slipped for holding them while
certain knitting operations are being performed.
The straight needles not only usually interfere
cable-stitch patterns and other operations.
10 with the needles and ?ngers of the knitter so as
With the foregoing and various other novel
to amount to a source of annoyance but frequent
features and advantages and other objects of
ly the cable-stitch loops are lost from the needle
my invention as will become more apparent as
by the needle slipping through the loops or
the description proceeds, the invention consists
in certain novel features of construction and in 15 The device of this invention is adapted to have
the combination and arrangement of parts as
cable-stitch loops slipped thereunto from the
will be hereinafter more particularly pointed out
knitting needles and being of less length than
in the claim hereunto annexed and more fully
the knitting needles does not interfere with the
described} and referred to in connection with the
knitting operation. And the loops or at least
accompanying drawing wherein:
20 some of them received on the device may he
Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of the imple
slipped to the o?set portion so that they are not
ment of the invention;
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the implement shown
likely to be displaced from the holder‘as is the
in Fig. 1; and
used for holding loops.
case where a normal length knitting needle is
Fig. 3 is a sectional elevational view of the 25
implement shown in Figs. 1 and 2.
Referring now to the drawing in detail, the
The invention may be embodied in other spe
ci?c forms without departing from the essen
tial characteristics thereof. Hence, the present
‘ novel features of the invention will be more fully
embodiments are therefore to be considered in all
respects merely as being illustrative and not as
A stitch holder implement is represented at 2 30 being restrictive, the scope of the invention being
which is in the form of an elongated metal body
indicated by the appended claim rather than by
preferably cylindrical in cross section.
the foregoing description, and all modi?cations
The implement may be made from various ma
and variations as fall within the meaning and
terial, such as metal, plastic, or the like, and as
purview and range of equivalency of the append
compared to the length of a knitting needle it is
ed claim are therefore intended to be embraced
relatively shorter in length.
Opposite ends of the body are tapering to pro
What it is desired to claim and secure by Let
vide pointed ends 4, as shown, to facilitate ready
ters Patent of the United States is:
and easy insertion and withdrawal thereof in
As a new article of manufacture a stitch hold
and from loops or stitches in knitting operations.
Intermediate the ends of the body it is formed
ing device for hand knitting operations compris
in combination, an elongated rod-like body
to provide a dip or curve 6 that is offset at a
having opposite pointed‘free ends in substantial
side of the end portions 8 of the device. The
axial alignment and said body intermediate said
width of the curved portion is preferably nar
ends having an offset loop portion formed by por
row as compared with the length of the device, 45 tions which curve inwardly from said opposite
as shown.
ends and outwardly away from the longitudinal
The device is adapted for many and various
axes of said ends and are connected together.
uses in connection with various hand knitting
operations but is particularly adapted for use
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