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July 30, 1946.
Filed Feb. 18,’ 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
7303 W Mclarenx
Patented July 30, 1946
Roy W. McLaren, Oaklyn, N. J.; Helen H. Mc
Laren, administratrix of said Roy M. McLaren,
deceased, assignor to Helen McLaren, Oaklyn,
Camden, J.
Application February 18, 1943, Serial No. 476,317
4 Claims.
(01. 33-180)
The present invention relates to ways and
means of positioning and mounting special weld
constructions will become apparent from the suc
ceeding description and illustrative drawings.
Coming now to the subject matter of this in
ing brackets on plate members, and has more
stant application and the invention disclosed
speci?c reference to a novel standardized jig and
the method and means for properly and expedi 5 herein, novelty is thought to reside in the method
tiously using the same.
phase on the one hand, and secondly in the
In order to pave the way for a ready and com
speci?c constructional arrangements, particularly
prehensive understanding of the invention form
ing the subject matter of this application, it is
the jigging tool per se. Thus, claims are ‘predi'
cated on the structural parts in combination, the
procedural steps, and the tool per se.
deemed advisable, at‘ the outset, to explain ‘the
background of the case and, in so doing, to make
Other features and advantages of the inven
cross reference to copending applications with
which the herein covered means and jig structure
tion will become more readily apparent from the
following description and the accompanying illus
aretclosely allied andconjointly used.‘ To ‘this ‘
end, Ithink it advisable to‘ ?rst direct attention
to the adoption and‘currentusage of aspecial
?xture or bracket forming the essence of the
subject ‘matter of a, copending application iden
ti?ed as SerialNLNo. 466,817, ?led ‘by me .in the
United States Patent Oi?ce ‘under date of Novem
‘ trative drawings.
In the drawings, like numerals designate like
parts throughout the views, this procedureand
description being followed to promote clarity in
quickly referring to the parts and elements.
Referring to the drawings:
20' Figure 1 is a view partly in elevation and partly
in section showing the bed or platen of the-sub
assembly, the work superimposed thereon, a
fastener bracket on the work, and the novel jig
structural steel buildings where welding is the
ging tool coordinated with these several parts.
main permanent connecting medium between the 25 Figure 2 is a top plan view of“ the tool to bring
ber. 24, 1942.
, t
“ These special brackets are being‘ eiiectively
and conveniently employed for use on ships or
ship‘ or plate members. Each bracket, which is
out the construction of the adapter head and its
closely coordinated association with coacting fea
more or lesslincidentally herein shown and de
scribed, is such as to embody what is known as
tures of the fastener bracket.
Figure 3 is a longitudinal section on the plane
such brackets, when‘ used‘in pairs, for, employ 30 of the line 3--3 of Figure 2 with the parts of the
ment ‘ina method for assembling the comple
tool in section.
mental plate members. In said method there is
Figure 4 is a vertical section taken on the plane
involved the step of tack-welding a pair of dupli
of the line 4-4 of Figure 3 looking in the direc
an assembling and aligning abutment to adapt
cate companion assembling "and holdingrbrack-v
tion of the arrows.
ets to predetermined points or places on the plate 36
Figure 5 is a fragmentary plan view showing
members;,,se'condly, the bringing of the coacting
portions of the sub-assembly or platen with the
surfaces of the matchable palm or abutment por
jig tool accommodation holes in predetermined
ti'ons into shiftable, contact and then inserting
position for expeditious multiple tool usage.
a drift pin, that‘is, 'a drift pm of a predetermined
Figure 6 is a fragmentary perspective showing
style,‘ thisYbeing hammered into place'through 40 a modi?cation in the formation of the adapter
apertures‘ in‘the abutting portions‘ to locate these
head of the jig tool.
portionsin predetermined relation and'to hold
the plate members accurately“ assembled ‘for ‘the
permanent welding operation.
The aforementioned brackets or. fastenersare
purposely made universal in design so that there
are neither rights nor lefts, and so that they ,can
be quickly selected and'used. Now, a jigging tool
and ‘special method invoking the use ‘of said tool
are usedfor accurately locating these brackets on
the structure.
There. are varied forms of ‘ fastener brackets
used in shipbuilding methods,‘ such as are pure
sued in accordance with my ideas‘. ‘ Thus, and by
Referring now to the drawings by distinguish
ing reference numerals, it will be noted that the
base Or platen is denoted by the reference char
45 acter A, the ship plate by the character‘ B, and
the special fastener bracket by the character C.
The jig tool, as, a unit, is differentiated by the
reference character D.
In practice the plate A is provided adjacent
50 one edge with a suitably scribed mark or, in some
instances, with a runner 1 serving as a shoulder
or stop, one edge of the work plate B being forced
thereagainst to overlie or overlap the platen, as
'shown in Figures 1, 3 and 4. At predetermined
way of further cross reference, I would call at 55 points to the right of the shoulder ‘I, I provide
tention to copending ,_ application, Serial No.
sockets or holes 8 and 9. These are de?nite dis
476,449, ?led by me in the United States Patent
tances apart and in alignment, and the pairs are
also in alignment running lengthwise of the
platen. They are very accurately placed in refer
shown in the drawings of this application, which 60 ence to the shoulder 1 to accommodate and per
Office, under date'of February 19, 1943. The lat
ter brackets are more nearly of the type explicitly
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