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l July 30;'1946.
Filed Apk-i1 s, 19.44l
jig. 1.
s 2,404,899
Patented July 30, 1946l
John R. Beers, Briarcliiï Manor, N. Y., assignor
to North American Philips Company, Inc.,
Dobbs Ferry, N. Y.
Application April 3, 1944, Serial No` 529,350
5 Claims. (Cl. Z50-162)
This invention relates to cathode ray tubes,
and more particularly to the assembly of certain
elements thereof.
It is an object of the present invention to
simplify the assembly of elements of a cathode
ray tube.
dividually and collectively, such as a second anode
and two sets of deflecting plates. Preferably, this
sleeve is cylindrical and slides over the top part
of a cylindrical first anode whereaiter the second,
`likewise cylindrical anode having the same outer
diameter as the iirst anode, is inserted in the
sleeve to rest in spaced relation to the iirst anode,
openings such as transverse slots being provided
It is another object of this invention to pro
vide an assembly of the type aforesaid wherein
in the sleeve for the purpose of welding supply
elements are aligned automatically.
to the anode.
Afurther object of the invention is to im 10 conductors
Two sets of longitudinal slots are arranged at
prove the accuracy and stability of the align
right angles to each other in the top part of the
ment of elements of a cathode ray tube.
sleeve to accommodate and to ñx in position both
Another object of the invention is to render
relative to each other and to the anode, two sets
the assembly of elements of a cathode ray tube
of de?lecting plates which project from the sleeve
1 more economical. .
suiiiciently to have supply conductors welded to
Other objects, and the manner in
their projecting portions. In this manner, the
same are attained, Will be apparent from the
precise and lasting alignment of all elements, in
following description.
dividually and collectively, is insured to an extent
Cathode ray tubes usually comprise an electron
heretofore obtained, at a material saving in
gun, as a source of a well-defined, focussed beam 20
time and labor.
of electrons or cathode rays, and deñecting
In' the drawing accompanying the present
means, most commonly in the form of deflecting
speciñcation and forming part thereof, one em
plates, for controlling or shifting such beam in
bodiment of my invention is shown diagrammati
dependency upon applied voltages. The electron
cally by way of example.
gun usually includes, apart from a cathode and 25
In the drawing,
a grid arranged in front thereof, a number of
Figure l shows somewhat diagrammatically a
anodes, for example two, which serve as electron
longitudinal section of an electron gun-deflecting
optical lenses for the system and therefore are
plate assembly of a cathode ray tube according
instrumental in determining the path of the un
to the invention.
deflected electron beam, and the deñecting means
Fig. 2 is a transverse section taken along line
usually include two pairs of deñecting plates one
2--2 of Fig.l l; while
arranged in front of and at right angles to the
Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a supporting
other, these sets of deñeeting plates being in
sleeve according to the invention.
strumental in determining the path of the de:
Referring now to the drawing, l denotes the
ñected electron beam. Evidently, the accurate
and stable alignment of the two or several anodes
relative to each other, of the two or several sets
cathode and 2 the grid of an electron gun as
sembly forming part of a cathode ray tube. A
sleeve 3 mounted on the grid assembly supports
of deiiecting plates relative to each other, and
insulating, e. g. ceramic members 4 which, in
finally, of the anodes relative to the deflecting
turn, support a sleeve 5 mounting the first anode
plates is among the most important requirements
6. This anode is cylindrical and includes a num
in cathode ray tube manufacture; yet, prior to the
ber of disc-shaped insets 1 which have apertures
present invention, this alignment invariably con
8 for focusing purposes.
stituted a rather serious, time-consuming and un
A ceramic sleeve 9, likewise cylindrical and
economical operation, moreover yielding results 45 having an inner diameter hardly larger than the
that left much to be desired.
outer diameter of the iirst anode 6, is slid over
The present invention contemplates simplify
this anode to be firmly supported thereon, e. g. by
ing and at the same time, improving the assembly
resting on sleeve 5, and to be in perfect align
of elements of a cathode ray tube and specifically,
ment with the anode 6. The sleeve 9 may be
insuring the accurate and stable alignment there
made of Steatite, Isolantite or other suitable re
of, by providing, in place of the complex rod or
fractory material. Two transverse slots l0 are
similar supporting structure of the prior art, a
provided on opposite sides of the bottom part of
unitary supporting member, preferably a ceramic
sleeve 9. A supply conductor Il welded to the
sleeve, mounted, for example, on the first anode
anode 6 passes through one of the slots I0 while
and mounting in turn, in prearranged spatial
a lock tab l2 welded to the anode 6, rests in the
relationship, the other elements to be aligned in
other slot- I0 to assistin preventing displacement '
' ¿il Í; Í j
of’slots in said hollow-insulatingmemben and
deílecting.v plates _extending >through. and mounted
in'proper alignment by said slots.
n of anode 6 relative to sleeve 9,
.A second anode I3 of the same cylindrical con
figuration and the same outside diameter as the
2. In a cathode ray tube, in combination, a
. ñrst anode, and provided with disc-shaped insets
I4 having apertures I5, is inserted in sleeve 9
cathode and grid assembly, insulating means
abovethe first anode so as to be positioned in
the center portion of sleeve 9, >Two transverse
mounted on said assembly, a ñrst focussing means
mounted on said insulating means, a hollow
and welded to the second anodeV I3, while a lock
tab I8 welded to the anode I3 rests >in the other
slot I IJ to assist _in preventing displacement of
sets of slots in said> hollow insulating member.
one set arranged above and at right angles to
the other, and’two pairs of dei‘lecting plates eX
insulating member mounted on _said nrst fo
slots It are provided on opposite sides of the
cussing means, a second vfocussing means mount
center portion of thesleeve and a supply con
ductor i7 is passed through one of the slots I 6 ,10, ed inside said hollow insulating member, two
anode I 3 relative to sleeve 9.
The bottom and center sections of sleeve 9 are
tendingthrough and mounted in proper align
ment by said slots'
ground to accommodate the cylindrical `anodes 6
and I3 while the top section of sleeve 9 is not
ground, a step I9 being thus provided between
cathode and grid assembly, insulating means
the ground and unground sections which serves4
as an abutment or stop for the second anode I3.
The top portion of sleeve 9 comprises a set of
longitudinal slots 2i! arranged above the second
anode I3 and accommodating a pair of deñecting
‘3. `Ina cathode ray tube, in combination, a
mounted 0n said assembly, a first focussing means
mounted on said insulating means, a hollow insu
lating member mounted on said ñrst focussing
means, a second'focussing means mounted inside
said hollow insulating member,- at least one pair
of slots in said hollow insulating/member, deílect
ing plates extending through andmounted in
plates 2I, and another set `of similar'slots‘22 ar
ranged above the slots Zû and at right angles 25 proper alignment by said slots, and means sur
rounding said hollow insulating member andhavl
thereto; and accommodating deilecting plates 23.
The slots ‘Ziîandjzlsserve to; properlyposition.` the
ingslotswhereby tov engage 'saidde?lecting plates.
. platestwhi'chrnayfbe fastened .in-thel slots in'any
Inaca'thode ray tube, `,in combination,l a
, _cathode’and-grid assembly, insulating means
vfïn; `an preferred embodiment of' the> invention, 30 mounted on said assemblmïa ñrst'focussing means
mounted on said insulating means,> a hollow in,
two mica discs 24 Vhaving’accurately punched slots
vconventional manner.
sulating member moun’tedfon said first focussing
25 to vrigidly hold the ’plates are slipped »over the
means, asecond focussing means mounted inside
top of the sleeve T9 and anchoredin position to
assist in' " the proper alignr’nentv and spacing of
in said
hollow insulating.
throughmember,A a-nd'niountedvin
atleast one- pair ’
theiplates. : Matching eyelets 26fin the mica 4discs 35 " ing
2e permit, them'A to -berigi'dly «fastened to `each
proper alignment'byl said slots, and an'annular
other,` at the desired spacing, with upright nickel
rods or `wiresA 21 which', apart l»from acting ' as
insulating means having corresponding slots slid >
over lsaid‘hollow insulating 'meinberto hold said
connectors', also serveas conductorsinpthe weld-`
, .,
ing to the stem leads (not shownî in the draws 40 deiiecting plates in place.
ing).v Metal or mica snubbersv (not shown) based
on the mica discs may be provided to supportthe
assembly in the bulb neck of the cathode ray tube.
I> wish it to be understood that I donot desire
to be limited to the exact details of construction
and design shown ’and described, as'various modi
ñcatìons within the scope ofthe appended claims
may suggest themselvesto a person skilled in the
l. In a cathode ray tube, in combination, a
Cathode and grid assembly, insulating means
mounted on said assembly, a first focussing means
^ 5; In a cathode ray tube,- in*- combination, î`a
cathode and. grid assembly, insulating .means
mounted on said assembly, a ñrst focussing means
mounted onsaid insulating means, a hollow insu'
lating member-mounted on- said ii'rstïfocussing
means, a second focussing means mounted‘inside
said hollow insulating member, two -sets of slots
in said> hollow insulating member one set var
ranged above‘and at right angles to the other,
50 two pairsv of deilecting plates extending through
and mounted in proper alignment by saidslots,
two annular insulating means having slots where.
by to engage and hold in place said deilecting
plates, mounted on said ‘hollow insulating mem-.
mounted on said insulating means, a hollow in
sulating member mounted on said iirst focussing 55 ber, and means connecting and spacing said an,
nular insulating means; '
means, a second focussing means mounted inside
said'hollow insulating member, at least one pair
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