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Patented July 30, 1946
Thommen and Gottfried Brühlmann,
Baden, Switzerland, assignors to Aktiengesell
‘ schaft Brown, Boveri & Cie, Baden, Switzerland,
a joint-stock company
Application February 18, 1944, Serial No. 522,934
In Switzerland January 20, 1943
4 Claims.
(Cl. 13S-39)
During the operation of gas-blast circuit break
indicated by the arrows. These flow guides can
for instance consist of concentric cylinders that
may be and preferably are located, as shown in
ers it has been found that in the bends of the
pressure gas piping the velocity of flow on the
discharge side of the bends is very unevenly dis
the drawing, in the element adjoining the pipe
tributed. Since the rupturing arc is, however, 5 bend, that is into the switch chamber or an ad
certain to avoid those places where there is a
joining pipe section.
maximum velocity of gas ilow, only those places
Instead of providing a barrel-shaped bulge in
where the gas ñow is weakest can really be effec
the pipe bend it is also possible to achieve the
tive for the extinction of the arc. This is there
same effect in a standard pipe bend having a
fore a disadvantage because it results in the rup
circular cross-section at the inlet end and an
annular cross-section at the outlet end for the
passage of the pressure gas, by arranging a series
of tapered ribs ,? inside the pipe which extend
turing capacity of the gas-blast circuit breaker
being considerably reduced.
The present invention therefore concerns a
pipe bend for the pressure gas piping of gas
blast circuit breakers, where the aforementioned
disadvantage is avoided according to the inven
tion by providing means which so influence the
ilow oi pressure gas in the pipe bends that the
velocity of iiow on the discharge side of the bends
along the axis of curvature, these ribs extending
from the cylindrical surface of the hollow core
a’ that imparts the annular cross-section to the
discharge end of the pipe bend. These ribs can
be located on a horn g which extends along the
axis of curvature of the pipe bend.
We claim:
1. A pipe bend for use in pressure gas piping,
is distributed approximately uniformly over the
whole cross-section of the pipe.
In the accompanying drawing, Figs. 1, 2 and 3
are fragmentary views, in longitudinal central
section, of portions of gas-blast circuit breakers
including pipe bends that constitute embodiments 25
said pipe bend comprising a hollow body having
circular cross-section c at the inlet end and an
let opening.
a circular inlet opening and an annular outlet
opening in end planes at a substantial angle to
each other, the inner wall of said annular outlet
opening being formed by a core located within
said hollow body at its outlet end, and means
of the invention.
The pipe bend a which serves either to connect
together lengths of pressure gas piping or to join
between said inlet and outlet end planes for
ie latter to the switch chamber b of a gas-blast
effecting a substantially uniform velocity of gas
circuit breaker not shown in the drawing, has a 30 flow through diiîerent parts of said annular out
annular cross-section d at the discharge end for
the passage of the pressure gas, the planes of
the inlet and the outlet ends being at a substan
tial angle to each other, for example 90° as shown
in the drawing. In Fig. 1 the outer curved wall
of the pipe bend a has a barrel-shaped bulge
which is eccentric with reference to the axis of
curvature, i. e., the outer portion of the Wall is
2. A pipe bend as recited in claim 1, wherein
said means comprises tapered ribs extending along
the axis of curvature of the pipe bend from said
core towards the inlet end of the pipe bend.
3. A pipe bend as recited in claim 1, in com
bination with flow guides located in the annular
outlet of said pipe bend for directing the gas
paths parallel to the axis of the annular
formed by extending the cylindrical outer walls 40 along
outlet opening of the pipe bend.
of the inlet and outlet ends of the pipe bend into
4. A pipe bend as recited in claim 1, in com
merging Contact eccentrically of the axis of
bination with a conduit section connected to
curvature. By widening the pipe bends in this
the outlet end of said pipe bend, and ñow guides
manner it is possible to obtain an approximately
located in said conduit section for directing the
uniform distribution of the ñow velocity over 4 CR gas along paths parallel to the axis of the annular
the annular cross-section at the discharge end.
outlet opening of the pipe bend.
This favourable effect can be still further in
creased by means of ñow guides e which are
located beyond the change of ñow direction, as
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