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July 30, 1946-
Filed Sept. 10, 1942
WA "r52.
Patented July 30, 1946
Aaron Rosenstein, New York, and Harry Dolan,
Brooklyn, N. Y., assignors to Rosenstein Bros.,
New York, N. Y., a ?rm composed of Aaron
Rosenstein, Charles Rosenstein, and Irving J.
Fuller, partners
Application September 10, 1942, Serial No. 457,842
1 Claim. (Cl. 154-226)
This invention relates to insulated wire and a
method of manufacturing the same.
Insulated wire consists usually of a copper core
which is enclosed in a rubber tube and a textile
sheath. Present day methods involving a sep
arate manufacture of the textile and rubber cov
erings are expensive and consume a great deal of
percha or a solution of furfural, cellulose acetate
and phenolic resin. The elastic thread 6 may be
extruded through an opening ‘I of a bottom por
tion or spinneret 8 constituting a part of a tank
9. The tank 9 is immovable and receives its so
lution I0 through a pipe I l.
The bottom portion 8 of the tank is rotated in
the direction of an arrow l3 by a pulley l2 driven
by an endless belt M. The rotary portion or ele
Our copending application pertaining to “Mak
ing covered threads,” ?led September 10, 1942, 10 ment 8 is carried by a sleeve I5 and is separated
from a ?ange l6 of the immovable tank 9 by a
Ser. No. 457,843, Patent No. 2,355,471, dated Au
packing IT. The sleeve I5 is carried by the flange
gust 8, 1944, describes the manufacture of a cov
ered thread by continuously wrapping an arti?cial
A tube [8 is integral with the rotary bottom
thread, as it is being extruded, around a core
15 8 and extends through the top IQ of the immov
Which may consist of an elastic thread.
An object of the present invention is to adapt
able tank 9.
As the wire 5 is drawn through the tube l8,
the method described in said patent application
the bottom portion 8 is rotated to wind the elastic
to the manufacture of insulated wire.
thread 6 which is extruded through the Opening
Another object is the provision of a simple,
inexpensive and effective method of manufactur 20 1, upon the wire 5.
The wire 5 carrying the thread 6 is passed
ing insulated wire.
through a heated tube 26 thereby baking the
A further object is the provision of insulated
thread 6. Then the Wire is drawn through an
wire having a permanent, ?rm and durable cover
other tube IBB carried by a rotary spinneret 85
25 which is suspended from a tank 90. The spin
ing, sheathing or coating.
Other objects of the present invention will be
come apparent in the course of the following
The objects of the present invention may be
realized by utilizing freshly extruded non-elastic
neret 80 is rotated in the direction of an arrow
20 by a pulley l2!) driven by an endless belt I40.
The spinneret 80 has an extrusion opening 16.
A so-called “soup” or arti?cial-thread solution
and elastic threads as coverings for the insulated 30 22 is introduced into the tank 90 and spinneret
80 through a pipe I Hi. An arti?cial thread 21
which is freshly extruded through the opening
being continuously wound upon or wrapped
70 is wound upon the windings of the insulating
around an elastic wrapping of the wire, or vice
versa. The elastic and non-elastic coatings may
thread 6.
Then the wire 5 carrying an insulating winding
be applied to the wire in a continuous operation. 35
5 and windings of an arti?cial thread 2| is passed
The invention will appear more clearly from
through an impregnating or waterproo?ng solu
the following detailed description when taken in
tion 22 situated in a container 23. The wire
connection with the accompanying drawing show
passes over a pulley 24 and is drawn in the di—
ing, by way of example, a preferred embodiment
wire, the freshly extruded non-elastic thread
of the inventive idea.
In the drawing:
' 40 rection of an arrow 25.
Figure 1 is a diagram illustrating a method
of manufacturing insulated wire.
Figure 2 is a diagram illustrating a somewhat
different method.
Figure 3 shows diagrammatically an insulated
Figure 1 of the drawing illustrates a conduct
ing wire 5 which may consist of a single core or
of a plurality of braided or interwoven wire ele
ments made of copper, aluminum or the like.
The wire 5 is covered in the course of one step
of the process by a covering 6 consisting of a
Figure 2 illustrates the coating of a wire 5 by ‘a
layer 21 of an insulating material 28. The wire
passes through a tapered core tube 29 carrying
an electric heater 34 and situated in a container
30 having an extrusion opening 3| and ?lled with
the plastic insulated material 28.
A piston 33
movable within the cylinder or container 39 is
used to compress the plastic material 28 at the
time when it is applied to the wire 5. Thus a
thin concentric coating 21 is applied under pres
sure to the wire 5 as it passes through the open
ing 3 I.
The coated wire is passed through a heater 25
and then a freshly extruded arti?cial thread 2|
able plastic insulating material, such as gutta 55 is wound upon it. The thread 2| emerges out
freshly extruded rubber compound or other suit
of the rotary spinneret 80 while the coated wire
passes through the tube I80 extending through
the tank 99 and the spinneret 80. The windings
a coating 2| of arti?cial non-elastic thread in
a ?rst operation, and then the layer 6 of rubber
may be wound upon the coating 2|.
What is claimed is:
The method of manufacturing insulated wire
which comprises, in combination, continuously
extruding an insulating materia1 and winding it
of the arti?cial thread 2| may be impregnated
or otherwise treated in the usual manner.
It is apparent that the invention shown above
has been given by Way of illustration and not
by Way of limitation and that the methods and
upon a conducting metal core, baking the insu
lating winding, continuously extruding a non
articles described above are subject to wide vari
ation and modi?cation without departing from H) elastic arti?cial thread and winding it upon the
the scope or intent of the present invention. All
of such variations and modi?cations are to be in
eluded within the scope of the present invention. '
For instance, the wire 5 may be provided with _
' insulating layer, and then water proo?ng the
arti?cial thread covering.
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