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Patented July 30, 1946
Conrad David Schermuly, Alfred James Scher
muly, and Charles Schermuly, Parkgate, New
digate, England, assignors to The Schermuly
Pistol Rocket Apparatus Limited, Parkgate,
Newdigatc, England, a British company
Application June 2, 1944, Serial No. 538,504
In Great Britain October 2, 1942
1 Claim. (C1. 89-37)
This invention relates to mountings for dis
chargers, more particularly of the kind from
charger, so that when the spring moves the dis
charger to its predetermined position, the switch
will be tripped and the cartridge ?red.
In operation, the barrel is removed from the
According to the invention the discharger is
breech and the cartridge leads are passed
provided with discharging means comprising a
through the hole in the breech and drawn there
barrel and breech hinged at the breech end of
through until the cartridge is in position. There
the barrel on a pivot on a base and capable of
after the barrel is replaced and the rocket in
being raised by spring means about the pivot to
serted therein. After connecting the cartridge
a predetermined angle of elevation at which the
to the source of electric current the dis
gun is ?red, a supporting strut for the discharg 10 leads
charger is moved downwardly manually until it
ing means hinged to the base and controlled by
is in a substantially horizontal position. The
spring means so as to cause said supporting strut
discharger is held in this position in any con
to press upwardly upon the discharging means,
venient manner unti1 it is to be ?red.
and locking means between the supporting strut
When the discharger is to be ?red, the hold
and the discharging means for preventing down 15
ing means is released and the springs pull the
ward movement of the discharging means after
discharger into its ?ring position against the
it has reached the predetermined ?ring angle.
stop. When in this position the switch, not
A convenient form of the invention will here
shown, is tripped and the cartridge is ?red, the
inafter be described, by way of example, with
discharger being held in its ?ring position by
reference to the accompanying drawing in which 20
means of the U-shaped strut which engages with
Figure 1 shows a side elevation of the discharger
the notch in the extension 3.
and Figure 2 shows the discharger in plan.
It will be understood that a percussion car
Referring to the drawing, the discharger com
tridge may be ?red mechanically by means of a
prises a breech l and a barrel 2, the said barrel
pin and trigger mechanism assembled in
preferably being constructed separately from the 25 ?ring
the breech of the discharger. In this case the
breech so that it can be secured thereto in any
trigger, instead of the switch, would be actuated
convenient manner, such for example, as a
to ?re the cartridge when the spring has brought
screwthread formed in the said barrel and
the discharger to the ?ring position. Further
breech. The breech is provided with an exten
more, it will be understood that the cartridge
sion 3 formed axially therewith, the said ex
may, if desired, be ?red by means of a trip wire
tension being hinged to a base 4. Mounted on
or by a delay action mechanism connected to
the said extension 3 is a spring 5, one end of
the switch, in the case of electrical ?ring, or
which is secured to a lug 6 on the said extension,
to the trigger mechanism in the case of per
the other end to the base 4.
In order that the discharger may be locked in 35 cussion ?ring.
We claim:
its ?ring position, a U-shaped bar 1 constituting
In a mounting for a discharger having dis
a strut is hinged at its free ends to the base ‘4,
charging means comprising a barrel and a
the cross-bar of the U-shaped member being
breech, a base, pivot means connecting the
held in engagement with the extension 3 by
breech end of said barrel to said base, spring
means of springs 8 extending from the member 40 means connected to said base and breech for
‘I to the base 4. A notch 9 is provided in the
raising said barrel and breech about said pivot
extension 3 with which the member ‘I engages
means, stop means for limiting the upward move
and holds the discharger in its ?ring position.
ment of said barrel and breech to the position
The springs 8 also assist in the movement of
in which said discharger is ?red, a supporting
the discharger into its ?ring position. A stop
strut for the discharging means pivotally con
member 10 is provided to limit the upward move
nected to said base, spring means for holding
ment of the discharger.
said strut pressed upwardly against said dis
The rocket is preferably ?red by means of
charging means and means whereby said strut
an electric cartridge, that is to say a cartridge
50 and said discharging means engage to prevent
which rockets are ?red.
which is exploded by means of the passage of an
electric current. A suitable hole, not shown, is
provided in the breech of the discharger through
which the eleectric cable can pass from the
cartridge to the source of electric current. The
cartridge can, if desired, be ?red manually by 65
pressing a switch, but it is preferred that the
switch be operated by the movement of the dis
downward movement of said discharging means
when said discharging means is raised to ?ring
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