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Aug. 6, 1946.‘
Filed Dec. 1, 1944
19 29
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frenzy/ca (52/2 Z/v/Zovnd
Patented Aug. 6,1946
Prentice Gilliland, Los Angeles, Calif.
Application December 1, 1944, Serial No. 566,146
(01. 206—7)
1 Claim.
The invention relates to a case for holding
taken on the line 1—-'l of Figure 2, looking in
articles of wearing accessories, such as ties, socks,
the direction of the arrows.
Figure 8 is a view similar to Figure '7 through
handkerchiefs, other foldable articles of wear
ing apparel.
the smaller end of the body of the case, taken
on the line 8--8 of Figure 2, looking in the direc
The primary object of the invention is the pro
vision of a case of this character, wherein the
body and cover sections thereof are constructed
so that articles placed therein, will be held or
derly and in a folded smooth condition, for
ready and easy access, to be selectively acquired
with dispatch, the case being adapted ‘for use by
travelers or for household use, and is compact
for the carrying thereof in a suitcase, or within
tion of the arrows.
Figure 9 is a fragmentary vertical sectional
View taken on the line 9—9 of Figure 1 looking
in the direction of the arrows.
Similar reference characters indicate corre
sponding parts throughout the several views in
the drawings.
Referring to the drawings in detail, A desig
nates generally the case constructed in accord
a drawer of an article of furniture.
Another object of the invention is the pro
ance with the invention, and in its entirety, it
vision of a case of this character, wherein the
being hereinafter fully described.
cover and body sections thereof effect separate
trays for the holding of wearing articles, such
The case A comprises a body section It], pref
erably of elongated tapering formation, and a
similarly shaped cover section II, respectively.
The body section 10 is formed with a side wall
12 marginally about the bottom [3 thereof, while
one end of the said section is straight at M
with rounded corners l5, and the other end I6
of such body section is outwardly arched.
as ties, socks, handkerchiefs or other light and
small articles of wearing apparel, these being
always held smooth and pressed, as well as being
in an orderly arrangement within the case to
be conveniently located by a user thereof.
A further object of the invention is the pro
vision of a case of this character, which is simple
in construction, thoroughly reliable and effective
The top or cover section II is formed with
a marginal rim I‘! about the sides and ends
in the purposes intended thereof, strong, durable,
thereof which are uniformly shaped to the ends
of the body section. The cover section II is re
movably telescoped over the body section II] for
the closing of the case A.
The body section In at opposite ends has in
neat and attractive in appearance, light in
weight, susceptible of being conveniently stored
in the least possible space, and inexpensive to
With these and other objects in view, the in
vention consists in the features of construction,
combination and arrangement of parts as will be
hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in
the accompanying drawings, which show the pre
wardly ‘bent ?anges I8 and I9, respectively, and
the cover section II is also formed with inwardly
directed ?anges 20, and 2|, respectively, the lat
ferred and modi?ed forms of construction there
of, and pointed out in the claim hereunto ap
In the accompanying drawings:
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a case con
structed in accordance with the invention.
Figure 2 is a top plan view of the body of
the case with its cover removed.
Figure 3 is a sectional view taken on the line
Ll ter ?anges being inset with relation to the free
edge of the rim I1 and are companions to the
flanges 18 and I9, which contact therewith on the
fitting of the body and cover sections together.
Insertable for removal between these ?anges
l8 and I9, and the flanges 20 and 2|, are the
?exible panel-like carrier pieces 22 and 23, re
spectively, which conform to the shape of the
case A, and at the smaller ends thereof are pro
vided spaced transverse slots 24, through which
are adapted to be threaded neck-ties 25, so that
portions thereof can be neatly folded into the
body and case sections l0 and .H, inwardly of
Figure 4 is an inner face view of the cover
of the case.
the pieces 22 and 23, for the nesting of such ties
and the holding of the same pressed and smooth
Figure 5 is a vertical transverse sectional view
through the cover at the larger end thereof.
Figure 6 is a view similar to Figure 5, but at
the smaller end of the cover.
Figure '7 is a view similar to Figure 5, but
through the larger end of the body of the case, -
desired. Also adapted to 'be stored within the
case A, are handkerchiefs and socks, not shown,
these being folded when placed therein, for free
3-4 of Figure 1 looking in the direction of the
within the case, and are selectable for use when
The walls of the body section and cover sec~
tion It! and II are provided with matching
latching sockets and nibs 2B and 21, respectively,
for frictionally holding the said sections together.
Cut in each opposite side of the rim [1 of
the cover section H, approximately medially
elongated upwardly opening body section, a cover
thereof, is a ?nger recess 28, which enables the
?anges in the cover section, inset with respect
to the free edge of the rim, ?exible panel-like
carriers each having a length greater than the
distance between the respective flanges of the
grasping of the body section I0 to permit easy
removal of the cover section I! therefrom, for
the opening of the case A.
section having a rim removably telescoped on the
body section, inwardly directed ?anges on the
upper edge and at the ends only of the body
section, similarly positioned inwardly directed
Each panel-like piece 22 and 23 is provided 10 body and cover sections insertable in the body
and cover sections for engaging the ?anges and
with a hole 29, so that it can be hung up as
a tie-holder, if desired, with the ties suspended
therefrom, when upon a hanger, not shown,
What is claimed is:
A case of the kind described, comprising an 15
means for
frictionally holding
latched together.
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