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Aug. 6, 1946.
Filed Jan. 9, i945
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
Robert H. ‘Peckham, United States‘Navy
Application‘January 9, 1945,: Serial No. 572,?042
2 Claims.
(01. 95-4-96)
_ _
‘(Granted under the act of ~Marchv'3, ‘11883, as
~~amended April‘ 30, 1928 ; 7370 0. JG. L757)
'This. invention relates‘to ‘a ‘device -for use in
photography, and more 'especlally'to a'receptacle
adapted to facilitate processing sensitized 'ele
ments such as ?lms,‘plates and records.
'Heretofore, ‘it ‘has ‘been ‘necessary 'to process
sensitized elements such'as ?lms, after exposure,
a material ‘which inhibits the passage of that
portion of radiant energy to'which the sensitized
element ‘being ‘treated is most sensitive. ‘More
speci?cally, 'thedevice comprises a transparent
receptacle into‘ which ‘the ‘sensitized element may
be placed'for processing, and a shield ‘or sheath
that ‘is, to develop and "?x the ‘?lms in a dark
room with the aid of artificial "light, usually "red
adapted-‘to envelope“ the receptacle, the shield'be
ingadapted "to transmit ‘sufficient visual radiant
light, ‘the color, ‘howeven‘being ‘varied in accord~
energy to permit ‘observation of the sensitized
ance with ‘the ‘characteristic ‘of the ‘?lm "being IO element 'duringthe processing, but having in
Dark "room operation is'at best ‘dif
?‘cult, and it is impossible ‘in ‘the light ‘that ‘is
afforded to ‘tell with'any certainty the “progress
of development - or to ‘study ‘the photo-"recorded
corporatedtherein, "a ‘material which will inhibit
that portion‘ of the visualradiant energy'to which
the ‘sensitized element ‘is particularly sensitive
from'getting to the sensitized element, so ‘that
subject as it develops. Moreover, the elapse 'of 15 further “activation *of ' the ‘sensitized element will
time "between ‘taking the undeveloped ?lm or
not‘take-place'during/processing, even‘ though‘the
record into ‘the dark room,'developingit and re
receptacle is exposed‘to white .light.
turning it‘in a?nishedstate-‘for study, 'may be
The inventiorrwill ‘now be described with ref considerable, since‘the'dark room ‘is usually 10
erence‘to the accompanying drawingin which:
cated-ata place remote from the place atwhich 20
Fig. 1 is a-n'exploded view-of‘a cylindrical re
the ‘photograph ‘is taken. This time 'element
ceptacle for-‘receiving 'a sensitized element ‘for
may be the difference between life'anddeath,
development, together-with a shield incorporat
particularly in "cases which require the study~of
ing~a material "for cutting out a givenportion of
heart actions,‘ and ‘in'which‘electro-cardiographic
the’ visual 'radiant- energy;
records must'be processed by~development. --Sim 25 ~Fig.'~2 showsa perspective view of a rectangular
ilarly, time (may be very important» in otherpho
receptacle and sheath; and
tographic work relating to medical examination.
Fig. 3~shows aperspectiveview of a developing
In this type of work,-it is highlydesirable ~to~be
tray and-a shield'inthe'form of a cover-forthe
able to study the results of the record orpho
tograph -at the bedside-of ‘thepatient -so-that the
This invention comprises a developing tank or
attending physician »may have the information
tray Which-isto be used‘for developing sensitized
before‘lhim immediately, ‘and while ‘he is observ
elementslsuch asphotographic ‘?lm, paper; plates
ing the condition of the patient. ‘With thisiin
or records, but ' particularly ' recording paper 1 that
view, it igan-objectof ‘this invention to'provide
has been-‘used in preparing electro-cardiographs,
a device-for processing» a sensitized element such 35 so that‘ theattendant physician may examine the
as a ?lm or record, immediately-upon ‘removal
record during its development ‘at the bedside of
from the camera, .or :otherdevice for exposing
the patient, and hence-beable to determine al
the sensitized element,-'after exposure, vwhich-will
most immediately the nature of the heart action
eliminate the necessityof a dark-room processing,
which ‘has’v beenrecorded thereon. While the~in~
which will permit continuous observation :of (the
vention is particularly ' useful in making ‘the ‘in
sensitized element throughout its development
formation recorded ‘by photography immediately
and which will be simple and effective for any
available, -it-is to be‘understood that it is'not con
typeof sensitized element, whetheritlbe of the
?ned -in~any aspect to medical (Work, but it is
type employed ‘for making electro-cardiographic
equally applicable'to any kind of photographic
records, or the ordinary photosensitive ‘?lm used
work,‘ and-when used,>enables the person develop
in photographic work for technical'or esthetic
ing the-?lm or record to'study almost immediate
As-illustrated-herein, the invention resides in
ly ‘the recorded‘ information, whether this be‘of
a-teohnical or esthetic -nature,‘without' the-neces
a device for-use in processingsensitized elements,
sity of a‘dark room and dark room equipment.
comprising a receptacle which consists ofa ma 50
The invention is‘based upon“ the fact- that sensi
terial‘ which normallypermits the passage of all
tized~emu1sions have'been developed which are
the components parts of visual radiant energy
selectively sensitive to certain components ‘of
and a material which inhibits the passage of-a
white light-and not to others. This sensitivity
selected (portion ‘of said visual radiant energy,
the receptacle being selected‘whichincorporates
‘ ofl-the emulsion can -be so carefully controlled
' that it-is possible-to develop'a ?lmhavinga sensi
ture l5 centrally thereof through which may pass
the handle of the ?lm holder and agitator which
is customarily disposed in receptacles of this
tized emulsion of a given character in ordinary
white light, provided a shield is provided which
will prevent that part of the white light to which
the emulsion is sensitive from reaching the ?lm.
The idea of blocking out all of the light except
that which is least active in changing the char
acter of the emulsion in order to prevent further
character. The exposed ?lm, together with the
developing solution, is placed in the receptacle.
This may be carried out in a dark room or any
other convenient place from which light may be
excluded. When this has been done, a shield l8
exposure, and the latter in only such a small
in the form of a cylindrical hollow sleeve is
amount that the ?lm is but dimly visible, has
been known for a long time, and has been prac 10 slipped over the body portion of the receptacle
N], that is, the transparent portion thereof. The
sleeve I8 extends from the bottom of the recepta
ticed in some degree in the ordinary dark room
where the ?lm has been developed while exposed
cle up to and engages the under edge of the rim
l4, and is so selected that the collar will prevent
to a standard ruby light. However, it has not
heretofore been thought possible to develop a
photosensitive element except in the dark room,
transmission of that portion of the white light
and in the dark room even when a ruby light is
employed, it is practically impossible to deter
mine with assurance the recorded information , ,
during the process of the development of the '
which would cause further activation of the ?lm.
When this is done, the receptacle may be taken
, outof the dark room into the light and the
process of development may be continued in day
20 light without damage to the ?lm, thereby en
abling an interested person to observe the devel
The important aspect of the present invention
opment of the ?lm while it is taking place.
resides in equipment for processing a sensitized
Another form of receptacle is shown in Fig. 2,
element such as a photosensitive ?lm or record
denoted by reference character 20. This recepta
in white light without further activation of the
cle is rectangular in cross section and consists
of a body portion 22 which is composed of clear
glass or plastic, an opaque bottom 24 and an
corded information as it develops. This can be
opaque rim 26. An opaque cover 28 is provided
accomplished by selecting a sensitized element
which is adapted to ?t over the rim 26, and a
that is sensitive to a given portion of white light
but not to another portion thereof, and providing 30 colored sheath 3|] is adapted to ?t over the body
portion of the receptacle up against the rim 26.
a shielding device which will not transmit any
In Fig. 3, there is shown still another form of
of the light to which the element is sensitive dur
developing receptacles, which in this case, takes
ing the development thereof. For example, a
the form of developing tray 32, the tray being
shield may be made up which will transmit only
about 50% of incident visual illumination by 35 formed of an opaque material and consisting of
walls 34 and a bottom 36. A cover 38, composed
incorporating therein a uniform distribution of
of a colored material which will prevent the
orange particles. For a ?lm of a given sensi
transmission of light rays which would further
' tivity, this will act as sufficient protection for
activate the ?lm being developed, and yet will
the sensitive emulsion during development and
sensitized emulsion, and at the-same time, en
abling an interested person to examine the re
yet will enable the person developing the ?lm to ' 40 permit the transmission of sui?cient white light
to enable the operator to observe what is going
observe what is taking place. If an ortho-chro
on, is provided.
It is to be observed that while each of the de
porating red particles and transmitting about
veloping receptacles shown in Figs. 1, 2 and 3, are
20% of visual illumination will provide protec
tion against further activation and yet permit 45 provided with sheaths which are formed of ma
terial including coloring matter which prevents
visual observation of the ?lm. No attempt will
the transmission of a given portion of white light,
be made herein to list the many kinds of sensi
such sheaths are entirely unnecessary, since the
tive emulsions, to what portion of white light
transparent body of the receptacle itself may be
they are sensitive and what should be. used to
matic ?lm is being developed, a shield incor
shield them. It is su?icient to say that for any 50 formed of a material which incorporates parti
cles of colored matter which will give the same
sensitive emulsion there is a suitable material
e?ect. The only advantage of a separate sheath
for blocking out substantially all of the radiant
is that a single receptacle may be provided with
energy to which it is sensitive, or at least enough
a plurality of sheaths to take care of different
so that satisfactory results can be obtained.
As carried out herein, the invention takes the 55 types of ?lm, thus eliminating the necessity of an
excessive number of receptacles.
form of a developing tank or tray which consists
While the invention has been described with
of a material which transmits white light, and
reference to developing tanks, it is equally ap
a material which inhibits the transmission of a
given portion of white light, or is provided with
plicable to any other receptacle to be used for
a shield consisting of a material of like charac 60 processing sensitized elements.
The invention described herein may be manu—
teristic. The tank or its shield is selected so that
factured and used by and for the Government of
it inhibits the passage of light which is detri
the United States of America for governmental
mental to the sensitive emulsion of the ?lm to
purposes without the payment of any royalties
be treated, that is, which will cause further acti
vation thereof after the ?lm has had its original 65 thereon or therefor.
What is claimed is:
exposure and yet permits the transmission of
l. A photographic ?lm developing tank for
suf?cient white light to enable the person devel
strip type ?lm wherein the ?lm may be observed
oping the ?lm to see what is taking place. In
throughout its entire development comprising a
Fig. 1, there is shown a more or less exploded
view of a cylindrical receptacle l0 which is com 70 base portion, a single cylindrical wall rising from
the edges of the base portion, and a removable
posed of a clear glass or plastic, or other trans-,
closure on the top of the chamber so formed, said
parent material having an opaque bottom 12 and
removable closure being supported by the upper
an opaque rim M. A cover 16, composed of an
edge of the cylindrical wall, the wall portion be
opaque material, is provided which will ?t tightly
over the Tim M, the Cover having the usual aper- I8 tween the top and the base of the chamber be
ing made of a material which will transmit sub
stantially all light in the visible portion of the
spectrum, and a separate light inhibiting ?lter of
a generally cylindrical shape and having an in
side diameter slightly greater than the outside
diameter of the tank which ?lter when applied
therein, a substantially light-impervious cover for
over the Wall of the chamber inhibits the passage
therethrough of radiant energtr in the portion of
the spectrum to which the ?lm being processed
is most sensitive.
2. A photographic ?lm developing tank where
said container, and means for preventing the pas
sage through the transparent portion of the con
tainer of light which will impair the ?lm de
velopment including a ?lter means surrounding
the container, said ?lter means inhibiting the
passage Within the container of radiant energy in
the range of the spectrum to which the ?lm being
processed is most sensitive, the container walls
10 and ?ltering means being disposed around all the
in the process of development may be observed in
ordinary room illumination as it takes place com
prising, a container made of transparent material
and formed to contain a developing solution 15
sides of the container to permit observation of the
container contents from various angles and by re
?ection of light upon various portions of the con
tainer contents.
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