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5, E946.
Filed Feb. 2, 1944
-2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Aug. 6, 146,
2,405,263 '
Filed Feb. 2, 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet ,2
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
Robert M. Lynn, Pasadena, Calif., assignor of
twenty-?ve per cent to Clarence ‘J. Harasta,
twenty-?ve per- cent to Julia M. Lynn, and '
twenty-?ve per cent to Mildred A. Harasta
Application February 2, 1944, Serial No. 520,722
' 3 Claims.
(01. ss_2.4)'
My invention relates to a bomb sight, par
Fig. 8 is a front elevational View of the cam
ticularly designed for the orientation of bomb
ing aircraft with respect to targets and for
bringing about accurate control for the release
of bombs and this invention is an improvement
on the gun sight forming the subject matter of
ring with a, part broken away.
Referring by numerals to the‘accompanying
drawings which illustrate a preferred embodi
ment of my invention, Ill designates an elbow
shaped housing containing in its lower‘ portion,
my co-pending application ?led September 15,
an electric lamp H, above which is a lens as
sembly or collimator and reticle (not shown).
A base or mounting ring l2 surrounds and is
The principal objects of my invention are to
generally improve upon and simplify the con 10 detachably secured to the lower portion of the
vertical leg of housing ii! and this base is mount
struction of the existing forms of similar in
ed on a suitable ?xed support so that said ver
struments, to provide a bombsight based on the
1943, Serial No. 502,414.
collimating re?ex light principle, of compact
tical leg normally occupies an upright position.
Mounted for rotary adjustment on that por
lightweight structure and which may be easily
and quickly adjusted so as to provide maximum 15 tion of housing In which extends above ring I2 is
a sleeve [3 with the upper end of which is. formed
accuracy of sighting as the equipped craft ap
integral a depending wall It which is spaced
proaches a target.
apart from sleeve. Formed integral with the rear
A further object of my invention is, to provide
portions of. the sides of said sleeve and wall, are
an instrument of the character referred to which,
while primarily designed for use as a bombing 20 rearwardly projecting "shoulders IS, the sides of
which are inset from the periphery of depending
sight may also be advantageously employed for
wall I4 thereby providing narrownotches It.
the sighting of aircraft‘ guns.
Secured to the rear-ends of shoulders l5 are
A further object of my invention is to provide
ears I‘! which project up-wardfrom the ends of
a bomb sight with a re?ector and associated
a transverse frame [8, the latter being spaced
means for adjusting the angular position of said
apart from sleeve l3 and formed in the end por
re?ector and thereby change its axis in relation
tions of, said frame are vertically disposed aper
to the sight line or optical axis, thus achieving
tures l9.
accuracy of results in bombing operations.
Projecting upward from the parallel arms 26
A further object of my invention is to provide
of a substantially ‘C-shaped frame 2|, are brack
a bomb sight which may be conveniently asso
ets 22, to which are detachably secured the lower
ciated with any conventional lighting system, or
side portions of an inclined transparent re?ector
arrangement, such as an electric lamp, or re
23, and thus said re?ector is disposed directly
?ector, a collimator and a reticle.
above the upright portion of housing l3 and the
With the foregoing and other objects in view,
my invention consists in certain novel features of 35 lenses, reticle and source of light therein,
Arms 20 of frame 2| are positioned in notches
construction and arrangement of parts which
I6 and screws 24 which pass through the ends
will be hereinafter more fully described and
of said arms and are seated in ring. 13, provide
claimed and illustrated in the accompanying
a horizontal axis for the reflector carrying
drawings in which:
Fig. l is a plan View of my improved bomb
Mounted for rota-tion on sleeve 13 is'a ring 25,
the upper portion of which projects a short dis
Fig. 2 is a side elevation.
tance upwardly between wall I4 and said sleeve
Fig. 3 is a vertical section taken approximate
and formed on the upper end of said ring is a
ly on the line 3—3 of Fig. 1.
cam 26 which extends approximately 360 de
Fig. 4 is a plan view of the ring frame which
grees around ring 25. (See Figs. 7 and 8.)
provides a support for the tilting re?ector car
Formed on top of ring 25 inwardly from the
rying member.
ends of cam 26, is a short double ended cam 21
Fig. 5 is a plan View of the tilting re?ector
provided with a centrally disposed notch 28.
carrying frame.
That portion of the external face of ring 25
Fig. 6 is a view looking against the under side 50
just below cams 26 and 21 is provided with suit
of the central portion of the re?ector carrying
able markings to form a graduated scale 28 and
frame and showing the resilient cam engaging
that portion of the face of the ring below said
scale is knurled as designated by 29 to facilitate
Fig. 7 is a plan view of the cam ring with a por
65 manual rotation of said ring.
tion thereof broken away.
Ring 25 is retained on sleeve |3 by a ring 39
screw seated on said sleeve below said ring 25
and this retaining ring 30 is secured to said sleeve
Accuracy of adjustment of the re?ector may
be attained through the use of the graduated
scale 28 and a cooperating guiding ?nger or mark
28a on the outer face of wall I4.
Thus the re?ector adjusted to the speed and
by one or more set screws 3|.
Suitably secured to the under face of the cen
tral portion of frame 2| are the rear ends of
plates 32, of thin metal, the free forward ends
of which tend to‘ ?ex‘ downwardly and the de?e'cr
tion of these plates is controlled by screws 33
which are seated in frame 2| above said plates
and said screws are provided with lock nuts 36::
The forward end of one of the plates 32 is pro - '
vided with a depending lug 35 which rides on ~ .
cam 26 and the forward end, of the other plate
terminates in a short ?nger 36 which is adapted usv
elevation of the equipped craft enables bombs to
bereleased at the proper instant to insure max
:imum accuracy of hits'on the target or objec
tive, the images of which appear in the center of
the image of the reticle seen on the re?ector.
"Thus it will be seen that I have provided a
bomb sight which is simple in structure, inexpen
sive of manufacture and very effective in per
forming the functions for which it is intended.
It will be understood that minor changes in
the size,,form and construction of the various
to ride on cam 21 and to engage in notch,28.' "
Finger 36 normally occupies a horizontal plane , 7 forms of my improved bomb sight may be made
slightly above the surface of cam 26.
and substituted for those herein shown and de
Formed in wall I 4 is an aperture 31 through‘
scribed without departing from the spirit of the
which the lug 35 and ?nger 36 project for en 20 invention, the scope of which is set forth in the
gagement with the respective cams.
appended claims.
The upper portion of retractile springs .38‘ oo
_I claim as my invention:
cupy apertures 39 in frame 2| with the , upper
1. In a bomb sight wherein a vertical housing
ends of said springs suitably secured to said frame
contains a light source, reticle and collimator
and the lower portions of said springs occupy 25 for producing a beam of light directed outwardly
and are secured with the apertures IS in‘ frame l8.
from said housing, and wherein a transparent‘
The tension of plates 32 is greater than that of
reflector is angularly positioned over said beam
springs 30 so that said plates 32 normally exert
of light, the combination of a device for tilting
upward pressure on the rear portion of frame 2|,
said re?ector, comprising: a sleeve journaled on
thereby tending to rock. same on its axis (the 30 said housing, an axially directed cam on said
screws 24) and swing the re?ector 23 forwardly.
sleeve; a bracket supporting said re?ector on
The spring action of plates 32 allows foradjust
said housing, said bracket including a follower
ment but otherwise they do 1 not function as
and means for urging said follower against said
j ,
' I
cam, whereby the angular position of said re
The relation between camsand plates 32 is such
?ector varies in accordance with the circumfer
that when ?nger36 is positionedin notch 28
ential displacement of said sleeve on said hous
(the gunnery. position), the re?ector is disposed > ing.
at an angle of approximately45 degrees relative
2. A combination as set forth in claim 1 Where
to the light line of. the instrument.
' '.
in a pair of axial cams are provided on said
When the instrumentis installed on the air 40 sleeve, and a pair of followers coact respectively
craft, it is mountedon a ?xed support with base
with said cams, one of said cams de?ning a helix,
I2 parallel .withthe longitudinal (fore and aft)
the other located at the completion of the con
axis of the plane. and with ?ngers 36 in notch
volution of said helix and being substantially
28, re?ector 23 is maintainedin proper position
M-shaped and forming a notch to locate said
relative to, the direction of ?re from‘ the guns. 45 reflector in a predetermined angular relation with
In sighting during gunnery the operator looks
said housing and light beam.
through the re?ector from which the image of
3. In a bomb sight wherein a vertical housing
the reticle is re?ected and when the plane is
containsa light source, reticle and collimator
guided so as to bring the target into theicircle
for producing a beam of light directed outwardly
appearing ‘on the re?ector, with the dot: of the
from said housing, and wherein a transparent
reticle on said target, the gun or guns are ?red.
re?ector is angularly positioned over said beam
with maximum chances of scoring a hit, due It!)
of light, the combination of a device for tilting
accuracy of sighting.
In bombing operations, it is necessary to change
the angularity of the re?ector with respect to the
optical axis and this is accomplished by rotat
ing ring 25 invone direction or the other, so
that lug 35 riding on cam 26,‘will raise or lower
depending on- the direction of movement of ‘the
said re?ector, comprising: a bracket pivotally
mounting said re?ector on said housing; a pair
of levers extending from said bracket; means
for adjusting the angular relationships of said
levers relative to each other and said bracket;
2. pair of cams incorporated in said sleeve and
engageable respectively by said levers; means
ring thereby tilting frame 22 ‘and re?ector until 60 tending to rotate said bracket to cause at least
same is in vthe proper position relative to‘the.
one of said levers to bear against its cam whereby
light line. 'As lug 35 rides down vcam 26Qplates
the angular relationship of said re?ector is main
32 will act to‘tilt frame 2| and re?ector forward
tained in predetermined correspondence with the
and as said lug rides upward on the cam surface,
circumferential displacement of said sleeve on
frame 2| is swung upward against the resistance 65 said housing.
of the coil springs 38.
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