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Aug. 6, 1946.
' .
Fiiea Feb. 15, 1944‘
7752700 OEZ' [7742M
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
Theodore F. McFall, El Cerrito, Calif.
Application February 15, 1944, Serial No. 522,494
4 Claims.
(01. 40-130)
An object of my invention is to provide a new
In making the sign, the base 2!, angle
type of luminous sign which provides a luminous
background for the characters supported on the
sign. The device is simple in construction and
~ '
Other objects and advantages will appear in the
following speci?cation and the novel features of
the device will be particularly pointed out in
the appended claims.
Figure l is a perspective View of a sign with
characters secured thereto;
bers 27 and shield 39 may be cut to form pieces of
any desired length. The sign is then assembled
in the manner already described. When the sign
is lighted, the opaque ietters will stand out
against an illuminated background. The tabs
will be hidden from.
I the _
The message of
sign may be changed if desired by merely chang
ing the characters. The sign is designed to be
constructed by the purchaser who buys the nec
Figure 2 is a vertical section taken substantial
essary parts and then assembles the parts.
ly along the line 2-—2 of Figure 3, and
The angle members ii are spaced from the
Figure 3 is a transverse section taken substan
tially along the line 3—3 of Figure 2.
sides of the shield 39 by the thickness of the
While I have shown only the preferred form 15 tabs l3 and this provides Ventilating slots 52
of my invention, it should be understood that
for the passage of heated air therethrough. The
various changes or modi?cations may be made
sign is kept ventilated in this manner, the heated
within the scope of the appended claims without
air generated by the tubes 32 passing through
departing from the spirit and scope of the inven
20 the slots 42.
I claim:
A sign supporting characters is disclosed in
1. In a sign, a pair of supporting members
Figures 1, 2 and 3. The sign, indicated gener
spaced from and paralleling each other, said sup
ally at E has an opaque semi-cylindrical base 21
porting members having horizontal portions,
that is secured to lugs 22 by screws 23. The lugs
22 are integral with end plates 24 which in addi 25 characters mounted on the horizontal portions,
a translucent U-shaped shield carried by the
tion have side lugs 25, against which the sides of
supporting members and bridging the space
the base bear, and top center lugs 26. Angle
therebetween, and lighting means for illuminat
members 27 extend the length“ of the base and
ing the shield.
have their ends secured to the side lugs 25 by
2. In a sign, a pair of angle members spaced
screws 28. rI’he downwardly extending sides of 80
from and paralleling each other, a translucent
the angles 2i’ carry tabs l3 spaced the desired
U-shaped shield carried by the members and
distances apart for supporting the letters D
bridging the space therebetweemlighting means
spelling the word “Gifts.” The character D may
housed within the shield, characters placed on
be hollow and may be made out of any material
desired. The characters may also be opaque, 85 both sides of the shield and resting on the mem
translucent or transparent.
bers, and tabs for securing the characters to the
Bolts 29 secure the tabs !3 to the angles 27
3. In a sign, a pair of angle members spaced
and the bolts also secure a translucent U-shaped
from and paralleling each other, said angle mem
shield 39 in place. The shield 39 encloses illumi
nating means such as a globe or a luminline tube
40 bers having horizontal and vertical portions,
32. The shield also acts as an illuminated back
ground for the characters of the sign.‘ Screws
characters mounted on the horizontal portions,
;abs secured to the vertical portions and to the
characters for holding them in place, a trans
lucent U-shaped shield carried by the angle mem
the end plates 241 support and hold the shield in “a._' bers and bridging the space therebetween with
proper shape.
the exception of the thickness of the tabs, the
355 secure the shield to the top lugs 28. uh-shaped
integral with the top lugs 26 and with,
space between the shield and the angle members
The globes 33 are received in sockets 35 that
extend through r_=penings 35 provided in the end
providing ventilation slots, and lighting means
housed within the shield.
plates 24. The socket is secured to a support 37
by a standard screw 33. The support in turn is 50, 4. In a sign, a frame having parallel horizontal
portions for supporting letters, an inverted
attached to an annular shoulder 39 formed in a
U-shaped member disposed between the horizon
hollow opaque end piece 48 by screws 81a. Screws
tal portions and permitting light rays to pass
4! secure the end plates 24 to the end pieces 40.
From the foregoing description of the various
parts of the device, the operation thereof may‘'55,
be readily understood.
The character D may take any shape desired.
The tabs secure the characters to the supporting
therethrough, end pieces for the frame and
U-shaped member, and lighting means carried by
at least one of the end pieces and having its
illuminating portion coinciding with the end of
the U-shaped member abutting the end piece.
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