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M56, 1946.
File-d Feb. 8, T544
E40‘v J9 38}
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
Joseph Siege], New York, N. Y.
Application February 8, 1944, Serial No. 521,500
2 Claims. (Cl. 24-77)
This invention relates to devices employed for
attaching together the loose ends of a belt or
strap, and more particularly to belt or strap
buckles or clasps.
It is an object of the present invention to pro
vide a buckle device which is capable of being
easily and quickly attached to and detached from
derstood that the instrumentalities of which the
invention consists can be variously arranged and
organized and that the invention is not limited
to the precise arrangement and organization of
the instrumentalities as herein shown and de
In the drawing:
a strap or the like.
Fig. 1 is a front elevational view of a belt hav
Another object of .the present invention is to
provide a buckle device which may be readily and 10 ing disposed thereon a buckle made in accordance
with the invention and shown in closed position;
securely but removab-ly applied at or near one
loose end of a strap without a sewing, stapling,
riveting or like operation; and in such a manner
Fig. 2 is a longitudinal-sectional view thereof
taken along line 2—2 of Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a front elevational View of the buckle
as to render its accidental disconnection there
from while in use practically impossible, since the 15 element;
Fig. 4 is an edge view of Fig. 3;
means for connecting the buckle to the strap and
5 is the rear View of Fig. 3;
after it has been applied thereto, is also employed
Fig. 6 is a view of a locking loop used in con
for anchoring or catching the other loose end of
nection with the buckle of Figs. 3 to 5;
the strap to the buckle.
Figs. 7 and 8 are front and siderelevational
Yet another object of the present invention is 20
views respectively of a retaining loop shown in
to provide a buckle having means only on the
Fig. 1;
rear or back face thereof adapted to project
Fig. 9 is a top plan view of a buckle embodying
through the strap for removably fastening it to
the invention in a modi?ed form;
an end thereof, which means is further adapted
Fig. 10 is an edge view of Fig. 9 and showing the
to engage the other end of the strap through‘ an 25
belt elements indicated in dot-dash lines;
opening therein or loop thereat.
Fig. 11 is an edge view of a buckle embodying
By providing the points of fastening of the
the invention in a further modi?ed form; and
buckle to the strap and of the loose end of the
Fig. 12 is a top plan view of Fig. 11.
strap .to the buckle behind the front face of the
now more particularly to the draw
buckle, all fastening means and connections are 30
ing, there is disclosed a buckle member l5 and
concealed from view and the embellishment of
the buckle is not impaired.
loop element It, which may be made of any suit
able material, such as, metal, plastic, composition,
A still further object of the present invention is
etc. Member I5 which may be of any suitable
to provide in combination with a strap having at
shape and design comprises a base or plate ll
one end thereof perforations, a buckle having a
from the back or rear face I 8 of which‘ projects
stud and a hook projecting from the back face
near one end thereof a pin or stud l9 having a
thereof and receivable in the said perforations,
shank l9’ and an enlarged head 20, and near the
with the hook overlying the back of the strap and
other end thereof an angular pin or tongue 2|
a loop connected to the other end of the strap
having the rearwardly directed straight portion
and engageable with one of the projecting mem
bers of the buckle, whereby the buckle may be 4.0 or shank 22 connecting with plate l1 and the
bent portion 23 spaced from, the rear face ill of
securely fastened to the strap and the loop held
plate 15 by portion 22 and preferably disposed
in engagement with the buckle.
substantially parallel with relation to the near
A further object of the invention resides in the
provision of a very simple, inexpensive, efficient, 45 face I8. It is preferable to have the bent por
tion 23 facing in a direction away from base plate
and durable buckle which may be readily and se
i5, as shown in the drawing. The front face 24
curely attached to a perforated end of a strap, the
of the plate l5 may carry suitable embellishment
attaching means also providing an anchor for the
(not shown), or be suitably engraved or etched
securement of the other end of the strap.
in a conventional manner, but not shown in the
Further objects and advantages of the inven 50 ' drawing.
tion will appear from the following disclosure
Loop I6 may be formed from a single .piece of
thereof together with‘ the attached drawing
material so shaped as to provide a longitudinal
which illustrates certain forms of embodiment
slot 25 and an eye 26.
thereof. These forms are shown for the purpose
of illustrating the invention, and it is to be un 55 Figs. {1 and 2 show the buckle and. loop elements
applied to a strap 28 such as of the type employed
eye or loop at the other end of the strap is made
as a belt, and having the conventional spaced
eyes, perforations, or openings 21, 21', 21", 21'”
at one loose end portion 28' thereof. As very
clearly seen in these ?gures, the buckle I5 is
very easily, adjustably and readily and removably
fastened to the strap by passing the angularly
disposed pin or tongue 2| and the stud 20 re
to operatively engage the stud in a manner simi
larly to that hereinabove described with respect
to other embodiments of the invention, the en
larged head retaining the loop or eye against un
From the foregoing it can be readily under
stood that there has been provided herein an in
spectively, through adjacent perforations 21',
strumentality or instrumentalities capable of fas
21". The bent portion 23 of tongue 2! overlies
tening loose ends of a. strap or other member and
the rear face 29.0f'strap 28 constituting an abut 10 particularly utilizable as means for fastening to
ment thereagainst.
gether the ends of a belt, band, bracelet, wrist
The loop i6 is fastened to the other end of the
band or strap, garter, armband, etc., and pro
strap by passing the loose end portion 30 through
the longitudinal slot 25 of the loop l6 and secur-v
. viding an embellishment at the connecting ends.
ing portion 30 in overlying position to the adja 16 '
cent portion 31 of the strap as by means ‘of an
eyelet or snap fastener 32.
As clearly seen in Fig. 2, the eye '26 ‘of loop I6
Having thus described the invention, what I
claim as new and desire to be secured by Letters
Patent, is:
1. A buckle for a strap, comprising a plate and
spaced-apart projections at the back of said
is made to catch on or engage stud l9 between the’
plate, one of said projections extending from said
rear face 29 of strap 28 and the enlarged head 20 20 plate intermediate its lateral sides and adjacent
of stud l9. The shank I9’ is of su?icient length
one end of said plate, said one of said'projec
to accommodate the thickness of the strap 28 and
tions being angular and having its free end pro
jecting beyond said plate, the other of said pro
It is evident that the girth of the strap may be
varied simply by withdrawing the buckle l5 from 25 jections comprising a stud extending from said
plate intermediate its lateral sides and adjacent
the adjacent perforations 21’, 21" and replacing
the other end of said plate, said stud comprising
it on the strap by having the stud and tongue en
a shank and an enlarged head at its extremity,
gage any other two perforations consecutive, ad
and a loop member adapted to be connected with
jacent, or otherwise; ,
Thestrap may be provided with one. or more 30 an end of the strap and engaging said stud for
securing portions of the strap together.
keeper loops 35 extending transversely across the
2. A buckle for attaching opposite end portions
strap for retaining the loose end portion 28’ of
of a strap, comprising “a- plate adapted to be con
the strap 28 in position.
. ‘ ,
nected with one end portion of the strap and hav
Figs. 9 and 10 disclose a buckle 36 embodying
the invention in a modi?ed form. According to 35 ing spaced apart projections at the back of said
plate to extend through openings in ‘said end
this embodimentythe buckle is provided with a
portion of the strap‘, one of said projections ex
hook-shaped member 31. projecting from the
tending from said plate intermediate its lateral
rear face of plate 39. It is preferred that mem
sides and adjacent one end of the plate and being
ber :31 be centrally disposed as regards the plate
angularly offset in a direction away from the
3.9 and be of such shape that the pull on the strap
opposite end of the plate to engage intone of the
when in operable position (see arrows A, B Fig.
openings, the other of said projections compris
10) will maintain the buckle ?at against the
ing a stud extending from said plate intermediate
strap. It is, therefore, proposed that the hook 31
its lateral sides and adjacent the other ‘end of
have its bight 38 o?set as regards its shank All
which connects with .plate 39. As seen in Fig. 10, 45 the plate, said stud including a shank and an en
larged head thereon at its extremity, ‘and a loop
th'ehook 31 is passed through a perforation of the
member adapted to be connected with the oppo
strap at one end thereof and is adapted to be
site end portion of the strap and engaging said
operatively engaged by the loop is on the other
end of the strap.
stud for securing the strap end'portions together,
Figs. 11 and 12 illustrate the invention in a 50 said stud ‘extending laterally, from the plate a
greater distance than the ?rst-mentioned pro
further modified form as comprising a button
jection to extend through an- opening in thestrap
shaped buckle having a plate 40 from the rear
and accommodate on the projecting extremity
face of which projects a stud 4! having a shank
thereof the loop member.
s2 and enlarged head 43. In adjusting the buckle
onto the strap,.stud 4! is made to engage one of 55
the perforations in one end of the strap and the
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