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ug. 6, 1946. I
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Fi'led May 16, 1945
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Aug° 6, 1946.
Filed May ~16, 1945
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Patente'cl Aug. 6, 1946
a '
Gordon Godwin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, as
signor to The Ontario Paper Company Limited,
Thorold, Ontario, Canada
Application May 16, 1945, Serial No. 594,010
In Canada February 19, 1945
4 Claims. (01. 214—85).'
My invention relates to improvements in trail
means, which includes manual pulling of the
cables, may be used if desired.
As illustrated, the trailer is towed by a tractor
I, provided with winches 2 and 3 which may be
driven by a connection to the motor of the tractor.
The trailer proper comprises an undercarriage,
designated broadly as 4, provided with wheels 5
and a towing shaft 6 provided with a conventional
draft coupling ‘L‘by which the trailer may be re
ers of the type adapted to be towed by a prime
mover and embodying means whereby the trailer
may be tilted to facilitate skidding of logs and the
like thereonto, together with cable means where
by logs and the like may be both loaded there
onto and unloaded therefrom with a minimum
of labour.
An object of the invention is to provide such a
logging trailer embodying a novel arrangement 10 movably connected to the tractor I.
Mounted onthe undercarriage it of the trailer
of cables and sheaves which permits a load on the
is a tiltable load-carrying platform 8, tiltable on
ground to be skidded directly onto the trailer by
trunnions 9 to permit the platform to rock from
pulling on the cable means, so that in one pull
the position shown in Fig. 1, in which the rear
the load is drawn onto the trailer without the
necessity of making several hitches to the load 15 of the platform engages the ground to permit
skidding of a load thereonto, to the horizontal
and with substantially no labour involved other
position shown in Fig. 3, for transporting the load.
than that necessary to pull the cable carrying
As shown, the platform is provided with releasable
the load.
latch means l0, engageable with the towing shaft
It is a further object to devise such a trailer in
which the cable means may be used to unload the 20 6 for holding the platform in the horizontal
trailer without the necessity of rearranging the
The loading mechanism is supported on an up
cable means or making a series of hitches there
right structure carried by the loading platform
which, in the form shown, consists of a pair of
With the above and other objects, which will
hereinafter appear, in view the invention consists 25 substantially inverted U-shaped members H and
12,. which may be braced with members such as
of the construction and arrangement all as here
It and M. Secured to the apices of the mem
inafte'r more particularly described and, illus
bers II and I2, and extending longitudinally of
trated with reference to the accompanying draw
the trailer, is a monorail track 15 which is sub
ings, in which:
Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of a tractor 30 stantially co-extensive with the length of the
platform. This monorail track carries a traveller
hitched‘to a logging trailer constructed in accord
it, of conventional construction, as shown in Fig.
ance with my invention and showing the trailer
4, but provided with two cable sheaves ll’ and I8
in position for taking on a load;
respectively, and while the traveller is free ‘to
Fig. 2 is an end view of the unit as shown in
. travel from oneend of the track to the other, it
Fig. 1, taken from the rear;
is prevented from coming off the track by stops
Fig. 3 is a side elevational view corresponding
I9 and 20 secured to either end of the track.
to Fig. 1 and showing the trailer in the loaded
Additional support for the track may be provided
position; and
in the form of uprights 2| at the front of the
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary sectional view taken on
the line 15-4; of Fig. 1, showing a track traveller 40 platform 8.
The loading mechanism is completed by a cable
which is part of the invention.
22 extending from the winch 2, over the sheave
Like characters of reference designate corre
l1, and terminating in a hook 23 for engaging
sponding parts in the di?erent views.
the load, together with a second cable 24 extend
In a preferred embodiment of my invention,
as illustrated in the drawings and referring there 45 ing from the winch 3 over a series of fairlead
sheaves 25, 26, 21, 28 and 2%, mounted on the
to, my trailer takes the form of a wheeled vehicle
track [5 and/or the upright members H, from
adapted to be hitched for towing to a track-laying
which the cable 2A passes over the sheave E8 of
tractor provided with cable traction means in the
the track traveller and terminates in means such
form of a pair of conventional power driven
winches. It is to be understood, of course, that 50 as a hook 30 for engaging the load to be unloaded.
In the drawings a load of logs 3| is shown for
the trailer itself could be provided either with a
purposes of illustration, provided, with a sling 32
track-laying undercarriage or a sleigh under
by means of which the load may be readily con
carriage, and that any suitable towing means may
nected to the cables.
be used, such as a conventional truck, or even
A trailer, constructed according to my inven
horses, and that any suitable cable traction 65
' 2,405,299
tion, operates as follows: When it is desired to
pick up a load with the trailer, the trailer unit is
and is intended to impose no limitation on the
scope of the invention beyond those set forth in
backed, by maneuvering the tractor l, until the
the appended claims.
platform 1} is in line with the load and the latch In
What I claim as my invention is:
is then released to permit the platform 8 to tilt
1. A loading and transporting vehicle compris
until the rear of the platform contacts the ground
ing an undercarriage, a load carrying platform
adjacent to the load. The cable 22 is then paid
mounted thereon and automatically tiltable on
out from the winch 2 until its hook 23 may be
an axis disposed transversely of the vehicle, a
hooked to the sling 32 of the load. As the cable
track mounted above the platform and extending
is paid out, operation of the winch 3 will tighten 10 longitudinally of the vehicle, a traveller on said
the cable 24 until the hook 30 blocks in the travel- ~ ‘track, a sheave carried by said traveller, cable
ler l6. Continued pull by the winch 3 will move I
traction means located adjacent one end of said
the traveller Hi to a position near the rearend , platform, a cable extending from said traction
of the track I5. The winch 2‘ is then operated
' means and passing over the sheave carried by the
to pull the cable 22, whereupon the platform 8y
traveller, and means at the free end of said cable
is tilted until its rear end touches the‘ ground ‘ vfor engaging material to be loaded onto the
and the load is skidded up the slope of the‘ plat
form 8 by the combined lifting and dragging force
of the cable passing over the sheave l1; since the
sheave i1 is carried by the track traveller l3,
which is free to move alongthe track l5, the
line of pull on the load will be automatically main
2. The combination, with a towing vehicle, of
a trailer vehicle comprising an undercarriage,
draft coupling means between the undercarriage
andthe towing vehicle, a load carrying platform
mounted on the undercarriage and automatically
tained in a direction which will carry the load
tiltable on an axis disposed transversely of the
onto the platform with a minimum of power, and
traction vehicle, a track mounted above the plat
by the same token as soon as the centre of gravity 25 form, and extending longitudinally of the trailer
of the load passes the axis of the trunnions 9,
vehicle, a traveller on said track, a sheave carried
the platform 8 will tilt into the horizontal posi
by said travellencable traction means mounted
on said towing vehicle, a cable extending from
said traction means and passing over the sheave
trailer may then be moved to the point where it 30 carried by the traveller, and means at the free
is to be unloaded, and for unloading it is merely
end of said cable for engaging material to be
necessary to disconnect the hook 23 from the sling
loaded onto the tractor vehicle.
tion again and, the platform may be‘latched in
such position with the’ latch in.
The loaded
32 of the load and connect the hook .38, thereto,
3. In a combination as claimed in claim 2, a
whereafter the latch I 0 is released and, on operat
.second cable traction means mounted on said
ing the winch 3 the cable 24 lifts the forward end 35 towing vehicle, a second cable extending there
of the load, and by virtue of the track traveller
from, a plurality of sheaves on said track for
being free to move along the track as before, the
carrying the second cable from the second trac
load is drawn rearwardly, of the trailer until its
tion means to the end of said track opposite there
centre of gravity passes the axis of the trunnions
from and back to said track traveller, a second
9, whereupon the platform 8 tilts and. the load is _ 40 sheave in said traveller over which said second
skidded completely off _ the, platform 8.
It will thus be obvious that I have invented an
improved trailer with novel loading and unloading
means whereby a relatively, awkward load may be
loaded and unloaded by the simple operation of ~
connecting a cable to the load and operating the
power winches of the unit used to tow the trailer,
all of the mechanism being so organized that, for
example, it is possible for one man to load, trans
port, and unload a load as great as the combined
power and trailer unit is capable of carrying.
While I have shown one preferred embodiment
of my invention in the drawings and description
herewith, it is to. be understood that such dis
closure is merely for the purposes of illustration
cable passes, ‘and means at the free end of said
second cable for engaging material to be unloaded
from the vehicle.
4. In a trailer, an undercarriage, a load carry
ing platform mounted thereon and automatically
tiltable on an axis disposed transversely on the
trailer, a plurality of members of substantial in
verted U-shape each extending from’ one side of
the platform to the other side of the platform,
a track secured to the apices of the U-shaped
members and extending longitudinally of the
platform, a traveller on said track, and a sheave
carried by the traveller.
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