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Filed Nov. 8, 1944.
Fatenteol Aug. 6, 1946
Paul J. Martin, Detroit, Mich.
Application November 8, 1944,'Serial No. 562,444
3 Claims. (01. 46-77)
The present invention relates to mechanical
into and out of contact with ring 36 by means of
toys and more speci?cally to a toy bomber air
a trigger 45 pivoted in the upper arm of the grip
member [1.
Among the objects of the invention is a toy
Completing the battery circuit through the
airplane having means for simulating ?ight.
5 magnet 20 will of course cause the armature 21
Another object is a toy airplane of the bomber
to be attracted, thereby pulling the plate 28 from
type with means for simulating ?ight and means
under doors 3!] and allowing theserto fall open
under control of the operator for dropping missiles
and drop whatever missiles there may have been
representing bombs while the plane is in its simu
provided—for example, bombs 58.
lated ?ight.
It is intended that the toy and ?ight means
Other objects will readily occur to those skilled
described may be used as a game with objects
in the art upon reference to the following de
such as imitation houses, bridges, etc., as objec
scription and the accompanying drawing in which
tives, the user causing the airplane to simulate
Figure 1 is a View in elevation of the airplane
?ight in a circle by holding member I‘! and ro
and ?ight means.
15 tating crank I6, endeavoring to actuate the bomb
Figure 2 is an enlarged view of a portion of
release at such time as to cause the bombs to fall
Figure 1.
upon the objective.
Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional view of the
Instead of the electric release described in de
mid section of the airplane showing the bomb
tail, a mechanical release may be used as is in
release means.
20 dicated by the cord 60 and pull ring 6 l ,
Figure 4 is a cross sectional View of the airplane
showing another view of the bomb release.
Figure 5 is a section on line 5-5 of Figure 2.
In the drawing, the airplane is shown at In
as being supported by a suitable halter I l at the 25
end of a line I2 depending from a horizontal arm
Now having described the invention and the
preferred embodiment thereof, it is to be under
stood that said invention is to be limited, not to
the speci?c details herein set forth, but only by
the scope of the claims which follow.
I claim:
l3 preferably hinged as at M to an upright mast
1. A toy consisting of a toy airplane provided
or other vertical support 15.
with bomb releasing means and with ?ight simu
This upright member terminates in a crank
lation means, said latter means comprising a mast
portion l6 mounted for rotation in a suitable grip 30 having a horizontal arm at its upper end, means
member [7.
for suspending said airplane from the end of said
Within the airplane i0 is mounted an electro
arm, and means for rotating said mast and arm,
magnet 23, supported in any suitable fashion as
said rotating means consisting of a grip member,
by the laterally projecting rods 2! ?xed in the
and a crank mounted in rotative relation in said
sidewalls, to which magnet are attached the lead 35 grip member, said crank being directly connected .
wires 22 extending to suitable connecting means
to said mast, and means actuated from said grip
or binding posts 23 in the wall of the airplane.
member for operating said bomb releasing means.
Also mounted within the airplane as by hang
2. A toy consisting of a grip member adapted
ing loosely on the cross rod 25 is a Vertical rod 26
to be held stationary by an operator, a crank
carrying an armature 21 opposite the end of mag 40 mounted for rotation in said grip member, a mast
net 20 and also carrying a small plate 28 extend
?xed to said crank and rotatable thereby, said
ing at right angles to the rod and adapted to ex
mast having a laterally projecting arm, a toy
tend under the doors 3!! hinged as at 3! in the
bomber airplane suspended from said arm and
bottom of the airplane.
provided with bomb releasing means, and means
Extending in suitable fashion from posts 23 45 carried by said grip member for actuating said
through or along harness ll, line l2, arm l3, and.
bomb releasing means.
mast 15 to the grip member I‘! are suitable elec
3. A toy consisting of a grip member adapted
tric conductors 35, one of which is connected to
to be held stationary by an operator, a crank
a metallic ring 3% ?xed to mast l5 just above
mounted for rotation in said grip member, a mast
grip member ll‘ and the other of which extends 50 ?xed to said crank and rotatable thereby, said
through the crank it to a second metal ring or
mast having a laterally projecting arm, a toy
ferrule 31 at the bottom of the crank.
bomber airplane suspended from said arm and
The ring 31 through a suitable wiping contact
provided with electric bomb releasing means, and
is connected through a lead 38 to one pole of a
means carried by said grip member for energizing
small dry cell 39 carried by the grip member I1. 55 and thereby actuating said bomb releasing means.
Attached to the other pole of the cell 39 is a
wire 40 leading to a sliding contact 4| movable
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