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Aug. 6,1946.
. '
' I
2,405,,1 ~
To: mm '
Filed March 15, 1945
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
' ’
Squire Binks, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Application March 15, 1945, Serial No. 582,898
5 Claims.
The invention relates to rapid ?ring guns, such
as machine guns, Tommy guns and Bren guns,‘
(Cl. 46-192)
. -
Fig. 2 is an elevational view of the gun.
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary vertical section of the
and has for its object primarily to provide a toy
body thereof showing the operating mechanism.
gun of this character adapted to simulate the
Fig. 4 is a cross sectional view taken on line
automatic feeding of the bullets through the gun 6 4—4 of Fig. 3.
by trigger operation.
Fig. 5 is a detail of the detent mechanism
A further salient object of the invention is to
which is operated by the trigger, and Fig. 6 is a
provide sound-producing apparatus adapted to
fragmentary detail showing the slide fastener
represent the discharge of the ammunition as it
mechanism of the belt.
is fed through the gun.
In the illustrated emodiment of the invention
Another object is to produce a gun of this class
there is depicted a machine gun of the class in
in which the feeding of the ammunition and the
which the bullets are carried through the ?ring
production of the sound of the explosions of the
chamber by means of a belt which is fed auto
successive rounds are brought about by a mech
matically. In carrying out the invention the gun
anism driven by a clockwork of the spring-actu 15 is provided with a suitable body having a barrel
ated type.
8 and a handle 9, between which is a chamber I [I
A feature of the mechanism is that a trigger
that houses the operating mechanism which is
is devised to control the same in a manner such
under control of a trigger l I.
that the ?ring operation may be continuous or
. The ammunition belt or strap I2 is preferably
sporadic as desired. A further feature of the 20 a‘thin ?at length of pliant material such as fab
mechanism is that it comprises an escapement
ric, but it is conceivable that it might be other
device adapted to vibrate a striker which impinges
wise fashioned as of a chain composed of linked
a sound board or comparable element by which
plates and therefore the term “belt” as herein
sound'is emitted representing the rapid ?re of
after referred to is intended to include any com
25 parable device by which ammunition is fed into
the gun.
A still further object of the invention is to pro
‘ the ?ring chamber of a gun. The ammunition is
represented on the belt preferably in a pictorial
duce a novel and attractive toy of this character
in which there is simulated the automatic feed
vmanner as by its being imprinted thereon in
ing of ammunition in the rapid ?re of the gun
order that it may not detract from the ?exibility
as by the provision of a belt, strap or other mis 30 of the same. The belt is divided substantially
throughout its length into two parallel strips l3
sile carrier adapted to be caused to travel in a
manner representative of the action that actu
and I4 united at one end which is supplied with
ally takes place in a practical gun.
a ring I5 or other pull element adapted to be
readily grasped manually. Along the length of
An important feature is that the belt or strap
is wound upon a rotary member such as a reel .35 the strip 13 the bullets proper are delineated, as
in the ?ring of the gun. The rotary member is
at It, and along the length of the strip I4 the
driven by the spring motor. A still further fea
cartridge portions of the bullets are delineated.
ture is that the belt or strap serves for winding
as at IT. The .belt is led into the chamber l9
through an aperture 18 at one side thereof hav
the spring motor as it is withdrawn after afeed
ing operation has ensued. In the preferred form 40 ing approved guide means l9 over which it may
of the invention the belt is composed of two
slide. The end l5 projects from this side of the
strips, one of which has imprinted thereon rep
chamber which is the feed side.
The strip l3 of the belt has its remote end
resentations of the bullets proper and is wound
connected about a rotary device 20 for winding
on the rotary member. the other has imprinted
thereon representations of the cartridges and 46 thereon in the ?ring of the gun. The rotary de
passes through the gun to give a more realistic
vice is shown as a reel and is of a capacity to
enable substantially the full length of the strip
elfect of the discharge of the bullets.
Having recounted the major objects of the
I3 to wind thereon, The strip l 4 extends through
the chamber ID to the opposite side thereof by
invention, other objects will be apparent from
the ensuing description.
means of an aperture 2| and its free end is sup
plied with a weight 22 which applies light tension
The accompanying drawing illustrates the se
thereon to assure of its feeding out of the aper
lected embodiment of the invention in which:
ture in the winding operation of reel aforesaid.
Fig. 1 isa top plan view of a machine gun in
The reel is connected by a shaft 23 to the main
which a part is broken away to show the mech
55 spring 24 of a conventional clockwork 25 so th'at
anism to better advantage.
it may be driven clockwise thereby. The clock
work has suitable gearing 26 connected to an
escapement mechanism comprising an escape
wheel 21 and an arbor 28 provided with the usual
two pallets 29. The escapement regulates the
speed at, which the reel is driven. The spring is.
supplied with a ratchet device for the winding
thereof, which is indicated only in a general Way
cated at the feed side of the reel so that as the
at 30 since it is of a well known construction
tape is drawn in by the reel the slide 42 will sepa
rate the strips or stringers at a point in advance
of the reel to enable the one strip to wind thereon
and the other to travel through the chamber to
the discharge side thereof.
From the preceding description it will be mani
fest that the invention provides an exceedingly
intriguing toy in which the operation of the trig
It will be gathered by this construction that 10 ger serves to release the mechanism for feeding
the belt on which the pseudo ammunition is car
when the reel is turned by the spring 24 of the
ried and for actuating the sound producer which
clockwork the strip I3 winds thereon and thus
simulates the rapid ?re of thegun.
draws the belt inwardly through the aperture 18
While I have disclosed a practical embodiment
to represent the feeding of the live ammunition
into the gun. Simultaneously the strip l4 trav 15 of the invention it will be understood that such
changes and modi?cations may be resorted to as
els out of the aperture 2! at the opposite side of
come within the spirit and scope of the appended
the chamber under the pull of the weight'22 and
thus simulates ejection of the empty cartridges
from the rounds that have been ?red.
- '
a What I claim is:
1. In a toy gun, a casing forming a ?ring
The escape arbor 28 has an arm 3| terminating 20
chamber ‘provided with side openings, a reel
in a head 32 to provide a striker vibrated by the
therein, a spring motor having a shaft connected
escape wheel concurrently with. the feeding of the
to its spring, said shaft being secured to the reel
ammunitionin the ?ring of the gun. The striker
for turning it, an escapement geared to the shaft
or vibrator is arranged to hit against a resonant
element 33 which‘ in the present instance is a wall 25 to regulate the speed of operation, a ratchet de
vice for preventing retrograde action in the Wind~
of the chamber II), but of course another element
ing of the spring, a yieldable detent device. nor
might be employed for this purpose, such as a
mally precluding operation of the spring motor, a
sound board within the chamber. The impinge
trigger for disengaging the detent to set the motor
ment of the striker against the wall of the cham
in operation, and a belt having rounds of am;
ber produces reverberations representing the rap
id ?re of the gun, so that the chamber serves as
a sound box as well as a housing for the operat
munition represented thereon, said belt having a
connection with saidreel whereby it is trans:
ing mechanism.
ported through said side openings from one side
to the other of said chamber to represent the
The spring motor. is normally locked'against
operation by means of a detent device which may 35 feeding of ammunition.
2. In a toy gun, an apertured casing forming
be of any suitable construction. For instance
a ?ring chamber, a reel therein, a driven mecha
there may be provided adetent 34 slidably sup
nism for the reel having a trigger control,‘ an
ported in the frame of the clockwork and having
ammunition belt extending transverselythrough
a ?nger 35 projected into restraining engagement
with the striker-arm by a compression spring 36. 40 the apertured casing, said belt comprising two
strips of ?exible material having interlocking
On depression of the detent 34 the ?nger 35 is
elements at their inner edges and a slide fastener
disengaged from said arm thereby setting. the
for fastening and unfastening said elements, one
motor in operation. The detent is depressible
of said strips being attached to the reel for wind
by the trigger which is devised for operation by
ing thereon and the other strip being extended
a pull action, although it could be constructed to
completely through said casing,.the strip which is
operate with a push movement without departing
attached to the reel having represented thereon
from the spirit of the invention. The trigger is
shown as a rod member having its inner end piv
otally united to an end of a rocker plate 31 which
the bullets proper of the ammunition and“ the
is pivoted intermediate of its length, as at 38, to
a support 39. The other end of the rockerplate
tridges of the bullets whereby the effect of dis
charge of the ammunition is simulated as the
belt travels in a feeding operation, and. means for
securing said slide fastener at the feed sideIof
is positioned to depressthe detent when the trig
ger is pulled. 1 Acoil spring 40 restores the trigger
other strip having represented thereon thecar
said reel.
,» > I
to its normal position when released. It will be
3. The combination in a toy machine gun, of
manifest that by the use of the trigger the motor 55
a gun body, a vibratory sound producing ele
can be run continuously or intermittently ‘until
the stored energy of‘ the spring 24 is dissipated.
ment, a mechanism to vibrate. said element, a
resonant member against which said element
Thebelt [2 serves to restore the spring for which
is adapted to strike, a spring motor for said
purpose it is withdrawn by the ring [5 when the
ammunition has been “fed.” This withdrawal 60 mechanism, a rotary device connected to the
spring of said motor, a tape connected to said
also restores the belt to its initial position ready
rotary device for winding thereon in the opera
for the next “feeding” operation of the ammuni
tion of the motor whereby reversemovement of
the tape is operative to restore the energy of said
It is desirable that the two strips 13 and M of
the tape be detachably secured together at the
feed side of the chamber R0 for the sake of ap
pearance and also for assuring of smooth opera
tion. To achieve this they are provided with
interlocking meansat their inner edges as de
noted at M. It will be seen that the interlocking '
means is composedof separable elements of a
conventional slide fastener of which the stringers
are constituted of the ?exible strips l3 and Ill.
The slide, indicated at 42, is immovably attached
to the chamber 10, as by the member 43, and 10
motor spring.
4. In a toy machine gun, a gun body provided
with an apertured chamber, a vibratory sound
producing element, a mechanism to vibrate said
element, a resonant member against which said
element is adapted to strike, a movable‘ammu
nition carrier having rounds of ammunition vrep
resented thereon and extending into said cham
ber, a rotary device for transporting ‘said car
rier through the chamber from one side to'the
other thereof in a manner to 's’imulate’th'e feed
ing of ammunition to the gun a spring motor for
the feeding of ammunition to said apertured
said mechanism and'for said rotary device adapt
chamber, a spring motor for said mechanism and
ed to be energized by retraotile movement of
for said rotary device adapted to be energized by
said carrier, and a trigger controlled mechanism
retractile movement of said carrier, and a. trigger
for rendering said motor inoperative.
controlled mechanism for rendering said motor
5. In a toy machine gun, a gun body provided
inoperative, the structure being characterized in
with an apertured chamber, a vibratory sound 7 that the carrier is a split belt of which one part
producing element, a mechanism to vibrate said
has represented thereon the bullets proper and is
element, a resonant member against which said
Wound on the rotarytdevice in the feeding opera
element is adapted to strike, a movable ammuni 10 tion and the other part has represented there
tion carrier havingrounds of ammunition repre
on the shells of the ammunition and is fed com
'sented thereon and extending into said cham
pletely through the chamber from one side to the
ber, a rotary device within said chamber for
other thereof.
transporting said carrier in a manner to simulate
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