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Aug. s, 1946. '
Filed May 15, 1945 '
.4760 2,0640%?»
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
Leo Cloutier, Fall River, Mass.
Application May 15, 1945, Serial No. 593,813
5 Claims.
(01. 51-56)
This invention relates to polishing equipment,
and more particularly to polishing equipment for
bowling balls.
A main object of the invention is to provide a
novel and improved apparatus for polishing bowl
ing balls and the like.
A further object of the invention is to provide a
new and improved bowling ball polishing machine
to provide a false bottom for the bowl-shaped re
ceptacle 20.
A bowl-shaped member 25 of similar structure
to member 20 is rigidly supported by an appro-'
priate bracket member from the under surface
of shelf 5 in vertical registry with bowl-shaped
member 20 and identical lateral bowl-shaped
members 26 are provided, said lateral members
being rigidly supported on vertical bars 27 se
of extremely simple and efficient construction.
Further objects and advantages of the inven 10 cured between shelf 5 and shelf 4. The spacing of
the bowl-shaped members is such as to allow
tion will appear from the following description
random reciprocating movement and rotation of
and claims, and from the accompanying draw
a bowling ball positioned in the central space
ing, wherein:
between them, said movement and rotation being
Figure 1 is a side elevational view of a bowling
ball polishing apparatus in accordance with the 15 imparted to the ball by the actuation of bowl
shaped member motor 6 and the elliptical
gear 12 driven by said motor. Said random move
Figure 2 is an end elevational view of the ap
ment is derived from the reciprocation and rota
paratus of Figure 1.
tion simultaneously imparted to bowl-shaped
Figure _3 is a detail view of a bowling ball bot
member 2!] by said elliptical gear l2. Frictional
tom support member employed in the apparatus
contact of the bowling ball with the polishing
of Figure 1.
cloths of the respective bowl-shaped members
Figure 4 is a detail view showing the gearing
during the random movement of the ball produces
means employed to provide a reciprocating mo
an efficient and uniform polishing action.
tion for the bottom support member of Figure 3.
The polishing cloths employed on the bowl
Referring to the drawing, l designates a frame
shaped members should be fairly rough but not
structure comprising vertical corner posts 2 con
nected by a ?rst horizontal shelf member 3, a
While a speci?c embodiment of a bowling ball
second horizontal shelf member 4, and a top hori
polishing apparatus has been disclosed in the
zontal shelf 5. Mounted on shelf 3 is an electric 30 foregoing description, it will be understood that
motor 6 carrying a pulley 'l on its armature shaft.
various modi?cations within the spirit of the in
Mounted on shelf 4 is a bearing member 8 which
vention may occur to those skilled in the art.
rotatively supports a shaft 9. Shaft 9 carries
Therefore, it is intended that no limitations be
at one end a pulley i0 connected by a belt H to
placed on the invention other than as de?ned by
pulley l, and at the other end an elliptical gear 12. 35 the scope of the appended claims.
Mounted on shelf 4 adjacent bearing member
What is claimed is:
1. A polishing device for a spherical article
comprising a bowl-shaped supporting member for
tion l5. Slidably mounted on upper end portion
said article provided with a ?exible abrasive
15 for vertical, reciprocation with respect thereto 40 supporting surface for supporting the article
is a sleeve member l6 having rigidly secured
within said bowl-shaped member, means for si
8 is a bracket member 13 formed with a vertical
shank portion i4 having a reduced upper end por
thereto, as by a set screw H, a circular gear mem
ber l8 which meshes with elliptical gear i2. An
oil hole I!) is provided for lubricating the bearing
surface of portion l5.
multaneously rotating and vertically reciprocat
ing said bowl-shaped supporting member to there
by irnpart a random motion to said article, and
45 stationary ?exible abrasive members de?ning an
inclosure within which the article is retained and
Carried by the upper end of sleeve member 16
adapted to be frictionally contacted by the ar
is a bowl-shaped receptacle 2i] to the upper rim
ticle during its motion.
of which is secured by an external metal strap
2. The structure of claim 1, and wherein said
member 2! a polishing cloth 22. An internal
cushioning ring 23 of rubber or similar material 50 stationary ?exible abrasive members are mounted
on inwardly facing bowl-shaped members.
is secured to the inner surface of said upper rim
3. The structure of claim 1, and wherein said
underlying cloth 22, and the cavity between cloth
?exible abrasive supporting surface and said sta
22 and bowl member 20 is padded with rags or the
tionary ?exible abrasive members are each pro
like to provide a cushion for supporting a bowl
ing ball. A plate member 24 may be employed 55 vided with cushioning means.
4. The structure of claim 1, and wherein said
means for simultaneously rotating and vertically
reciprocating said bowl-shaped supporting mem
ber comprises a horizontally positioned down
wardly facing annular gear axially secured to the
neously rotating and vertically reciprocating said
bowl-shaped supporting member, and means de
?ning an inclosure Within which the article is re
tained during its rotating and reciprocating mo
tion and comprising an inverted bowl-shaped
member vertically registering with said bowl
supporting member and an elliptical gear mesh
ing with said annular gear, said elliptical gear
shaped supporting member and inwardly facing
being mounted for rotation around a horizontal
laterally positioned bowl-shaped members, each
axis, and means for rotating said» elliptical gear.
of said inwardly facing bowl-shaped members
5. A polishing, device for a spherical article
and said inverted bowl-shaped member adapted
comprising a bowlshaped supporting member for
to be frictionally contacted by the article during
said article provided with a ?exible abrasive sup
its motion.
porting surface for supporting the article within
said bowl-shaped member, means for simulta
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