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Aug. 6, 1946.
Filed Feb. 16, 1945
' ¿
` è'
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52am??? @@5205
Aug. 6,’ 1946. -
Filed Feb. 16, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
E î
>Stanley GagasPerkawsie, Pa.
¿Arrestation February 16, 1945, serial No. 573,18@ 3 Claims.
This invention relates to a sinker head, and
more particularly to such a sinken head adapted
to be utilized in conjunction with knitting ma
chines adapted for the fashioning of full-fash
ioned hosiery.
<01. ers-_110)
disposed sinker head brackets or end plates Iii,
each of which is preferably machined from a
single piece of metal or the like, between which
extend two spacer rods II and I2, each adapted
to be held in position as by means of nuts I3 and
I4, respectively. Between the end plates I0 are'
A primary object of this invention is the pro
vision of an improved sinker head, characterized
positioned a plurality of spacer plates or spacers
by a plurality of removable spacers, in order that
I5, each as best shown in Figure 6 provided with
in the event of any damage to a portion of the
apertures I6 and I'I through which rods I i and
head, that portion may be replaced Without the 10 I2, respectively, are adapted to pass, and each
necessity of replacing the whole unit.
provided with a horizontally extending trans
An additional object of the invention is the
verse slot I8, adapted to permit the passage
provision of such a sinker head which may be
therethrough of a sinker I9 or divider 20 (see
constructed of any desired material, the inter»
Figure 4) . As best shown in Figure 6 the spacer
mediate portion being constructed of any suit 15 plates I5 are provided with horizontal channels
able metal, plastic, or if desired, any other suit
or grooves I8 to permit entry of Athe reinforcing
able substance.
portion 2l of the sinker. When the device is
A still further object of the invention is the
in assembled relation, it will thus be seen that
provision of a sinker head so designed and con
the number of plates> l5 may be readily varied as
structed that the gage of the machine with which 20 desired to provide a sinker head of any desired
it is utilized can be changed by removal of cer
length or gage, it will also be seen that various
tain associated parts thereof and replacement of
types of spacers having slots or grooves I8 of
these parts with others of a desired gage.
various sizes may be provided as desired for the
A still further object is the provision of such a
particular machine with which the device is used.
sinker head which will be sturdy and durable in
As best shown in Figure 4, the sinkers I9 are
construction, reliable and eiîñcient in operation,
alternately positioned between dividers 2li adapt
and relatively simple and inexpensive to manu
ed to be engaged by a catch bar 2l. The device
facture, assemble, and utilize.
is adapted to be utilized in the conventional
Other objects will in part be obvious and in
manner in a full fashioned hosiery knitting
part be pointed out as the description of the in 30 machine.
vention proceeds and shown in the accompany
Means for aligning the spacers accurately are
ing drawings, wherein there is disclosed a pre
also provided, such means taking the form of
ferred embodiment of this inventive concept.
suitable morticed grooves 23 aligned along the
In the drawings:
upper face of all the spacer plates I5, and eX
Figure 1 is a front elevational view of ya sinker 35 tending into the end plates Ill, through which is
passed a tenoned bar 24 of steel or the like, serv
head constructed in accordance with the instant
ing effectively to hold the parts in aligned related
Figure 2 is a top plan view of the sinker head
as disclosed in Figure 1.
From the foregoing it will now be seen that the
Figure 3 is an end elevational view of ythe de 40 sinker head of the instant invention comprises a
vice shown in Figures 1 and 2.
unitary structure which serves to supplant pre
Figure 4 is an end elevational view showing
viously constructed sinker heads comprised of
portions of the sinker head in association with
top and bottom plates, formed as an integral unit,
certain additional mechanism.
which required replacement should any portion
Figure 5 is a sectional View taken substantially 45 thereof- become damaged. It will also be seen
along the line 5_5 of Figure 4, certain parts
that by means of the instant invention in the
thereof being shown in elevation.
event that any portion of the device becomes dam
Figure 6 is a perspective view of one of the
aged, such as illustratively one of the plates I5
spacer plates comprising a feature of the instant
the same may be readily replaced with a mini
50 mum of difficulty and elîort. It will correspond
Similar reference characters refer to similar
ingly be seen that the gage of the machine may
parts throughout the several views of the draw
be readily varied by replacing the spacers I5 by ,
diiîerent gage spacers.
Having reference now to the instant invention,
It will also be seen that there is herein pro
the device is comprised of a pair of oppositely 55 vided a device accomplishing all the objects of
the instant invention and many others including
advantages of great practical utility and com
mercial importance.
As many embodiments may be made of this in
ventive concept, and as many modiñcations may
be made in the embodiment hereinbefcre shown
and described, it is to be understood that all mat
ter herein is to be interpreted merely as illus
trative and not in a limiting sense.V
end plates, rods extending between said end
plates, and a plurality of divider and sinker sup
porting spacers mounted on said rods positioned
between said end plates, the extremities of said
rods being threaded, nuts on said extremities to
hold the plates in related assembly, and an align
ing bar having locking shoulders adapted to in
terlock with correspondingly shaped grooves in
said spacers for aligning the same.
l (l
3; In a sinker head, in combination, a pair of
I claim:
end plates, rods extending between said end
1. In a sinker head, in combination, a pair cf
plates, a plurality of divider and sinker support
end plates, rods extending between said end
ing spacers mounted on said rods positioned be
plates, and a. plurality of divider and sinker sup
tween said end plates, means forming morticed
porting spacers mounted on said rods positioned '
between said end plates, each of said spacers be 15 grooves in the upper edges of said plates and
spacers, and an alignment bar having cooperat
ing horizontally grooved to provide a transverse
ing morticed opposite sides positioned in said
passage for said dividers and sinkers, and an>
'aligning bar morticed in the upper edges of said
2. In a sinker head, in combination, a pair of 20
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