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Aug. 6-, 1946.
Filed Sept.- 9', 1944
2 sheets-sneak 1
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Amga & 1%.
Filed Sept. 9. 1944
2 sheets-sheet 2
' FIGS’.
eammwmo &.
.a .11 qwmm
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
' '-
Ernest Edward Langford and Arthur Thomas
Garnett,v London. England, assignors to A. J.
Garnett Limited, London, England
‘ ; Application September 9, 1944, Serial No. 553,310
In Great Britain March 22, 1944
. lclaim.
(01. 190-43)
The'two end walls 4 and 5 and one longitudinal
wall 6, i. e. the lower wall when the bag is being
This invention relates to portable cases such
as e. g. holdalls, dress- cases, “week-end” cases
carried, are creased along their centres as at ‘I',
and the like, and more particularly to the type
of portable case or bag having the walls joining
the base and top collapsible, and in which the
case or bag is closed by a sliding clasp type of
fastening means. The chief object of this inven
tion is to afford a relatively large size of opening
and V-folds 8 also included in said end walls, to
enable both end walls 4 and 5 and the said lower
longitudinal wall Itv to fold inwards concertina
fashion. The remaining (i. e. upper) longitudinal
wall 9 is not stiffened, but is free to collapse
loosely with the folding of the'other walls.
for packing the case or bag and to provide means
Except for the said two end walls 4 and 5'the
to sustain the collapsible walls in the erected 10
outer covering of the bag is preferably a single
position when the-case or bag is opened for pack
piece of fabric'with its ends sewn together at
ing and unpacking, so that although the opening
the longitudinal fold ‘l of the said lower‘ longi
is adapted to ‘be closed by a sliding clasp type of
tudinal wall 6, the opening II 'of the bag being
fastener and the said walls are collapsible,’ the
advantages of an ordinary suit case with a 15 out along three sides out of the part of this length
of fabric which extends over the top In 'of the
hinged lid are obtained without however the
bag, such opening being dimensioned so ‘as to
bulkiness and weight usually associated with‘ or
leave only a quite narrow marginal lip I2 extend
dinary suit cases. Another object of this- inven-J
ing inwardly from the end walls 4 and 5 and lower
tion is to improve upon the manner of adapting
the sliding clasp type of fastener to the case or 20 longitudinal wall 6. By this means a flap I3 is ‘
provided, formed in continuity with the upper
bag, so that the opening-and lid to be sealed by
longitudinal side 9 of the bag, the closure of the
the sliding clasp type of fastener can extend for
flap being effected along the three free edges of
the flap by slidingclasp fastening means here
nearly the full width and‘length of the top of the
bag or case.
According to this invention, a holdall, “week
end”. case, portmanteau or the like of the type
set forth is a substantially rectangular container
inafter described.
The closure flap I3 is, in common with the base
Ill, stiffened as aforesaid with a suitable back
ing, and its free edges and the opposed edges of
the opening in the top of the bag are strength
having its base and top united by collapsible un
interrupted end and longitudinal walls, its top
being constituted predominantly by a ?ap contin 30 ened by a hem or seam I5 of leather or the like
and have sewn thereto, preferably by the stitches
uous with one of the longitudinal walls and
which bind the said hem or seam in position,
adapted to act as a lid, and sliding clasp type
the webs or tapes of two sets of sliding clasp
of fastening means being secured to the free
fasteners I6, IBa and I1, I'Ia. One set extends
edges of said flap and to marginal parts of the
completely along one side of the flap I3 and half
said top to secure the lid forming ?ap in the
way along the free edge I8 of such flap as indi
sealed position.
cated by the reference numeral I6, and the cor
In order that the invention may be clearly
responding part of the edge of the said opening,
understood and readily carried into e?ect draw
the other set being likewise arranged along the
ings are appended hereto illustrating an embodi
40 remaining side and half of the free edge of the
ment thereof, and wherein,
flap as at H and the corresponding part of the
Fig. 1 is a front perspective view showing the
edge of the said opening as at Ila, whereby the
bag opened and ready for packing.
two sliding clasps I9 and 20 meet midway be
Fig. 2 is a rear perspective view of Fig. 1.
tween the ends of the bag when the ?ap is closed.
Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional front elevation
45 To open the bag the two sliding clasps are pulled
of Fig. 1, and
away from each other towards opposite ends of
Fig. 4 is a perspective View of the bag when
the bag and caused to negotiate the corners of
closed and partially collapsed, and in the nor
the ?ap (which are radiused for such purpose)
mal carrying position.
and carried to terminal positions coinciding with
Referring to the drawings which show the in
vention as applied to a holdall type of kit bag or 50 the junction of said flap I3 with the upper longi
tudinal wall 9 of the bag.
“week-end” bag, the body of the bag is preferably
By providing holes in the tags of both of the
composed of a fabric cover I stiffened by a back
sliding clasps to receive a common padlock 2|
ing 2 of cardboard or like inexpensive sti? sheet
the bag can be locked securely when closed.
material, and lined with any suitable soft fabric
To relieve the sliding ‘clasp fastening means
3 as customarily adopted with e. g. dress cases.
from excessive strain when the bag is packed and
closed a strap 22 is sewn across the centre of the
base of the bag and across the lower longitudinal
side 6 and is free at the appropriate end and
shaped as a tab 23 to engage with a buckle 24
This upper radiusing is indicated by the reference
numeral 36.
We claim:
A rectangular handbag comprising, in combi
nation, two stl?ened side walls of relatively large
?xed near. the centre of the said flap l3, the flap
size, a stiffened base wall and a flexible top wall
itself also being strengthened by a‘transverse cen
tre strap 25 sewn thereto. The upper ends of
these two straps are united to the centres of two
semi-circular or half-annular straps 26 and 2'! 10
integral with the side walls, the side, base and
top walls formed of a single piece of material
whose ends are a?ixed together along the longitu
dinal center line of the base wall, and two stiff
respectively sewn to the base andv the said flap " ened end walls, the base and end walls being
and formed with rolls or loops at their ends to
creased longitudinally along their centers and
receive four D’s 28 to which are anchored the ends
adapted to fold inwardly, supporting means com
of two inverted U-shaped handles ‘29 by which
prising a diamond-shaped panel of stiff material
the bag can be carried in the hand.
permanently fastened to the inner surface of each
In order to brace up the collapsible sides of. the
of said end ‘walls along two adjacent edges, with
bag when it is being packed two parallelogram or
the smaller apices of said panel coinciding with
diamond shaped panels 30 are sewn to the inte
the longitudinal creases in said end wall, said
riors of the end walls by their upper inclined
panel being provided with means for temporarily
edges as indicated by the reference numeral 3! 20 fastening the free edges to said end wall when
so that their smaller angle apices coincide with
the wall is in a ?at condition, the panel when
the aforesaid longitudinal centre creases l' of the
end walls 4 and 5, and the free apex of each such
panel carries one fastening element 32 of a snap
said free edges are so fastened preventing the
wall from folding inwardly, a flap cut out of one
button fastener, the co-operating fastening ele 25 side wall along three of its sides and formed in
continuity with the top wall, the flap comprising
ment 33 of which is secured to the appropriate
substantially all of said side Wall and forming
end wall in such position that when the fastening
a narrow marginal lip along the end and base
elements are engaged each diamond shaped panel
walls, slide fastener means arranged about the
braces the appropriate end Wall transversely and
longitudinally. By this means a readily applied, 30 edges of said flap and lip, strap fastener means
and equally readily released wall bracing means
is provided.
attached to and extending across the base and
one side wall to a point adjacent the top wall,
adapted to engage a like strap fastener means
attached to and extending across the flap to a
The lining of the marginal part of the top of
the bag is carried slightly beyond the appropriate
lines of sliding clasp tongue elements as indicated 35 point adjacent the top wall, said strap fastener
means relieving the slide fastener means from
by the reference numeral 34 to overlap the flap
strain, the upper terminal ends, adjacent the top
13 marginally when the flap is closed.
Strengthening seams of leather or like bindings
35 are sewn along the edges of the bag, and it is
wall, of each of said strap fastener means engag
ing a handle, the handles, strap fastener means,
preferred to radius the upper‘corners of the bag 40 ?exible top wall and folding end and base walls
cooperating to cause the ?exible top of the hand
(1. e. the corners at the upper ends of the end
bag to peak and the side walls to bow inwardly
Walls 4 and 5 when the bag is being carried) so
when carried, thereby permitting the .bag to be
thatthe upper longitudinal wall of the bag is
carried closer to the body.
bowed in cross section, this aifording the most
convenient con?guration of bag for carrying.
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