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Filed April 22, 1943 ‘
2 Sheets-Sheet l
Enea April 22, 'i2/,.15
2 sheefìS-sheet 2
Patented Àug. 6, 1946
2,405,391 ’
Edwin F. Anderson, Buffalo, N. Y., assigner to
Pillsbury Flour Mills Company, Minneapolis,
Minn., a corporation of Delaware
Application April 22, 1943, Serial No. 484,091
9 Claims. (Cl. 91-46)
This invention relates to an apparatus for coat
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of my said apparatus;
Fig. 3 is a vertical section taken approximately
on the line 3_3 of Fig. 2;
Fig. 4 is a vertical section taken on the line
ing and sealing the ñlling ends of paper bags and
other containers after the same have been ñlled
and the filling ends stitched or otherwise secured.
At the present time multiple-wall paper bags Ul 4_4 of Fig. 2; and
are extensively used for packaging granular and
Fig. 5 is a perspective view with some portions
pulverized materials and such bags as made by
broken away and others shown in section of a
the manufacturer are collapsed ñatwise and have
multiple-wall paper bag ñlled with‘ granular ma
the lower end thereof stitched, bonded or other
terial and having its filling end coated and sealed
by my improved apparatus.
wise secured together to form a reinforced tab
and such tab is further reinforced, coated and
The form of my apparatus illustrated includes
. sealed by the manufacturer, usually with a heavy
an elongated upright frame, as shown, compris
coating of wax. Such bags are tubular and are
ing two series of opposed spaced posts 6 which
kdistended and filled with material from conven
may conveniently be constructed from metal pipe
tional dispensing and measuring machines where
having attachment pedestals 6a secured to the
after th'e opposite sides of the filling end or upper
_lower ends thereof for bolt or screw attachment
end of the bag are collapsed together and secured
to a horizontal supporting surface or floor. Op
to form an upper tab by stitching, bonding or
posed pairs of said posts 6 may be secured to
other securing means. It is then necessary and
gether and braced by transverse pipes or other
required by Government regulations to seal and 20 suitable members l.
coat the upper tab so formed with a heavy coat
At the upper portion of th‘e elongated frame
ing of self-hardening material, such as wax or
so constructed a pair of parallel spaced rotary
shafts 3 are suitably journalled and extend
An object is the provision of simple, highly
throughout the length of the frame and have the
efficient apparatus which can be produced at rela 25 right hand ends thereof journalled in suitable
tively low cost and which is fully automatic and
bearings 9 attached to the two respective right
continuous in operation for successively coating
hand end posts 6 of the frame. The left hand
a multiplicity of bags or other containers of the
Aends of the rotary shaft 8 are journalled in simi
type described.
lar bearings it mounted at the upper ends of
More specifically it is an object to provide bag 30 the respective left end posts of the frame. The
coating or waxing apparatus of the type described
axes of the two parallel shafts 8 are aligned in
which employs minimum number of working parts
a plane inclined slightly from the horizontal from
and which utilizes a paii` of cooperating screw
the right hand ends of their left hand extremities.
type conveyor elements in a dual capacity for
Additional bearings l l for the medial portions of
both supporting a filled bag in inverted position 35 the elongated rotary shafts 8 are provided at the
for dipping the flattened filling extremity thereof
upper end of the intermediate posts 6. Shafts 8
in a trough containing melted wax or other coat
are connected for driving in opposite directions
ing ingredients and for also bodily moving the
and constitute a supporting medium for the bags
said bags longitudinally of the machine across
which are to be processed, as well as a conveying
th'e coating-containing trough and therebeyond 40 medium for moving the filled bags through' the
_machine horizontally and longitudinally of the
to coat the tabs formed at the filling ends >and to
facilitate hardening of the coated tabs before the
frame. To obtain such conveying function I
bags are discharged from the apparatus. Y
provide the two shafts 8 with a helically wound
These and other objects and advantages of the
conveying element 8a lthe convolutions thereof
>invention will more fully appear from the fol 45 being rather widely spaced and the windings of
lowing description made in yconnection 'with the
th'e two shafts 8 being opposite to cooperate in
accompanying drawings, wherein like reference
'progressing the bags. The double screw conveyor
.characters refer to the same parts'throughout
may be conveniently formed by securing, by weld
'the views and in which
ing or other suitable means, a helical coil 8a of
Fig. 1 is a plan view of an embodiment of my 50 rod material to the external periphery of the
`apparatus showing a filled bag about to be tilted
shafts 8. The` helical coils 8a are broken or in
into inverted position and so received by the sup
terrupted at the medial portions of the respec
porting and conveying medium of my apparatus
tive shafts 8 to accommodate the central bearings
and showing several >other bags vin progress
through my apparatus;
ì Suitable driving means are provided for the
two rotary sh‘afts and as shown comprise for each
right hand end of the machine and for tilting
such bags during the delivery to inverted position
to properly dispose the same upon the supporting
and conveying shafts 8 with the secured filling
shaft a beveled gear I 2 mounted on the inner end
of a stub shaft I2al which is journalled in a suit
able bearing i3 mounted on one of the left end
posts â adjacent the lower portion thereof and
having its axis disposed in a plane parallel with
the axis of the shaft bearings I0.
Bevel gears I2 are meshed with smaller beveled
gears i4 fixed to a transverse shaft I5 journalled
at its respective ends in suitable self-aligning
bearings I5a and as shown supported on a pair of
pedestals I6. Shaft I5, as shown, as provided
with a large central sprocket I1 which is driven
by a roller chain I8 fromV a relatively ' small
sprocket le which is shown as affixed tc the arma
ture shaft of a motor M. The gear ratios be
end. thereof positioned between the shafts 8 and
depending therebelow into the upper level of the
melted wax or coating liquid within the tank 21.
The delivery mechanism illustrated comprises an
inclined elevator or booster 32 of endless con
veyor type driven at its upper or delivery end by
suitable means such as a chain driving connection
33 which may be trained about a suitable sprocket
driven by chain or other connection 34 from a
sprocket 35 fixed to the right hand end of one of
the rotary shafts 3. The delivered bags are guided
downwardly into vertical position centrally of the
two shafts 8a by opposed downwardly converging
centering plates 36 and 31 respectively.
are of such relation to the windings of the screw
conveyors formed on shafts 8 that bags or other
_articles delivered to the receiving end of the shafts 20
of multi-wall paper bag
¿8 will be progressed steadily and comparatively
tween the driving sprockets and beveled gears
illustrated in Fig. 5 of the drawings comprises,
rapidly. Each of the shafts 8 is directly driven
before being filled, a multiple tubular construc
from its left hand end by a chain 2li which is
tion pleated and folded flatwise along longitudinal
trained about a sprocket 2I on the outer end of
the related stub shaft l2a and about a sprocket 25 edges throughout the several pliesI of the mate
rial. The bottom edges of the bag are secured
22 fixed to the outer end of the appropriate
by the manufacturer by folding a strip
shaft 8.
1li! of heavy reinforcing flexible material and this
A pair of spaced horizontal guide rails 2li hav
strip is lock-stitched at 4I in folded form through
`ing smooth, rectilinear, opposed faces are suit
ably supported by angle irons Gb which extend 30 the upper and free edges thereof or through the
several layers of paper constituting the tubular
inwardly and then upwardly from the upper ends
portion of the bag. In the manufacturing of the
of the two series of posts 6 and are spaced apart
bag, the reinforced and stitched lower edge is
the' appropriate distance and mounted at the
usually sealed and protectively coated by the
proper height for effectively guiding the filled
bags B in their travel through my apparatus.
These guides 2li as shown extend throughout the
manufacturer with wax or other suitable air
hardening coating material.
The bag B is, of course, distended and suitably
held for filling with the upper or filling end -open
guide 2t on the forward side of the machine
and granular or pulverized material is` dispensed
(Figs. 1 and 2) extends parallel with the conveyor
shafts 8c. from the receiving end of the machine 40 therein by a suitable dispensingmachine, not
shown, the bag Ibeing filled to a point somewhat
>to a point within a fewV feet from the driving
below the upper end thereof. The filled bags
transmission M and then has a section 24a angled
then have their upper ends collapsed together in
obliquely with reference to the main section 24
`the manner of the lower ends previously described
>for directing thev bags laterally outwardly of the
greater part of _the length of the machine. The
The opposite or rear side guide 24 45 and a strip of reinforcing paper or material 40
is folded over the free edges of the filled end of
the bag and stitched therethrough in the manner
of the angled deflecting guide section 24a leaving
previously described. The bag so filled, with the
a lateral opening in the rear guarding wall to per
terminates a foot or so short of the connection
mit discharging of the bags automatically and
upper ñlling end secured and reinforced, is ready
laterally of the machine, thelateral discharge
for processing by my improved apparatus.
trough, as shown, being inclined.
bags arel progressed.v or moved longitudinally
The filled bags with the‘ñllin'g en'ds's'ecured
causing the bags to fall or tilt to substantially
and reenforced as previously described are-'dis
horizontal position in leaving the supporting con
posed upon the endless conveyor or booster 32
veying shafts.
` automatically or manually, as the case may be,
Directly below the right hand portion of the
double screw conveyor formed by shafts 8 with 55 with the upper end of the bag disposed forwardly
or upwardly with respect to the conveyor and the
the helical windings 8a'. therein, is mounted an
bag positioned longitudinally of the conveying
elongated narrow horizontal coating trough 21
belt. These bags are successively carried tothe
containing coating material such as melted wax
upper and delivery end of the conveyor 32 and
and as shown supplied with the wax or other
are dropped therefrom on to the right hand end
coating material from a heated supply tank 28
of'Fig. l of the conveyor shafts il guidedand
'mounted at the right hand end ofthe machine
centered by the cooperating converging center
and having a supply connection or conduit 29
ing plates 35 and 3l. The bags in dropping from
provided with ashutoff valve 29a adjacent the
the elevator 32 are tilted and inverted, the nor
tank. In the bottom of the'tank, as shown, I
provide a U-shaped coil or steam pipe 39, the
mally upper ends thereof which have justY been
ends of which extend through the right hand end 65 closed and stitched, being positioned downwardly
of the wax trough and are sealed therewith and
with the wide tab disposed betweenpthe shafts 8
connected to a suitable source and return pipe
and depending therebelow into theV melted wax
of a steam line. Trough 21, as shown, extends
trough 21. The bags are guided by the spaced
from a, point adjacent the right hand end of the 70 screw `conveyor shafts 8' in cooperation With the
machine throughout slightly greater than half the
`guíd'e'railings 24 and shafts l8- being rotated in
length of the shafts 8, the forward end of the
opposite directions for conveying purposes. The
As illustrated, my apparatus provides a. means
the the
wax inwitliîthe
the trough'2‘1.
"for intermittently delivering filled bagsto the 75 dipping
» it will be noted that the wax 1eve1 L of the
trough- V2‘I'i‘s naturally disposed horizontally and
specific details of the steps and variances in the
sequences thereof may be made all Within the
at a'slight acute angle to the slightly upwardly
scope of my method invention.
inclined conveyor shafts 8 whereby the tabs will
What is claimed is:
clear, or substantially clear, the left hand end 5
l. Apparatus for coating and sealing the se
of the trough as the bags pass over that end in
cured and collapsed filling end of a filled paper
movement through my machine. Thereafter fur
bag or the like having in combinationl a combina
ther movement or travel of the bags from the
tion supporting and conveyor medium disposed
forward end of the trough to the delivery end of
substantially horizontally for receiving the
the-screw conveyor shafts ëi` affords adequate 10 closed and secured ñlling end of a filled bag, 'said
time for >the wax or other coating material to
medium having a central longitudinal slot ex
dry and harden before the bags are delivered. As
tending- throughout the greater part of its length
~ the bags move to the delivery end of the machine
for accommodating the «projecting secured exn
the angled guide section 24a causes lateral de
tremity of said bag and having'opposed, cooper
livery of the bags from the rear side of the ma 15 ating elements adapted to only frictionally en
chine and the bags in discharge will fall horir4
Throughout this operation it will be noted that
`the rotary shafts 8 with the conveyor coils 8d
secured thereto serve both the function of con
stituting the support for the inverted upright
filled bags as well as the mechanism for moving
the bags longitudinally through the machine.
The rounded or rod construction of the conveyor
gage the opposite sides of the filled bags, and a
trough mounted directly below said conveyor for
containing coating material at a le'vel to cover
said projecting portion of the closed end of said
20 bag and coat the same during a part of the travel
of said bag on said conveyor, Said conveyor ex
tending for Isome distance beyond said trough
to allow thecoated portion of said bags to dry
coils prevent any cutting or injury to the bags 25 and means at one end of said conveyor for fa
cilitating removal of the processed bags there
The gear ratios of the
transmission mechanism, including the motor
sprocket I9, large sprocket H, bevel gears M with
cured and collapsed filling end of a filled paper
meshed bevel gears I2 and the relation thereof
bag or the like having in combination, a pair of
to the pitch of the conveyor convolutions, are 30 spaced
elongated screw conveying and support
proportionedand related to cause the bags to
disposed in substantially a horizontal
be progressed in close spaced relation as fast as
path, the convolutions ofthe screwelements of
they are delivered by the elevator 32. Thus the
said shafts being spaced much closer than the
machine has a high capacity for work and re
of said iilled bag,> means for driving the
quires no manual labor in so far as the tilting of 35
same, guiding means disposed above said shaft
the bags, disposal of the same in upwardly in
and substantially horizontally disposed for en
verted position on the shafts 8a, progression of
and guiding the vertical sides of bags to
the bags through the machine and coating of the
be processed,l said shafts being positioned for
depending tabs, as well as drying, are concerned.
receiving an inverted filled bag having its filling
From the foregoing description it will be seen
in the conveyor action.
that I have provided a simple, comparatively in
expensive and highly eñicient apparatus, capable
of production at low cost, and which is fully auto
matic and continuous in operation for succes
40 end collapsed and secured to form a downwardly
projecting tab, said shafts being of va diameter
to at least partially support said bags with the
tabs depending downwardly at one side of said
and a trough mounted directly below said
sively coating the secured filling ends, of flexible 45 shafts,
shafts and containing coating material at a level
containers, such as paper bags and the like.
It will further be seen that I have provided a
to cover said projecting tab and coat the same
during a part of the travel of `said bags along
simple, inexpensive and highly emcient method
said conveying shafts.
for successively coating by continuous operation
>3. Apparatus for coating and sealing the se
a multiplicity of iiexible bag ends after the bags 50 cured and collapsed filling end of a filled paper
have been filled and the filling ends secured.
My method will be apparent from the fore
bag or the like having in combination, a pair of
spaced parallel screw conveying shafts disposed
going description relating to operation and struc
in substantially horizontal relationship for suc
ture of my apparatus and consists generally in
cessively receiving at one end of said apparatus
ñrst inverting a filled bag having the filling end 55 a series of inverted filled paper bags or the like
collapsed and secured to form a tab and there~
with the filling ends thereof collapsed and se
after moving the inverted bag through a sub
cured together to form depending tabs accom~
stantially horizontal. course while immersing the
modated in the space between said parallel
lower tab or secured edges of the bag in self
shafts, the screw elements of said conveying
hardening coating, material such as wax, 60 shaft having their convolutions spaced much
throughout at least a portion of the traveling
closer together than the widths 0f said filled bags
movement of the bag. Additional steps of my
rto only engage frictionally, opposite side por
method include preferably the further movement
tions of said bags, means for driving said screw
of the bag throughout the predetermined course
conveyor shafts in opposite directions to progress
after the depending secured edge or tab thereof 65 said bags, and a trough mounted below said
has passed from the coating material to allow
shafts and containing coating material at a level
the coating material to harden. More specili
’ to cover said projecting tabs during a part of
cally my method includes the receiving, support
the travel of said bags along said conveyor shafts.
ing and conveying of the inverted filled and se
4. The structure set forth in claim 3, wherein
cured bags through a combination support and 70 said trough is mounted horizontally and said
conveying medium which also has guiding func
shafts are inclined from the horizontal slightly
tions in assisting and maintaining the bags as
upwardly from their receiving ends` toward their
they are processed in upright position.
delivery ends whereby said tabs after coating with
It will, of course, be understood that various
material will substantially clear the farther end
changes may be made in the apparatus and that 75 of said trough.
for drying the coating material before delivery
said bags through approximately 90° and for di
recting said bags to be successively supported in
inverted, upright position upon said medium and
of said bags and means associated with the outer
means below said medium for coating the pro
5. The structure set forth in claim 3, and said
shafts extending considerably beyond said trough
ends of said shafts for automatically discharg
ing said coated bags laterally of said apparatus.
6. Apparatus for coating and sealing the se
cured, projecting and collapsed ñlling ends of
filled paper bags or the like, having in combina
jecting secured portions of said bags during
travel thereof upon said conveyor elements.
S. Apparatus for coating and sealing the se
cured, projecting and collapsed iilling ends of
iilled paper bags or the like, having in combina
tion a combination supporting and conveying me 10 tion a combination supporting and conveying
medium, comprising a pair of parallel substan
dium, comprising a pair of parellel substantially
tially horizontal conveyor elements adapted to
horizontal conveyer elements adapted to engage
engage opposite sides of the bottom portion of
opposite sides of the bottom portion of inverte-d
inverted bags and spaced apart to provide an
bags and spaced apart to provide an elongated slot
elongated slot for accommodating the projecting
for accommodating the projecting ends of- said
bags, means for driving said medium and a
trough mounted below said parallel> conveyor
elements and extending longitudinally thereof
and containing coating material at a level to
cover said projecting ends during part of the
travel of said bags upon said conveyor elemento.
'7. Apparatus for coating and sealing the se'
ends of said bags, a cross conveyor having its de
livery end disposed at some height above the re
ceiving end of said medium and adapted to de
liver filled bags substantially horizontally and to
tilt said bags into inverted, upright position dur
ing such delivery, and a trough mounted below
said parallel conveyor elements and containing
coating material at a level to cover said project
cured, projecting and collapsed filling ends of
ing ends during a part of the travel of said bags
ñlled paper bags or the like, having in combina
upon said conveyor elements.
tion a combination supporting and conveying
9. The structure set forth in claim 8, and con
medium, comprising a pair of parallel substan
verging, centering and guiding means between
tially horizontal conveyor elements adapted to
the delivery end of said cross conveyor and said
engage opposite sides of the bottom portion of
medium, for assisting in precisely positioning said
inverted bags and spaced apart to provide an
elongated slot for accommodating the projecting 30 ñlled bags upon said medium in proper vertical, in
endeI of said bags, means for successively deliv
verted position.
ering a series of bags to the receiving end of saidsupporting and conveyor medium and for tilting
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