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Aug. 6, y1946.
Fil'ed April 5, 1944
„5,1 A%
l Carolus LE?îSergL'an/
Ü? '7l/f1#
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
UNI-'reo fs'rA'rss Plßfrsu'rv OFFICE
' "(iaro‘lusL; Ekser’giamDetroit, Mich., assigner, by
- I‘mesne assignments, to United States of Amer
’ 42Ciaims.
‘I_v‘his‘` invention relatesv to guns, cannons and ' ` the spider element I0, supports the explosive
the' like, more particularly to those of the recoil
less type wherein a plurality of vanes are dis
posed irf a gas discharge passage for ‘counteract
' ing the tendency toward rotation of the’gun
cident lto rifiing of the gun barrel.
The primary object of vthe present invention
is the provision in a gas discharge chamber of a
recoilless gun or the like of an improved vane
arrangement of simplified construction and
charge 23, the pressure developed from the firing
of the `same projecting the shell or projectile (not
shown) from the gun'barreliì. The charge 23
is of annular formation and is inserted through
the'muzzle end of the gun barrel and slid over
the tubular element I4, the rounded head of the
screw Il facilitating the disposition of the charge
23 on the tubular element Iß.
‘A’ñash charge `(not shown) is carried Vin the
economical manufacture and easy assembly.
With the above and other objects in view
which will >be apparent from the following de
chamber- I9 of «the screw I8 and is electrically
ignited by ignition wires (not shown) extending
through the apertures 20. The ñash or name
resulting from ignition of the ñash charge travels
Referring to the drawing‘,`the recoilless’mech
against the side lfaces thereof. The vanes Aare of
means for mounting the same whichis capable of
scription Ito those yskilled in the art to which the 15 through the passageway 2i and thence through
cross passages .22 to ignite the propelling charge
invention appertains, the present Vinvention -con
sists of certain features of construction and com
In order to counteract and resist the rotative
binations of parts to be hereinafter described
effect of the gun barrel, incident to the riñing of
with reference to the accompanying drawing, and
the gun barrel, >during firing of the projectile, a
then claimed.
vaned member `2li is utilized. The varied member
In the drawing which illustrates a suitable em
24 embodies a conical hub 25 and a plurality of
bodiment of the invention:
vanes 2B extending outwardly therefrom, the
,Figure l is an'end'view ofthe recoilless ,gun
plane of each vane being _at an angle to the axis
mechanism, and
Figure 2 `is a longitudinal section taken ap 25 of the hub 25 whereby the gases exhausting
through the Venturi passaage 8 will impinge
proximately on line 2--2 of Figure 1. “ i
a gradually increasing depth in the rearward di
anism includes an elongated casing ’5 coaxial
and have substantially the same taper as
with andexternally threaded to the rearward
end of a gun barrel 6, the internal wall of the 30 the exhaust side of the Venturi passage 8. The
hub 25 is provided with a central opening 2'I
casing 5 being `contoured to provide a chamber l
through which the rearward side of the tubular
and an axially opening Venturi passaage 8 hav
I4 extends, and the end of this portion
ing a restricted throat 9.
of the tubular element I4 is externally threaded
Arranged within the chamber ‘I is a spider ele
to carry a. nut 28. Upon tightening of the nut
ment I0 having a hub Il and radially outwardly
28 against the hub 25 of the vaned member 25,
extending legs I2. The ends of the legs I2 are
the Vaned member 24 and the spider element lil,
engaged with that portion of the inner wall sur
by reason of the engagement of the shoulder le
face of the casing which tapers inwardly toward
therewith, are moved relatively toward each
the throat 9.
thus bringing the ends of the legs I2 into
The spider element I0 is formed with an axial
abutting engagement with the wall surface of
opening I3 which supports a tubular element Iâ,
the chamber 'l and the outermost tapered end
the tubular element having a shouldered or flange
faces of the vanes 26 into engagement with the
portion I5 which seats in a counterbore or recess
tapered wall of the discharge side of the Venturi
I6 at the forward side of the hub II to prevent
movement of the tubular element I4 rearwardly 45 passage 8. Tightening of the nut 28 thus pro
duces a clamping effect which securely locks the
through the opening I3. The tubular element Ill
spider element I0 and vaned member 24 in posi
is closed at its forward end by a screw I‘I having
tion without the necessity of utilizing supple
a rounded head, and at its rearward end by a
mental securing means, such as for example, bolts
cap screw I8 having a chamber I9 therein and a
pair of small apertures 20 through its head. For 50 and screws.
There is thus provided a novel arrangement
Wardly of the spider element I0, the passageway
whereby by simply removing the nut 28, the varied
2| which extends from end to end `:if the tubular
member 2d, the spider element I0, and the tubu
element I4 is provided with cross passages 22.
lar element I4 can be easily and quickly removed
This forward portion of the tubular element,
that is, the portion which extends forwardly of 65 for replacement by new parts of the same or dif
y 2,405,414
ferent design. Another advantageous feature of
of said vaned member in clamping yengagement
respectively with said stepped portion and taper
the construction resides in the fact that securing
Vmeans for the spider element, such as bolts and
screws are eliminated.
ing wall.
It is to be understood,
however, that such replacement of parts, except
for the vaned member, is accomplished when the
It will5 is
obvious to those
from skilled
in barrel
the art6.Vthat
o_f saidgcasings-deñning,saidachamberfand passage
'fand'.-beingifstepped radiallyfìnwardly ,between said ~
various changes may be made in the detailed
construction and arrangement of the parts des.
chamber and passage to denne an entrance
4throat of reduced diameter for said passage, the
Wall of said passage flaring outwardly toward said
other end, a spider within said chamber having a
scribed without departing from the spirit and sub
stance of the invention, the scope of which is'de-Vv
ñned by the appended claims..
‘ A
3. In a recoilless gun mechanism, a tubular cas
ing lhaving a pressure chamber at one end and a
Y discharge passage at the other end, the inner wall
_.:hubmanldV _outwardly extending legs, the outer ends
vf; of saidlegs axiallyengaging the stepped portion
1. In ais tubular
a portion
if j; lof its l5 of said wall, a vaned member within said dis
inner wall surface stepped radiallyinwardly in- _ I
termediate its ends to define athr'oat `of reduced" " "
charge passage and having spaced vanes periph
`e'rally"engagingthe flaring wail of said passage,
diameter, and the portion thereof between. .said j
throat and one end thereof of gradually increas
(and means coacting with said spider and vaned
ins diameter, a-_supperiins Spider having, a rod
like portion extending coaxially within said por'
tion of gradually iriereasias diameter aad leerer?
J«ions axially _abutting said, stepped .,Periieri,
Yaaed. member .slidably .Suppertee
said Iod
like portion and `having outwardlym ~extendit’î'ig
Yanes, Said Yanes .having radîally-,eutermeei~ e111?
faces thereof engaging said wall portion'of grad
ually' increasing diameteriandmeaaaiil‘eìag.,Said
varied. member and Supporting Snider toward. each
other Vinto tightly gripping >‘.l’rictionral engagement
respectively with the wall portions engaged there
ment respectively With said step”
flaring wall.'
andthe huieef> Said. `Varied member; ,and means
y . e
said wall, a vaned member within said discharge y
passage and having a hub por-tion andafplural
ity of vanes extending'outwardly> therefrom, Apori
tions at least of saidv vanes engaging lsaid flaring
1y extending _1egs,_ saidlegs axially‘engagingfsaid .
on saidwspindle` _element forcing said spider'lelè;
meat >and varied member toward, eaehfóiher' Íwith‘
the legs of said >spindle elementl andmthefvanes
discharge passage Hat theY other end, theinrfierY wall
of said casing defining said chamberfand passage
and being stepped radially 'inwardly-between' said
chamber and passage lto define_a'n entrance throat
of reduced diameter for saidv passagefthewall of
said passage flaring outwardlyr toward vsaid other
end,` a spider ywithin said chambery having aîhub
and outwardly' `extending legs, the outerA ends of
outwardly to define a Venturi passage,l al spider ele;
ment having a hub portion and radially outward-_
die. extending eeaxiallv threushaaîd hiíb.. iìeáiiöe `
said legs axially engaging'thestepped portion of
face gradually decreasing in diameter fromfone
stepped. PartienZ a Vahed member Within .Said Yen#
turi passage having Aa. hub vand aplurality of vvaries
extending outwardly tl'ierefron'i,- _s_aidbvanes taper;
in_g , substantially Athe same as and le?gagedfwith
thertapering wall of’said Venturi passage, a-is‘pínf
` "
4. In 'a recoilless gun mechanism
adjacent portion of its length stepped radially
ing having'a pressure chamber ali-,jv
_Y 2,. 1n a tubular casing having itsî'inner wall Vsur
end for a portion of its length and uthen »forfan
member to force the legs of said spider and the
vanes of said vaned member into wedging engage
wall, a charge supporting spindle extending'còaxL
ially through said hub and'said hub portion and
projecting beyond said hub portion and having a
shoulder portion engaging , said ,spider 'at the side
opposite saidl throat, anda nut't'hreaded Yon the
projecting end of said spindle in engagement with
said hub portion to, in cooperation> with said
shoulder Portion, fòrce`_ 'saidfvaned’ member Íand
spindle axiallytoward each other ,and Athereby
clamp said `vanes` and ‘ legs against the " wall 'por~
engagedV thereby.
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