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Aug. 6,1948.
I ‘
Filed July 24, 1944
F70. 3
F/ c, f
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
_ ‘ Adele Kieman, Racine, Wis.
Application July 24, 1944, Serial No. 546,265
(Cl. 132—-33)
' 3 Claims.
The present invention relates to a device which
facilitates making pin curls which heretofore has
been largely done by twirling the hair around
the ?nger and without twisting the hair as it is
being twirled.
The present invention comprises two major
ures and being held from longitudinal movement
by means of screw H which extends freely
through the outer end 12 of member Ill and is
screw-threaded into the end I3 of member A.
I provide a strip. 15 which has spring charac
teristics and is attached at its upper end to mem
ber II] as at It, the lower end being adapted
to yieldingly lie on member A for a purpose which
parts, one being rotatably mounted on the other,
the inner part protruding at one end and the
will hereinafter appear.
outer part having an extention plate which lies
On the lower end of member I5, I provide
on the inner part at its lower end with spaced
spaced prongs I‘! which extend outwardly as
prongs which are turned upwardly and outward
shown in the ?gures. These prongs are pro
ly and also having a lever which is pivotally
vided for a purpose which will hereinafter ap
mounted intermediate its ends to the outer
member, one end being adapted to be manually
I provide a lever l8 which is pivotally mounted
operated, the other or lower end being adapted 15
on member l5 by means of spaced apart ears
to lie between the prongs andagainst the plate
l9-—l9 as at 20. Member i8 is shaped as shown
having a portion which lies over the ends of the
in Figs. 1 and 2, having a spring 21 which holds
it normally in the position shown in Fig. l. Mem
Other objects of the present invention is to
provide a device which is simple, easily under ~20 ber l8 comprises an outwardly extending mem
ber 22 and a downwardly extending member 23,
stood and easily operated, and can be manu
which is adapted to normally lie on the ends of
factured at low cost.
members I1. I provide a Z shaped member 24,
To these and other useful ends, my invention
the upper end being secured to member 23 and
consists of parts, combinations of parts or their
the forward end 25 being shaped about as shown
equivalents and mode of operation as hereinafter
panying drawing in which:
so it normally lies on member l5 when member
23 is in contact with the ends of members H.
and a fraction of a tuft of hair in position for
hand a tuft of hair is formed and laid on the
described and claimed and shown in the accom
To operate my device, member 22 is pressed to
Fig. 1 is a side view of my curling device.
the position shown in Fig. 2 and held in this posi
Fig. 2 is a partially sectioned View of the de
vice as shown in Fig. 1 with the holding lever lifted 30 tion by the ?ngers of one hand, with the other
Fig. 3 is a view of the device as shown in Figs.
1 and 2, with the lever released, its lower end
lying on a fraction of a tuft of hair before be
ing curled.
Fig. 4 illustrates a fraction of my device after
the hair has been curled.
lower end of member [5 and under prongs I’!
as illustrated in Fig. 2 with member A being held
on the scalp adjacent the tuft of hair. Then
member I8 is released 50 member 25 rests on the
tuft of hair (see Fig. 3) , then member B is turned,
the tuft of hair being held together by the other
hand until it all is wound around member A as
illustrated in Fig. 4, at which time it may par
40 tially or all be under member I5 and snugly
making cork screw curls.
wound on member A. Thus member IE will act
As thus illustrated the inner member of my
to hold the curl into its formed position as shown
device is designated by reference character A.
Fig. 5 illustrates a modi?cation adapted for
in Fig. 4. The curl may then be pressed against
the scalp and the device removed, after which
45 bobby pins may be used to hold the curl into its
' acter B.
shape and position. It will be seen that the curls
Member A may be of different diameters, in
may be made quickly and without twisting the
practice two sizes are furnished‘ to the trade, one,
hair unless desired, that the operation of making
a 1A; inch outside diameter and the other, 3/8 inch
the curls is simple and quickly performed,
outside diameter, the latter being used largely for
In Fig. 5, I illustrate my device wherein mem
short hair.
ber l0 may move longitudinally on member A,
Members A and B are preferably made from
screw ll having been removed so that the oper
aluminum tubes, member B being rotatably
ator can gradually raise member B as it is turned,
mounted on member A, its tube member being
thus to form a cork screw shaped curl.
designated by numeral [0 and having a length
relative to member A about as shown in the ?g 55 Thus it will be seenthat I have provided a
The outer member and its component parts, in
its entirety, is designated by reference char
device which is easily operated, light, neat, and
its support, whereby its lower end will yieldingly
can be manufactured at low cost and aldevice
lie on the lower end of said strip and between
said prongs whereby the lower end of said lever
which will permit the operator to inject into her
work a personality suitable for the party operated
on, even more successfully than twirling with the
Having thus illustrated and described my in
vention, I claim:
1. A device of the character described, com
may be lifted clear of the prongs and a tuft of
hair then laid on the strip and adjacent the
prongs, and the lower end of the lever then
released to thereby yieldingly hold the tuft of
hair on the strip while the other member is turned
so the tuft of hair will be snugly wound around
prising an elongated circular in cross section 10 the
circular member and whereby the ‘curl formed
member and another member rotatably mounted
may be held in position by the ?ngers and the
thereon with the elongated circular memberlat
vdevice removed.
1 its lower end protruding, a strip rigidly secured
2. A device as recited in claim 1 including;
at its upper end to the other member, its lower end
means on said circular and other member adapted
being adapted to lie contiguous to the‘ circular 15 toprevent longitudinal movement therebetween.
member a short distance from the lower end
thereof and having at its lower end spaced apart
outwardly extending prongs, a lever member
3. A device as recited in claim 1 including; said
other member being free to move longitudinally
on the circular member whereby as the other
member is turned it may be gradually lifted up
hingedly mounted intermediate its ends on said
strip, the upper end normally extending out 20 wardly to thereby form a cork screw curl.
wardly, a spring associated with said lever and
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