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All@ 6» 1946-
Filed May 1o, 1945
2 sheets-sheet 1
Aug. 6, 1946.
Filed M_¿y 1o, 1945
2 sheets-sheet 2
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
John O. Savage, Trenton, N. J.
Application May 10, 1945, Serial No. 592,997
4 Claims. (Cl. 47-21)
This invention relates to portable housings de
signed for use in protecting fruit-bearing trees
to prevent damage to the fruit on the trees, due
to frost or cold.
The primary object of the invention is to pro
vide a protector of this character comprising a
pair of frame sections adapted to be positioned
at opposite sides of a tree, and moved to posi
tions to completely house the tree.
Another object of the invention is to provide
a fabric covering which may be readily moved to
ated to release the latch member from its open
ing, to allow the frame structures to swing down
wardly away from the tree housed thereby.
The stays 8 are substantially long and connect
with the pivoted arms I4' that are removably
connected to the supporting bars l5, by means of
the bolts I6 that are shown as extended through
the arms i4 and ears rising from the supporting
bars. Spikes indicated at I 'l extend from the
10 supporting bars i5 and may be embedded in the
ground surface to properly support the housing.
a position to cover the frame, to retain heat With
in the housing, should it be desired to use
Each section of the frame is provided with a'
canvas or fabric cover indicated by the reference
smudge-pots or other heat-producing medium,
with the housings.
With the foregoing and other objects in View
character i8, the covers being so arranged that
they may slide. downwardly over the frames to a
folded position adjacent to the lower rods 6.
which will appear as the description proceeds,
Tabs indicated at I9 are connected with the fa'b
the invention consists of certain novel details of
ric cover of each section, and these tabs aiîord
construction and combinations of parts herein
means whereby the cables 2B are connected to
after more fully described and pointed out in 20 the canvas coverings. The cables 20 extend over
the claims, it being understood that changes may
the outer surface of the sections and when pulled,
be made in the construction and arrangement of
will act to draw the coverings to their extended
parts without departing from the spirit of the
positions over the frame sections, as illustrated
invention as claimed.
by Figure 1 of the drawings. As clearly shown by
Referring to the drawings,
25 the drawings, they canvas coverings are formed
Figure 1 is an elevational view of a protector
with eyes that lit over the hooks 2| so that these
constructed in accordance with the invention,
and illustrating the protector in its upright posi
tion, portions of the fabric cover having been
broken away.
Figure 2 is a plan view thereof.
Figure 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3_3
of Figure 2.
Referring to the drawings, in detail, the hous
ing embodies a frame comprising separable sec-.
tions 5 of identical construction. Each of these,
sections embodies a frame comprising semi-cir
cular lower rods 6 and intermediate semi-circu
lar rods 1. These rods 6 and 1 have their ends
coverings may be readily removed from the
frame, when desired.
Cables 22 are connected with the stays 8 of
each section, at points adjacent to the upper
ends thereof, so that when the sections of the
housing have been properly positional at the base
of the tree to be covered thereby, the cables may
be pulled to swing the sections of the housing to
gether completely enclosing the tree to protect
it against the frost and cold.
From the foregoing it will be seen that in the
construction shown and described, I have pro
vided protectors in the form of portable housingsY
connected to the stays 8. The rods 6 and 1 are 40 which may be readily and easily removed or re
placed or may be positioned for permanent use
8 and 9 are held in proper spaced relation with
during the growing season.
respect to each other. The upper ends of the
What is claimed is:
stays 8 and 9 are connected with the semi-circu
1. A tree protector comprising a pair of frame
also connected with the stays 9 whereby the stays
lar plates ID which have their straight edges so
arranged that when the sections are brought to
gether to positions as shown in Figure 1 of the
drawings, the straight edges of the plate will con
tact, providing a disk-like upper plate. One of
the plates l0 is formed with an opening to receive
the latch member Il, which is pivotally connect
sections, means for pivotally supporting the
frame sections at the opposite sides of a, tree,
said frame sections adapted to swing upwardly
to positions housing a tree, means for securing
the sections together at the top of the protector,
and flexible covers en the frame sectionsadapted
to be extended over the frame sections.
2. A tree protector comprising a pair of frame
sections, each section comprising a' lower hori
zonal rod and an intermediate horizontal rod,
ed to the opposite plate, the latch member be
ing urged into the opening, by means of the
spring I2. A cable indicated at I3 has connec
tion with the latchmember Il and may be oper 55 curved stays connected with the horizontal rods,
stays arranged between the end stays, curved
plates to which the upper ends of the stays are
rods connecting the stays, plates to which the
connected, a latch member adapted to secure the
upper ends of the stays are connected, one of said
sections together at the top of the protector, and
plates having,r an opening, a latch member piv
ñexible coverings for the sections adapted to
ota'lly connected with the opposite plate and
completely cover the sections.
adapted to extend into the opening of the adja
3. A tree protector comprising a pair of frame
centr plate, securing the upper ends of the sec
sections, each section embodying end stays, arms
tions together, means for pivotally supporting
to which the end stays are connected, supporting
said sections at opposite sides oí a tree, cables
bars, means for pivotally connecting the end
stays to the supporting bars, whereby said sections 10 connected to the sections and by means of which
said sections are swung upwardly housing a tree,
may be swung upwardly from opposite sides of a
and a iiexible covering mounted on each of the
tree, enclosing the tree, and canvas coverings
frame sections and adapted to move over the
adapted to be drawn upwardly over the frame
frame sections covering the frame sections.
4. A tree protector comprising a pair of frame 15
sections, each section embodying end stays,
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