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Aug. 6, 1946.
Filed April 14, 1944
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Patented Aug. 6, 1946
Carlyle B. Stair, Downers Grove, Ill.
Application April 14, 1944, Serial No. 531,101
2 Claims. (Cl. 76—114)
The present invention relates to Wrenches and
more particularly to a wrench socket which is
light in weight and inexpensive to manufacture.
eter of the pipe or tubing l2. For a hexagonal
wrench socket six cuts are made displaced at
In aircraft, particularly combat aircraft, it
on landing strips or air ?elds which are not nec
ure 3. These cuts therefore form a plurality of
notches l6 about the periphery of the pipe sec
tion l2 on one end of the section. After six
notches l6 have been formed, a pair of ears l8
essarily equipped with all types of tools for the
arranged diametrically opposite each other are
frequently is necessary to remove the landing
wheels from the craft. Since landings are made
angles of sixty degrees as is apparent from Fig
secured to the pipe section l2 by welding, brazing
various types of aircraft, it is necessary to carry
in the aircraft certain tools to facilitate servicing 10 or other satisfactory manner. The ears I8 pref
erably are provided with apertures 20 for receiv
of the craft. One of the tools thus required is
ing a pipe or rod 22 which serves as a handle for
a socket wrench for the nuts which retain landing
the wrench socket. Figure 5 shows a wrench
wheels on their spindles. One of the chief ob
socket and handle 22 comprising a socket wrench
jections heretofore has been that such wrenches
are so heavy that considerable weight is added to 15 assembly about to be positioned in engagement
with a nut 24 of the type used to retain a wheel
an airplane which otherwise might be used for
on a spindle, as is the case in aircraft.
other purposes.
From the foregoing description it will be ap
In accordance with the present invention cer
preciated that there has been provided in a rel
tain of the above mentioned disadvantages are
overcome by providing a relatively light weight 20 atively simple and easy manner a light weight
socket wrench particularly suited for the pur
socket wrench which is strong and yet occupies
pose mentioned in connection with aircraft.
little space. Such wrench, therefore, permits an
While the ears l8 have been shown in Figure 4
airplane to use the saving in weight for carrying
as being attached to the exterior of the pipe sec
a greater load.
It therefore is an object of the present inven 25 tion I2, they might be secured at the end or on
the inside dependent upon other factors which
tion to provide an improved light weight and rel
atively strong wrench socket.
determine the preferable position. Obviously of
course in place of the circular openings 23 in the
ears l8, other types of openings or notches might
provide an‘improved method of manufacturing
light weight wrench sockets or socket wrenches. 30 be utilized.
While for the purpose of describing and ex
Other and further objects of the present inven
plaining the present invention a certain speci?c
tion subsequently will become apparent by ref
embodiment has been shown, it is to be under
erence to the following description taken in con
stood that certain variations thereof may be made
nection with the accompanying drawing wherein
Figure 1 shows one step in the manufacture of 35 in accordance with the teachings of the present
invention as are apparent from the spirit and
a wrench socket in accordance with the present
scope of the invention de?ned by the appended
Figures '2 and 3 are side and top views respec
The present invention is hereby claimed as
tively illustrating another step in the manufac
ture of a socket wrench;
40 follows:
1. The method of manufacturing a wrench
Figure 4 is a perspective view showing a com
socket which comprises cutting pipe into short
plete wrench socket made in accordance with the
lengths, and producing a plurality of cuts suc~
present invention; and
cessively across one end of one of said lengths of
Figure 5 is a perspective view showing a socket
wrench about to be placed upon a nut such as is 45 pipe, said cuts each being in a different plane sub
stantially tangent to the inside face of said pipe,
used on aircraft for retaining landing wheels on
It is another object of the present invention to
their spindles.
said planes being angularly displaced from each
In the manufacture of socket wrenches in ac
cordance with the present invention a piece of
pipe or tube I0 is cut in short lengths such as l2
other to form a regular polygon.
2. The method of manufacturing a wrench
shown in Figure 1. A short length of tubing I2
is then placed upon the bed of a milling machine
lengths, and milling one end of one of said lengths
of tubing successively in a plurality of planes
angularly displaced from .each other so as to
form an equiangular polygon, each plane being
which has a narrow cutter l4 positioned so as to
make a cut across the top of the tubing or pipe
socket comprising cutting tubing into short
section l2. This cut of the milling cutter I4 55 substantially tangential to the inside circumfer
ence of said tubing.
is made so that the outer edge of the cut is in a
plane substantially tangential to the inner diam
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