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Aug. 6, 1946.
J. P. COREE-r1'
` 2,405,492
Filed oct. 2o, 1944
/9 3)
Jay/V ,Q 5625577
l BY
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
John P. Corbett, Van Nuys, Calif.
Application October 20, 1944, Serial No. 559,605
2 Claims.
This invention relates to amusement devices
and games, and more particularly to an improve
ment in bases of the type used in the game of
An object of my invention is to provide a base
suitable for use as a station marker in baseball
and other games and so constructed as to offer
advantages of superiority in respect of economy,
appearance and safety as compared with more
conventional bases of the same general type.
A more detailed object of the present invention
is to Áprovide a baseball base which, instead of
being in the form of a cushion stuffed with pad
(Cl. 273-25)
portion of the ground upon which it rests to
show the manner of its being secured in operative
Figure 3 is a horizontal sectional view, the
plane of section being indicated by the line 3-3
of Figure 2, and the direction of view by the ar
The-bases now conventionally used as station
markers in the game of baseball are construct
ed according to quite exacting specifications in
respect of shape, size, and weight, and even more
particularly in respect of the exact location of
the base with relation to the base lines of the
ding material and having a fabric cover, com
baseball diamond. However, in order to minimize
prises a body portion of rigid material, preferably 15 danger of injury to players, it _has been cus
metal, and covered with a layer of cushioning
tomary to make the bases in the form of cush
material, preferably permanently attached to the
ions, i.
an envelope filled with suitable stuff
rigid foundation portion and over which a cover
ing or »padding material, with the result that it
of suitable fabric is stretched and removably
has been quite diñicult and deiinitely expensive
anchored so as to permit expeditious and eco
nomical replacement of the cover when damaged
to such an extent as to make its repair imprac
20 to construct the bases in such a manner that
they would hold their shape within reasonable
limits and thus make it possible to comply with
the rules of professional baseball. Moreover, the
rules of professional baseball require that the
Another object is to provide means for anchor
ing the base with great accuracy in the position 25 bases be covered with a light-colored material
with respect to the base lines of a baseball dia
such as white canvas or duck, and that it be kept
mond required by the rules, and with such se»
in a clean condition to enhance the visibility of
curity as to eliminate all danger of its becoming
the bases. However, owing to the hard usage to
dislodged from that position during the course
which .the bases are subjected by being stepped
of a game.
30 upon frequently by both the base runners and
A still further object is to provide anchoring
the iielders, not only is it quite diñicult to keep
means for a baseball base as described which are
the bases clean, but their covers are frequently
releasable so that the base can be removed be
torn by the players’ spiked or cleated shoes. In
tween games and stored in a safe place and there
deed, it is quite the usual thing for the outer
by facilitate servicing of the grounds.
The invention possesses other objects and val
uable features, some of which, with those enu
merated, will be set forth in the following de
scription of the preferred embodiment of my in
35 cover of a base to become so soiled, torn, or other
wise damaged as to unñt the base for further
use and to require replacement while the more
expensive portion of the base, i. e., the body or
cushion portion, is still in quite satisfactory con
vention illustrated inthe drawing accompanying 40 dition.
and forming a part of the specification. It is to
In terms of bread inclusion, the present in
be understood that I do not limit myself to the
vention contemplates the provision of a base for
showing made by said drawing and description
use in baseball and/or similar games, the outer
but that I may adopt variations of the preferred
cover of which is removable, thereby permitting
form within the scope of my invention as defined 45 facile laundering or repair of the `cover and
by the claims.
economical replacement of the cover when the
Referring to the drawing:
necessity arises, and Ithus avoiding the expense
Figure 1 is a perspective View showing a base
of discarding the body of the base only because
ball base incorporating the principles of the pres
its cover has become damaged or soiled. In or
ent invention installed in proper operative posi 50 der to increase the ability of the base to hold-its
tion with respect to the base lines of a baseball,
shape and size within exact limits as compared
diamond as required by contemporary profes
with more conventionally constructed bases, the
sional rules.
base of the present invention is formed upon a
Figure 2 is a ver-tical sectional view taken
suitable body portion of rigid material, such as
through the base of Figure 1 and the adjacent 55 metal, while an adequate degree of resilience is
tion with a layer of cushioning material, all of
which is enclosed within the removable cover.
Means are .provided for anchoring the base ex
actly in predetermined position upon the play
ing ground so as -to prevent its becoming dis
lodged as by being kicked out of position, and
the anchoring means are readily releasable so as
to permit the bases to be collected at the end of
cushioning material is enclosed Within a cover
the game and stored in a suitable safe place and
3| of suitable fabric, preferably duck or canvas.
This cover 3l is fashioned to provide a top por
tion 32 and side Walls 33 depending therefrom,
the side walls 33 being attached to each other
thereby facilitate proper servicing of the grounds.
Specifically describing the base of my present
invention in its preferred embodiment, the figures
illustrate the base as comprising a body portion '
at their ends so as to provide an enclosed en
6 in the form of a hollow, inverted shell 1 com
posed of suitable rigid material such as alumi
num. In order to impart sufiicient rigidity to the
shell 1, it is preferred that instead of being made
of sheet material, the metal of which the shell
1 is composed be cast, this method of manufac 20
ture being particularly desirable in the present
instance because it facilitates its being formed
with a post 8 integral therewith and extending
vertically downwards from preferably the central
portion of the under side of the shell 1. This
post 8 is of noncircular cross-sectional configu
ration, preferably square, and is adapted to be
comprises a hollow column l2 of suitable length,
the boreof which is adapted to receive the post
8 therein, the fit between the two preferably be
velope for the body portion and cushioning mate
rial of the base, devoid of exposed edges in which
a player’s spikes or cleats otherwise might become
entangled. Each of the side portions 33 of the
cover 3l is considerably wider than the side walls
21 which they are intended to cover, thus leav
ing a portion 3G of excess width adapted to
extend around the lower edge of the associated
side walls and upwards within the hollow in
terior of the shell 1 beyond the groove 28. A
snap ring 36 of suitable resilient material presses
these portions 3l of the cover into the groove
28, thus ñrrnly and yet releasably anchoring the
removably received within a socket El firmly and
preferably permanently embedded Within the
ground H, the surface of which constitutes the
playing ñeld upon which the baseball diamond is
delineated. In its preferable form the socket 9
26 and upon the outer surfaces of the side walls
21 is a layer 29 of resilient cushioning material,
preferably sponge rubber of sufficient thickness
and having a suiiîciently soft texture to insure
that the final, completed base will be amply
soft and resilient to oifer the necessary degree
of protection to players, even though the body
portion 6 of the base is of rigid construction.
rl‘he entire outer surface of the layer 29 and
imparted to the base by covering the body por
cover 3! in position upon the base.
In order to cause the base to have an exterior
appearance closely resembling that of bases more
conventionally constructed, I prefer that the top
portion 32 of the cover be quilted as by lines of
stitching 31.
I claim:
l. In a baseball base, a substantially rigid shell
comprising a top and side walls extending down
wards from the edges thereof,‘releasable means
the base line i3 of the diamond and yet permit
for anchoring said shell accurately in predeter
facile removal of the base by pulling the post 8
upward out ofthe upper end of the column I2. 40 mined position, a layer of cushioning material
superimposed on said shell, a fabric cover dis
The lower end of the column l2 preferably is
posed upon said layer of cushioning material
secured to a suitable foundation lß which may
and extending downward around the lower edges
be in the form of one or more horizontal beams
of said side Walls, and releasable means contained
i5 buried at sufficient depth below the surface
within the hollow interior of said shell for fasten
of the ground H to impart extreme rigidity to
ing said cover upon said shell.
the entire socket structure. A flange l1 extend
2. A baseball base comprising a rigid hollow
ing horizontally outwards from the upper end of
portion, a layer of cushioning material on
the column i2 facilitates the mounting of a
ing suiiiciently nice to assure retention of the
base in predetermined position with respect to
said body portion, a cover fitted over said body
hinge i8 whereby a cover I9 for the upper end
of the column I2 can be pivotally secured in such 50 portion and said cushioning material, the edges
of said cover extending downward past the sides
position that when the base is in operating posi
of said body portion, around their lower edges
tion as illustrated in. Figure 2, the cover i9 may
and upward into the interior of said body por
be swung upward and yet be completely con
tion, releasable means securing said edges of said
cealed within the hollow interior of the shell 1.
After removal of the base, however, the cover i9 55 cover to the interior of saidbody portion, and
means for anchoring said base in operative posi
canV be swung downward to provide an effective
tion comprising a socket of noncircular cross sec
closure for the otherwise open upper end of the
tion embedded in predetermined position in the
column l2' to exclude dirt, water, and the like.
ground, means associated with said socket for
The shell 1 comprises a top portion 2S substan
tially square in plan and slightly domed, as clear 60 rigidly reinforcing said socket against displace
ment from its predetermined position whereby
ly Ashown in Figure 2, so that the final assembled
the substantial exactitude of the location of said
base has'a definite cushion shape, as clearly
base is preserved, and a post complementary in
shown in Figure 1. Side walls 21 extend down
cross section to said socket rigid with said body
wards from each edge of the top 26: and pref
erably each side wall 21 is provided with a groove 65 portion extending downward from the under side
thereof and removably receivable within said
28 in its inner surface spaced upwards slightly
from the lower edge of the wall.
vsuperimposed upon the upper surface of the top
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