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Aug‘ 6, 1946-
Filed July 21, 1944
?fwirzeiie ZaJV/a z‘éza Green-e6
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
Mumzelle Lamarza Green-ee, San Antonio, Tex.
Application July 21, 1944, Serial No. 545,993
2 Claims. (Cl. 131-474)
This invention relates to a cigarette light con
cealer, and it has for its object to provide a
simple and inexpensive article the use of which
ment of the door, but provides a part adapted
to be engaged by a thumb or ?nger nail so that
the door may be swung to move across, contact
will permit smoking by the general public in
and shear off the ash and discharge it from the
black-outs or by soldiers in the trenches, or fox 5 compartment ‘8. As the cigarette burns shorter,
it is thrust further into sleeve 5 until limited
holes, at night, or by watchmen, officers of the
by the tapering portion 9.
law and the like who do not wish their presence
It is to be understood that the invention in
to be revealed.
cludes within its purview whatever changes fairly
In the accompanying drawing:
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a cigarette light
concealer constructed in accordance with the
come within either the terms or the spirit of
invention, and
herent in this article are that it may be laid
on a table with the door or ash expeller in open
the appended claims. Among the advantages in
Fig. 2 is a central horizontal sectional view
position. This ash expeller will then hold the
heated shell from coming in contact with the
The device consists of a tubular body com
prising the sleeve ‘5 adapted to receive and ?t
snugly and frictionally upon the end portion of
the cigarette or Cigar 6 to be smoked. The en
trance end of the sleeve is preferably ?ared at
l to guide the cigarette into the sleeve. The 20
tubular body also comprises the glow concealing .
?nish of the table or other article of furniture
upon which the device is placed. At such time
the door would be at the underside of the article
and be swimg upon its pivotal mounting to lie
at right angles to the axis of the article. At
this time lip 12 would contact the table or other
support. This article conceals the lighted end
and ash receiving compartment 8, preferably
of the cigarette without interfering with the nor
united with the sleeve 5 by an inwardly directed,
mal draught of the cigarette or depriving the
tapering constricting part 9 which limits the
entry of the cigarette or cigar into the tubular 25 smoker from any of the pleasures of the smoker.
It prevents the ashes from falling or blowing
body. The accumulated ash is collected in com
away. The article allows smoking in wind or
partment 0 and may be discharged therefrom
draught with only the normal burning of the
through the tilting door 10 that is trunnioned in
the ears H of compartment 8. A movement
limiting lip and thumb piece I2 is provided upon
Having described my invention, I claim:
1. An article for concealing the glow of a
said door. A row of openings l3 provide for the
cigarette consisting of a tubular member com
entry of air into compartment 8, these openings
prising a tubular part adapted to ?t frictionally
being so far in advance of the end of the
upon the end of a cigarette and another part
cigarette or cigar that the glow therefrom can
constituting an ash receiving chamber provided
not be seen from outside the light concealer. The
with openings in its side walls adjacent its for
forward end of compartment 8 is closed by an
imperforate wall 8*‘ to seal said compartment
ward end for the entry of air, and having a
except for the presence of the openings I3.
closed forward end wall, said tubular part and
said ash receiving chamber being united by a
I preferably make the article of some material
that is non-re?ective of light. However, I wish 40 constricted part which limits the entrance of a
it to be understood that I retain a wide range
of choice as to the particular material em
cigarette thereinto, said constricted part being
tapered t0 constrict the end of the cigarette.
ployed. It may be made of metal, ?re-resistant
plastics, or any other suitable material.
The article may be of many ornamental shapes
while still retaining the basic idea of providing
an inexpensive device which will conceal the
glowing end of a cigar or cigarette, will provide
for the entry of air thereto and will collect the
ash until a convenient time for its disposal
2. A structure'as in claim 1 wherein the ash
receiving chamber is provided in its side wall
with a door opening and a door, said door being
pivoted intermediate its ends upon an axis trans
verse to the length of said ash receiving cham
ber, that portion of the door upon one side of
the pivot being of such length that when swung
upwardly into the ash receiving chamber upon
movement of the door upon its pivot, it may act
The article will be made larger for cigars than
for cigarettes.
The lip I2 not only limits the closing move
to dislodge ashes from the end of the cigarette.
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