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Aug, 6.?
Filed March 22, 1944
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
" ‘
STATES ' e'I‘.’-;*¥I;'.ENTv ‘OFFICE
Edwin Moen, New London, Conn.
Application March 272, 1944, Serial No. 527,555
1 Claim. (01. 282-25)
My invention relates to improvements in let
ter envelopes and, more speci?cally, to a new
Fig. 4 is a sectional view on the line 4-4 of
Fig. 3.
Similar numerals refer to similar parts
throughout the several views.
Referring ?rst to Figs. 1 and 2, the numeral I
a letter received makes mistakes in copying the
denotes the front sheet of an envelope upon
address from the received letter, which results
which the address of the addressee is to be writ
in delays or even in the failure of the letter reach
ten. The lines 2, usually in the upper left corner
ing the addressee. Particularly if the address is
portion of sheet I, designate the space on which
complicated, for instance if long serial numbers
are necessary as in the case of letters to men in 10 the sender’s address is to be inserted. This space
is surrounded by a perforation 3, and its rear
the armed forces (and women also)—it is highly
side is provided ‘with a coating 4 (Fig. 2) of a
desirable to facilitate the addressing as much as
glutinous mass, gum arabic or the like. Thus
the portion bearing the sender’s address can be
Therefore, the main object of the present in
easily detached by the receiver of the letter and
vention is the provision of an envelope from
can be pasted upon the envelope of the letter
which a gummed part bearing the sender’s ad
sent in reply. If the perforation should be ob
dress can easily be detached and pasted upon an
jectionable, for instance for registered mail or
envelope, so that the addressing can be done
overseas letters, the perforation 3 can be substi
without any Writing. This arrangement has the
additional advantage of inducing the sender of 20 tuted by full or dotted lines (not shown) indicat-v
ing the dimensions of the gummed portion, so
a letter to write his own address clearly in a
that this portion can easily be detached from
designated space, which facilitates the return of
sheet I by means of scissors or the like. In order
the letter in case the addressee cannot be reached.
to prevent the gummed portion from sticking to
Another object of the present invention is the
provision of an envelope of the character de 25 the flap 5 or to a letter inserted (not shown), I
prefer to attach a thin sheet 6 to the rear side of
scribed, the gummed part of which is protected
sheet I by gluing or the like, for instance at ‘I
against sticking to the letter itself or to a portion
(Fig. 2) or at any one of the edges of the gummed
of the envelope.
portion, so that sheet 6 can be detached when
Still another object of the present invention is
the provision of an envelope of the character de 30 . the 'sender’s address is being pasted upon a re
ply envelope.
scribed which—in spite of the advantages of the
and improved self addressing envelope.
It happens frequently that a person replying to
self-addressing arrangement-can be manufac
tured at practically the same cost as ordinary
In order to enable the person detaching the
sender’s address from an envelope, to keep the
complete envelope with the sender’s address, I
A further object of the present invention is the 35 prefer also to carry out my invention according
to the modi?cation shown in Figs. 3 and 4.
provision of an envelope of the character de
There it will be seen, that the space designated
scribed which allows the person who detaches the
by the lines 2 is not surrounded by a perforation
gummed part bearing the sender's address from
or otherwise adapted to :be detached from sheet
the envelope, to keep a complete copy of the de
tached sender-address without re-writing the 40 I, but is coated on its rear side with a prepara
tion Ill of lampblack, or of some color used in
making copies. A sticker I I is detachably se
Further objects of the instant invention re
cured to the envelope below the preparation II)
side in any novel feature of construction or op
eration or novel combination of parts present in 45 by means of a perforation I2 or the like, and a
thin detachable‘ sheet I4, adapted to cover'the
the embodiment of the invention described and
gummed rear side I5 of sticker II (Fig. 4) is also
shown in the accompanying drawing Within the
detachably secured to the envelope. In this case,
scope of the appended claim.
the sender of the letter copies his address, by
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a front elevation of a preferred em 50 writing it on the lines 2, upon the sticker I I; and
the receiver can address his reply letter simply
bodiment of the invention;
by detaching sticker II from the received en
Fig. 2 is a sectional view on the line 2-2 of
Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a front elevation of a modi?cation of
the invention partially broken away; and
velope and by pasting it upon the reply envelope.
Further modi?cations will be apparent to those
55 skilled in the art and it is desired, therefore, that
my invention be limited only by the prior art and
space; a gummed sticker covering said carbon
coating and having its upper portion, which is
detachabiy secured to its main portion by means
the scope of the appended claim.
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim and desire to secure by Letters Patents in
of a row of perforations, attached to the inner
the United States is:
5 side of said envelope front sheet; and a thin
k A self-addressing envelope comprising a letter
sheet adapted to cover the gummed side of said
envelope whose upper front sheet portion is pro
sticker being with its upper portion attached to
vided with a designated space for incribing the
a portion of said envelope ?ap which is adjacent
sender's address thereon and whose ?ap is ad
the crease formed by said ?ap?andsaid front
jacent said upper‘ front-sheet portion; a carbon 10 sheet, all substantially as describedg ;, 'i 1
coating being provided on the ‘rear of said upper
front sheet portion opposite said designated’
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