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Aug. 6, '1946.
w. a. NEILD
Filed March 8, 1944
, WillidlnG.A€ild_
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
William .G..Neild,,Warren P.0int, N. J ., assignorto
Bendix . Aviation. Corporation, Teterborn, N.v .I.,..
acorporation of Delaware
Appli‘cati'onMarch 8, 1944; Serial N 0; 525,585
4 Claims.
(Cl. 201?—51.)
Thisinvention relates to‘ carbon pile electric
regulators‘ and is concerned primarily with the
means provided for varying the‘ pressure on the
this.- idea out, in a: practical embodiment, the in»
vention» contemplates the‘ use, of a. plurality’ of
such springs which maybe equi-angularly- shaped
about the circular-armature and which springs
serve to maintain the armature in proper posi
sociated with a generator for the purpose of con
An’ important phase; of the invention resides in
trolling the voltage. across‘ the generator; Such
the construction of these springs which are de
a carbon pile regulator includes a carbon pile
signed so‘ thatthe resistancewhich they offer in
made up of a plurality‘of carbon discs and" which
is connected in series'with- the ?eld of the gener 10 creases with movement of the armature towards.
the magnetic pot, and. the‘ degree of increase is
ator. As the pressure‘on the carbon pilevaries,
carbon pile.
A carbon pilevoltage regu1ator is ordinarily as
the strength‘ of the ?eld'is correspondingly varied
and the generator regulated.
substantially thesameas theincrease in magnetic
force on the armature-'as-the- latter approaches
the pot.
It is now common practice to employ mag
Yet another object of theinvention is the'pro-e
netically actuated means for’ varying the pressure 15
vision, in a carbon pile voltage regulator of the
on the- carbon pile. Such magnetic-means. com
character aforesaid, of novel spring means of' the
prises a'magnetic'pot, including'a core, and Which
type noted, which also includes instru-mentalities
pot houses the-usual solenoid coil. An armature
for properlypositioning the springs and armature
which is disposed inoperative relation toone end
of the carbon pile is'arranged to be affected by 20 carriedrthereby with respect to the pot. This end
is achieved'by, stamping each spring from a metal
changes in the magnetic’ force generated by the
lank, so as to leave portions of the blank which
solenoid. Inasmuch as this solenoid- is- connected
donot=function assprings, but:si-mply as position
across the generator the strength of the magnetic
ing means.
?eld which it produces will vary in accordance
Various» other more detailed objects. and. ad
with Variations in the voltage of the generator.
vantages-of the invention such as arise in. carry
It is now‘a well recognized’ and accepted fact
ing, out the above noted. thoughts in'a practical
that the magnetic force on the armature must 'be
embodiment will in part become apparent and in
opposed in some manner, and this is usually ac
part .be hereinafter stated as the description of
complished by spring means. Thus, when the
spring means and the. magnetic force actually 30 the invention proceeds.
The invention. therefore, comprises a carbon
balance, the armature is held immovable andthe
pile voltageregulator, including an armature-that
resistance of the carbon pile remains constant.
is held in operative: position by. a plurality of U
However; when the magnetic force changes, due
shaped springs. One end of each spring is- an
to changes in the voltage, the armature is affected
to be moved and thus vary the pressureon the ~ chored to. the armature, while the. other end
carbon pile.
bears against the magnetic pot. Instrumentalties
Inasmuch as the magnetic force which is effec
tive on the armaturevaries inversely‘ as the square
of the distance across the gap between the arma
ture and the core, it becomes necessary to provide
spring means, the resistance of which will vary
to a corresponding degree; to maintain the desired
are also. associated. with the springs for main
taining them and the armature in proper position
balance between the spring force and thev mag
netic force and leaveythe; regulating rangeundis
An important object of this invention is the
provision, in a carbon pile. electric regulatorof the
character aforesaid, of novel spring means: for
with. respect to the-pot.
For a full and more complete understanding. of
the invention, reference may be- had to the fol
lowing. description and drawing, wherein:
I. is aside View, partly-- in section and partly
in elevation, of. those portions of a. carbon pile
voltage regulator- with which this invention is
Fig. 215 aplan viewof- the construction shown
irrEig. 1.; and.
Fig. a. fragmentary showing similar. to Fig;
this purpose.
More in detail, the invention has as an. object 5-. l. of a modi?cation.
the provision, in a carbon pile voltage- regulator,
Referring now. to the drawing. wherein like
reference characters. denote. corresponding parts,
ofv an armature, a magnetic pot, and a. substan
tially U-shaped. spring, one end of which is an
and, ?rst more‘; particularly to Figs. I‘ and 2-, the
carbon pileofr a carbon. piler voltage regulator is
chored. to the armature.- and the; other end, of
which engages thatop. of the pot. In‘ carrying 55 shown. at. H); While; the; invention is described
as applied to a voltage regulator, it will be un
derstood that it might just as well be applied to
any electric regulator which embodies, as an es
sential element, a variable resistance. Also, while
the resistance which is varied is illustrated and
described as a carbon pile, it could obviously take
the form of a pile of discs of any material such
as a metal having the properties which would
suit it to this particular use.
the magnetic pot P is counter-balanced by the
springs 20, and the armature is held immovable
to maintain constant the resistance of the pile
ii]. As the voltage across the generator varies,
there is a corresponding change in the coils of
the solenoid S to effect a change in the magnetic
force. The armature ll is moved by this change
in the magnetic force, and thus the pressure on
The pile Iii is made up of a plurality of car
Normally, the magnetic force offered by
l0 the carbon pile I0 is varied, which in turn varies
bon discs in accordance with customary practice.
The function of the regulator is to vary the pres
sure on the pile iii. For this purpose an arma
ture ll carries an abutting member 52 which en
gages with, or is connected to, one end of the 15
the ?eld strength of the generator.
Referring now more particularly to Fig. 3,
where there is illustrated a modi?ed form of the
pile H]. <
which may be of the well known bimetal struc
ture, is positioned on the top I4 of the magnetic
In the form of the invention illustrated in
the drawing, the pile iii, armature H and mag
invention in which provision is made for tem
perature compensation, at thermostatic ring 22,
pot about the opening ll.
A washer 23 may engage the ring 22, and this
netic pot about to be described, are illustrated as
circular, although this is intended to be no limi 20 washer 23 carries U-shaped springs which are
anchored to the armature i I in the manner above
tation on the invention. Obviously, the circular
described. It is evident that the conical forma
formation could be deformed without departing
tion of the bimetallic ring 22 provides for a
from the spirit of the invention.
A magnetic pot is referred to in its entirety by
the reference character P and is shown as com
change in the relative position of the armature
25 assembly coincident with variations in temper
While two embodiments of the invention are
hereinbefore set forth, it is to be clearly under
that the cylindrical wall i3 projects above the
stood that the invention is not to be limited to
top wall [4 a slight distance to provide a periph
eral ?ange it.
30 the exact constructions illustrated and described,
because various modi?cations of these details
The top wall M is formed with the usual cen
may be provided in putting the invention into
tral Opening ll, and a cylindrical core 88 up
practice within the purview of the appended
stands from the bottom wall 15 and has its top
end located in the opening H’. A solenoid indi
What is claimed is:
cated at S is positioned in the pot P about the 35
1. In a carbon pile electric regulator including
core I8.
a carbon pile and a magnetic pot having a top
The armature l i is held in position by a plural
surrounded by a peripheral ?ange, an armature
ity of spring assemblies, each of which is of sub
assembly for regulating said carbon pile, com
stantially the same construction as the other.
Thus, only one of these spring assemblies is here 40 prising an armature, a base plate of circular
shape positioned Within said peripheral flange
in described for the purposes of this speci?cation.
and adjacent said top and flange, a series of
Each spring assembly comprises a base l9, from
tongue portions formed integral with said plate
which is struck a tongue or leaf Zil that is bent
and projecting therefrom in a U-shaped forma
up and over into U-shaped formation. The free
extremity of each tongue 26! is anchored to the 45 tion, said U-shaped tongue ‘portions extending
radially inward of said base plate and having the
upper face of the armature H in any preferred
free ends thereof fastened to said armature so
manner, as by the screw fastening elements shown
as to ?exibly support said armature‘ relative to
at 2 i.
said carbon pile and magnetic pot.
It will be noted that the bases 20 conform in
2. In a carbon pile electric regulator including
shape to the cylindrical formation of the pot 50
a carbon pile and a magnetic pot having a top
P, and their outer peripheral edges engage the
surrounded by a peripheral ?ange, an armature
?ange it. Thus, each spring assembly is posi
assembly for regulating said carbon pile, com
tioned and serves to maintain the armature H
prising an armature, a base plate of circular
in proper position.
It is particularly important to note that the 55 shape positioned within said peripheral ?ange
and adjacent said ?ange, a series of tongue por
spring device thus described provides a conven
tions formed integral with said plate and pro
ient and novel means for mounting the armature
jecting therefrom in a U-shaped formation, said
which device is of such simplicity in construc
U-shaped tongue portions extending radially in
tion as to be readily adapted for manufacture and
installation at low cost.
60 ward of said base plate and having the free ends
prising a cylindrical wall I3, which carries a top
wall it and a bottom wall i5. It will be noted
In the operation of the device, the tongue spring
thereof fastened to said armature so as to ?ex
ibly support said armature relative to: said car
bon pile and magnetic pot, and temperature re
it approaches the top of the core E8, the mag
sponsive means for adjustably positioning said
netic force of the latter varies inversely as the
square of the distance between the armature and 65 base plate with relation to the top of said mag
netic pot.
the top of the core. The resistance offered by
3. In a carbon pile electric regulator including
the springs 20 must Vary commensurate with
a carbon pile and a magnetic po-t having a top
these changes in the magnetic force. The springs
surrounded by a peripheral ?ange, an armature
being of the cantilever type may be so designed as
to have this property.
70 assembly for regulating said carbon pile, com
prising an armature, a base plate of circular
While the operation of the above-described
shape positioned within said peripheral ?ange
mechanism is believed to be obvious, it may be
and adjacent said ?ange, a series of tongue por
brie?y outlined by noting that the solenoid is
tions formed integral with said plate and pro
connected across the generator, while the carbon
pile I0 is in series with the ?eld of the genera 75 jecting therefrom in a U-shaped formation, said
members are so arranged that as the armature
U-shaped tongue portions projecting inwardly of
said base plate, screw members for adjustably
fastening the free ends of each of said tongue
portions to said armature so as to ?exibly sup
port said armature relative to said carbon pile
and magnetic pot.
tongue members formed integral with said base
plate and projecting therefrom in a substantially
U-shaped formation, each of said tongue mem
bers having end portions positioned in spaced
relation to said base plate and extending inward
a carbon pile, a magnetic element, and an arma
of said base plate, and means fastening each
of the end portions of said tongue members to
said armature so as to ?exibly support said arm
ture assembly for regulating said carbon pile,
ature in relation to said carbon pile and magnetic
4. In a carbon pile electric regulator including
comprising an armature, a base plate carried at 1° element.
one end of said magnetic element, a plurality of
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