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â, EMS.
2,405,5E 7
Filed Jan. 1, 1945
Patented Aug. 6, 1946
2,405,517 »
Walter D. Plummer, Toledo, Ohio, assignor to
Owens-Illinois Glass Company, a corporation
of Ohio
Application January 1, 1945, Serial No. 570,889k
1 claim. (Cl. 224-45)
My invention relates to a carrier for bottles and
other articles. An object of the invention is to
provide a bag or carrier in which bottles or th'e
like may be conveniently carried by hand and
which when empty may be collapsed and folded
into a very small compass. At the present day,
The body 5, as shown, is an oblong, rectangu
lar sheet of considerably greater length than
width. Each row of pockets 6 is formed from a
strip of ‘the sheet material attached to one face
of the sh'eet 5 along an end portion thereof. The
ends of the strips forming the pockets are sewed
along the edges ‘I of the sheet 5 and the strips
separated into the individual pockets by seams 8.
hand carriers adapted for holding beverage bot
tles, beer bottles and the like and commonly used
The length of each pocket formingr strip is greater
for carrying such articles home from the store,
are generally made of liberboard, cardboard or 10 than the width of the body 5 and th'e strip is
folded, pleated or gathered in a manner to give
each pocket suñicient material or fullness to
permit it to be extended to receive a bottle Ill.
as well as while loaded. The empty holders are
A handle II of cord, rope, or other suitable ma
comparatively bulky and inconvenient for car
15 terial is attached at its ends, as by stitching I2,
rying when empty.
to the body 5, said handle being positioned cen
An object of my invention is to provide a car
trally of said body and extending transversely
rier which is made of material permitting it to
thereof. The strips forming the pockets 6 are
be collapsed or folded to occupy a very small
space and which thus may be carried conveniently
sewed or attached by a seam I3 to the body 5
in a shopping bag or the like. More particu 20 along the end edge of the latter, thereby provid
ing closed bottoms I4ß for the pockets. The
larly, the invention provides a carrier or bag con
edges of the pockets 6 and sheet 5 are protected
sisting of netting, textile fabric or like limp ma
by binding material I4.
terial which may be folded compactly to occupy
The carrier may be conveniently loaded when
only a very small space and which', moreover, has
strength and durability permitting long wear and 25 opened out as shown in Fig. 2 and lying on a ta
ble or other support. When loaded and lifted by
reuse for making many trips.
the handle I I, the carrier doubles up to th'e posi
A further object of the invention is to provide
tion shown in Fig. 1 in which the two rows of
a carrier which is easily loaded and which while
bottles are brought to upright position closely
made of a limp, flexible material such as cloth
or netting, is adapted to hold bottles loaded there 30 adjacent to each other, being separated only by
other material having sufficient stiffness or rigid
ity to retain th‘e shape of the carrier while empty
in in upright position both while being carried
the two interposed layers of fabric formed by the
and when the carrier is placed on a table or other
body 5, the latter serving as a cushioning means
between th'e bottles. When the loaded carrier is
set down on a supporting surface, the bottles
remain in upright position, resting on such sur
Modifications may be resorted to within th
Other objects of the invention will appear
Referring to the accompanying drawing:
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a bottle carrier
spirit and scope of my invention.
constructed in accordance with my invention, the
I claim:
carrier being partly loaded with bottles.
A bottle carrier comprising a rectangular sheet
Fig. `2 is a plan view of th'e carrier opened out 40
of ñexible material forming the body of a car
and showing a bottle loaded therein.
rier, and strips of such material sewed to one
Fig. 3 is an end elevation of the loaded carrier.
face of the sheet by seams extending along the
Fig. 4 is a sectional plan View of a portion of
end edges of said sheet, and seams at intervals
the carrier including two pockets with bottles
As shown in the drawing, the carrier comprises
a rectangular, oblong sheet 5 forming the body of
the carrier, and rows of pockets 6 attached to
one face of the sheet along th'e end portions
along said strips extending lengthwise of said
sheet and dividing the strips into individual pock
ets, and a handle attached to said face substan
tially midway between the ends thereof, whereby
when the carrier is lifted by the said handle, the
thereof to receive bottles I0 or other articles, so 50 sheet is doubled downward and the pockets
brought tc upright position in rows on the outer
that when said sheet is doubled as shown in Fig.
1 the bottles are held upright in rows extending
faces of the carrier body, said strips being of
greater length th'an the width of said body and
along the outer faces of the holder. The body 5
and pockets 6 may be made of netting, textile
provided with folds intermediate the seams form
fabric or cloth', or the like, the material being 55 ing the pockets, whereby the latter are expansi
flexible and limp so that the carrier when empty
ble to conform to the contour of the articles
may be folded up to occupy a very small space,
permitting it to be conveniently carried, as for
example, in a handbag or pocket.
placed therein.
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