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Aug“ 13, 19%.
Filed Jan. 5, 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet 1.
Patented Aug. 13,_ 1946
‘ *1
Daniel J. Enright, Rochester, N. Y.
Application January 5, 1944, Serial No. 5173081v
1 Claim.
(01. 261-49) '
The present invention relates to new and use
ful improvements in carburetors and has for its
verse shaft [2 to which is secured a butter?y valve
primary object to provide unitary control means
angles to each other and to one end of the shaft
I2 is also secured a throttle lever [4 by a split end
l5. To the other end of the lever i4 is attached
for ‘the needle valve of the ?oat chamber and the
butter?y throttle valve and butter?y air intake
valve to insure a proper and uniform mixture of
air and fuel fed to the intake manifold of the
A further important object of the invention is
l3. the shafts ‘l and I2 bEillgDOSitiOllGd at right
a throttle control rod [6.
A pulley wheel I‘! is ?xed to the shaft 12 for
rotation therewith and on the pulley is trained
a chain or other ?exible member [8, the chain
to eliminate the necessity of the usual Venturi in 10 also being trained over an idler pulley l9 jour
a carburetor and to provide a mechanism for
furnishing a proper mixture of fuel‘ and air
through an unrestricted air tube of uniform
Another object is to provide novel means for
actuating the needle valve of the carburetor and
for adjusting the needle valve independently of
naled on a, pin 20 at one end of an elongated
plate IS’, the plate being supported adjacent its
other end on a vertical rod 2| which is slidably
and rotatably mounted in a bracket 2|" and se
cured in adjusted position by a set screw 2|".
The bracket 2|’ is secured tothe side’ of the tube
5. One ‘end of the chain 18 is attached to one end
the butter?y valve.
of a pair of elongated superposed cam plates 22
A still further object is to provide a carburetor
and 23, while the other end of the chain is at
of simple and practical construction which is e?i
20 tached to the other end of the lowermost plate
cient and reliable in performance, relatively in
23. To the remaining end of the upper plate 22
expensive to manufacture and otherwise well
is secured a tube 24 which is internally threaded
adapted for the purposes for which the same is
at its upper portion and has a cup 25 on its upper
end. An adjusting screw 26 is threaded in the
Other objects and advantages reside in the de
tube 24 with its lower end journaled in the plate
tails of construction and operation as morevfully 25 23 and upset to secure the screw to said last
hereinafter described and claimed, reference be
named plate. The pulley I9 is eccentric with re
ing had to the accompanying drawings forming
spect to the axis of the pin 2| in order that the
part hereof, wherein like numerals refer to like
pulley l9 may be adjusted laterally and vertically
parts throughout, and in which:
to properly align the pulleys in accordance with
Figure 1 is a side elevational view.
the adjustments made in the cam plates and thus
Figure 2 is a top plan view.
reduce friction of the chain on the pulleys.
Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional view through
The upper end of the screw is formed with a
the air tube.
cylindrical head 21 freely rotatable in the cup
Figure 4 is a vertical sectional view through
25 and the inner walls of the cup are vertically
the needle valve and ?oat chamber.
corrugated as indicated at 28 in the valleys of
Figure 5 is a detail in section of the sliding cam
which is seated a spring projected ball 29 re
for actuating the needle valve.
cessed in the side of the head 21 to prevent idle
Figure 6 is a sectional view taken on a line 6-6
rotation of tho head and to secure the screw 26
of Figure 5.
in its adjusted position in the tube 24.
Figure 7 is a detail of the adjustable pulley,
Accordingly, one end of the upper cam plate
with parts in section.
22 may be raised or lowered by the manipulating
Referring now to the drawings in‘ detail, the
of the screw 26.
numeral 5 designates an air tube which is open
The plates 22 and 23 are formed with register
at one end for admitting fresh air and is pro 45 ing longitudinal slots 30 and 3|, respectively,
vided at its other end with an attaching ?ange
through which is freely received the upper end
4 for attaching to a manifold 6 of an internal
of a needle valve 32 which extends vertically
combustion engine.
through a port 32' in the bottom of the tube
Near the open end of the tube is a transverse
5 and into the ?oat chamber 33 of conventional
shaft 1 to which is secured a butter?y choke valve
construction for engaging the valve seat 34 there
8, one end of the shaft having a lever 9 attached
thereto by a split end H]. To the other end of
A cup 35 is formed with a hollow internally and
the lever is attached a choke wire ll adapted
externally threaded stem 36 which is threaded
for manual actuation in the usual manner.
into the top of the tube 5 and within the cup is
Near the other end of the tube 5- is a trans 55 a hollow cylindrical adjusting plug 31 having an
_> -
ously opened and closed to uniformly supply a
predetermined mixture of fuel and air to the in
take manifold of the engine.
It is believed that the details of construction
externally threaded stem 38 threaded into the
stem 36. The needle valve 32 is freely received
in the plug 31 and stem 38 and a coil spring 39
' is mounted on the lower portion of the needle
and manner of use of the device will be readily
valve between the stem 38 and a collar 411 thread
understood from the foregoing without further
ed on the lower end of tho valve, the adjustment
of the plug 31 in the cup 35 regulating the tension
of the spring 39.
detailed explanation.
Having described the invention, what is claimed
The cup 35 is also internally vertically corru;
gated and the plug'3'l fis'provided ‘with a. spring‘
as newlis=
j .A' ‘carburetor “comprising ‘an‘air intake tube
adapted‘ for’attaching to the intake manifold of
projected ball ‘similar to the cup 35 and head 21
an engine, a ?oat chamber carried by the tube
to secure the plug 31 in adjusted position
and having communication therewith, a needle
The upper portion of the needle valve 32 is
‘valve slidably mounted transversely of the tube
threaded for engagement by a cup 40 having its
and controlling the feeding of fuel from the float
lower end overlying and bridging the slots 30
chamber into the tube, a throttle valve in the
and 31 for sliding engagement by the upper cam
plate 22 whereby to raise the needle valve upon _ tube inwardly of the needle valve, an air con
movement of the plates in one direction, the , trol valve in the tube outwardly of the needle
spring 39 closing the valve.
‘ valve,'a link connecting the throttle and air valves
A cylindrical plug M is threaded on the needl 20 for simultaneous opening and closing movement,
a pulley secured to the shaft of the throttle valve,
valve 32 into the cup 40 and is also provided
an idle pulley journaled on the tube, an endless
with a spring projected ball for engaging the
?exible member trained on said pulleys and in
internal vertical corrugations of the cup 40 simi
cluding an elongated cam therein having a longi
lar to the cup 25v and head 27 to, secure the
cup 40 in adjusted position.‘ A locking cap 42 25 tudinal slot receiving the needle valve, vertically
spaced members adjustably carried by the needle
is threaded on the upper end of the needle valve.
valve and positioned respectively above and below
Between the needle valve 32 and the choke
the cam and in engagement therewith, one of said
valve 8 is a butter?y valve 43 secured on a shaft
members being operable to vertically adjust the
44 journaled in the tube 5 parallel to the shaft
1 and forming an air control valve. To the outer 30 needle valve, and said cam being operable to
open the needle valve, spring means for closing
endvof the shaft 44 is secured the split end 45
the needle valve, and means for adjusting the
of a lever 46 and to the other end thereof is piv
idle pulley in accordance with the adjustment of
otally attached a turnbuckle 4'!v connecting the
said members to center the ?exible member be
lever 46 to the pulley wheel I‘! by means of an
eccentrically disposed pivot pin 48.
Accordingly as the throttle lever I4 is actuated
by the throttle rod 16, the air valve 43, needle
valve 32 and throttle valve [3 will be simultane
tween the ?anges of the idle pulley and to take
up slack in the ?exible member.
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