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Aug. as, ms,
\ '
Filed May 29, 1944
- '
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
_ 2,405,677
u 2,405,677
rooL BALL rtAcKoit FRAME
Michael Volpe, Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor of one
half to George I. Feilback, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Application May 29, 1944, Serial No. 537,876
5 Claims. (01. 273—22)
This invention relates to pool ball racks or
frames, the primary object of the invention be
ing to provide a pool ball rack or frame having
means which may be forced forwardly against
the rear row of pool balls being racked, moving
the balls to the proper positions within the rack
or frame, during the forward movement of the
rack and balls to the rack spot of the table,
thereby insuring a tight racking of the balls,
without the necessity of pushing the balls for
wardly within the rack, by the thumbs of the
hands, during racking.
An important object of the invention is to
provide a pool ball rack which will insure a tight
racking of the balls, although certain balls are
out of round or undersize.
Another object of the invention is to provide
a rack or frame of this character wherein the
inner surface of the side rails thereof are out
appreciably less than the diameter of the tube
‘I, extend inwardly at the ends of the rearv cross
bar 6 and provide supports for the ball-adjust
ing tube 1, as clearly shown by the drawing. Be
cause of the’ variance in diameters of the sup
porting pins 8 and tube 7, it will be obvious that
the tube 1 may move or swing on its pivots 8, an
appreciable distance, where it contacts with the
balls held within the rack or frame, the balls
being indicated by the reference character A.
In order that the triangular formation of the
balls as a result of racking, will not be disturbed
when the rack or frame is being removed, the
inner surfaces of the side bars 5 are inclined out
wardly toward the lower edges of the side bars,
providing added clearance for the balls in clear
ing the rack, as the rack is swung upwardly from
its rear end to remove the rack from the balls.
In the use of the device, the balls are placed
wardly inclined, providing a clearance to per 20 within the rack, and the adjusting tube is forced
mit the rack or frame to be readily elevated and
forwardly, the adjusting tube swinging on its
removed, without disturbing the formation of the
pivot to engage the rear row of balls. As pres
racked balls.
sure is directed to the tube, the balls are moved
With the foregoing and other objects in view
forwardly into close engagement with each
which will appear as the description proceeds,
25 other, and into close engagement with the side
the invention consists of certain novel details
bars, making what is known as a tight rack,
of construction and combinations of parts here
When pressure is relieved from the tube 7, the
inafter more fully described and pointed out in
tube will fall to the dotted line position as shown
the claims, it being understood that changes
by Fig. 2 of the drawing, and the rack may now
may be made in the construction and arrange
be moved forwardly and swung upwardly from
ment of parts without departing from the spirit
its rear end, removing the rack from the racked
of the invention as claimed.
balls without disturbing the formation of the
Referring to the drawing
racked balls.
Figure 1 is a plan view illustrating pool balls
What is claimed is:
held within a rack constructed in accordance
1. A pool ball rack comprising a frame, said
with the invention.
frame having a cut-away portion, pivot pins ex
Figure 2 is a sectional view taken on line 2-2
tending inwardly from the walls at the ends of
of Fig. 1.
the cut-away portion, a tube inserted within the
Figure 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3—3
cut-away portion, said pivot pins extending into
of Fig. 1.
the ends of the tube pivotally supporting the
tube, and said tube and pins being so construct
of Fig. 1.
ed and arranged that horizontal movement of
Referring to the drawing in detail, the gen
the tube forces the pool balls forwardly within
eral organization of the rack or frame, is identi
the frame.
cal with that in common use, and embodies 45
2. A pool ball rack comprising a frame, said
forwardly converging side bars 5 and a rear
frame having a cut-out portion formed therein,
cross-bar 6 which is rigidly connected with the
a tube mounted for horizontal movement with
rear ends of the side bars, at the opposite ends
in the cut-out portion and adapted to move the
of the rear cross-bar, forming a triangular frame.
balls being racked, forwardly when the rack is
The upper portion of the rear cross-bar is
moved forwardly to the racking spot on a pool
cut away throughout substantially its entire
table and pressure is directed to the tube.
length, providing a clearance for the ball-‘adjust
3. A pool hall rack comprising a frame, said
ing tube 1, which is of a length to extend
frame including bars connected at their ends,
Figure 4 is a sectional View taken on line 4—4
throughout the length of the cut-away portion.
one bar of the frame being formed with a recess
Supporting pins 8 which are of diameters 55 disposed along its longitudinal upper edge, an
adjusting tube mounted within the recess, and
said tube adapted to move into engagement with
balls held within the frame, whereby said balls
are moved forwardly within the frame as the
rack is moved forwardly to the racking spot of
a pool table.
bodying side bars and a rear bar, the rear bar
having a recess disposed along its longitudinal
Vupper edge, bearing pins extending inwardly
from the end walls of the recess, a tube posi
tioned within the recess, the bearing pins being
extended into the ends of the tube, the inner cir
cumference of the tube being appreciably great
4. A pool hall rack comprising a frame, an
er than the diameter of the pivot pins whereby
adjusting tube mounted on the frame for hori
horizontal movement of the tube with respect to
zontal movement with respect to the frame,
bearings for the tube, and said tube adapted to 10 the pins is permitted, and said tube adapted to
rotate on its bearings, moving pool balls held in ‘ contact balls held within the frame moving the
balls forwardly within the frame.
the rack, forwardly within the frame.
5. A pool hall rack comprising a frame em
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