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Aug. 13, 1946.
Filed Feb. 28, 1945
FIG. I.~
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
Frank J. Cantrell, San Francisco; Calif; assignor
of forty-nine per cent to Eleanor Josephine
Koch, San Francisco, Calif.
.Application February 28, 1945, Serial.No."580,183
4 Claims. (Cl. 5304-24)
"This invention relates to window jacks, and
more particularly to a safety window seat espe
cially useful in supporting persons engaged in
washing, polishing or otherwise working on the
exterior of windows in buildings.
Principal objects of this invention are to pro
vide a seat which may be easily a?ixed to any
given window in a manner insuring safety of
the user thereof; to provide a seat which is com
pact in design, which may be quickly and ef?
ciently transported from place to place and ?xed
in operative position with a minimum effort; and
to provide a seat adapted to be used by Window
cleaners, or the like, which may be adjusted con
yond members I2 to form safety stop portions
14 adapted to ‘abut against the inner wall or
casement D» when ‘the seat is "in operative posi
Vertical posts vl5 are rigidly affixed tomembers
12 in front vof the platform member ID and are
"preferably formed ‘.so that they cu‘rve slightly
away from the platform member to form cam
m-ing surfaces, as at“. A hook member -l'l is
,slidably ‘carried under platform vIll and cross
member l3, the hook portion l8 thereof being
adapted to engage the interior moulding sill A.
The shank of the hook member .H is provided
with longitudinal slots 20 and 2|. Slot. .20 is
veniently in accordance with the individual de
15 provided with a threaded ‘bolt 22 having a ?at
sire of the user ‘after initial positioning and occu
head which is slidable in said slot and adapted to
pancy of the seat. A further object of the in
project upwardly therethrough ‘and ‘through an
vention. is .to provide a window'jack, haVing ad
aperture provided in cross member l3. ‘Said bolt
carries a wing-nut, or the like, 23. By tightening
justable safety elements, obviating‘ dif?culty of
attachment to various designs of window struc 20 nut 23 ‘the hook member may be clamped in a
?xed position relative to cross member l3. Hence
Further objects are to provide a window jack
by regulation of hook member I‘! the platform
which is sturdy of construction and simple in
‘member may-be readily adjusted to form an effec
design‘ and which may be manufactured at low
tive safety hook' for use with varying window
cost; and to provide a unitary Window jack,
- constructions.
wherein safety and. comfort are combined without
.It is noted that‘a' guide stud 25, rigidly ?xed to
sacri?cing simplicitylo-f use and structure. Other
platform member 10, projects through slot 2|
objects vand advantages willv be apparent upon
and .acts as a guide for hook member vl'l'to pre
reference to the accompanying speci?cation and
vent lateral movement thereof relative to said
drawing in which similar characters of refer 30 platform member. It is also noted that a groove
ence represent corresponding parts in the sev
maybe provided in- cross member 13 to receive
eral views.
the shank portion of hook member I 7. In the
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of my invention at
drawing, the slot has been omitted for clarity of
tached to a window of conventional construc
An axle 26is pivotally mounted in bearings
Fig. 2 is a top plan view of my invention.
21, provided on base members l2 and positioned
Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view of my invention
below approximately the forward edge of plat
with the sill support member partly broken away.
form member In. Adjustable sill support 28 is
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary sectional view taken on
rigidly or integrally ?xed to said. axle so that it
line IV—IV of Fig. 2.
may swing vertically relative to base members l2
Referring to the drawing, the novel window
and platform member In. The support 28 com
seat is disclosed attached to a conventional win
prises a ?at piece of metal or other suitable ma
dow structure wherein A represents the interior
terial having an aperture 29 provided therein at
moulding sill and B the exterior inclined sill or
the rear and centrally thereof. In the drawing,
window ledge. C represents a conventional win 45 the support 28 is shown as generally triangular
dow frame vertically slidable in casement D.
in form, but it is obvious that it may be rectangu
A platform member is generally indicated at H)
lar or other shape.
and is provided with a back rest I! which may
A hole 36 is provided in platform number l0
be rigidly or integrally attached to the platform
near the rear thereof. A nut-forming member
member or in any suitable manner. Horizontal 50 3! is ?xed on the underside of platform member
base members l2 are rigidly a?ixed to the sides
IE3 and is vertically spaced therefrom. A bolt 32
of the platform member Ill and extend forwardly
is threadably carried in said nut-forming member
thereof. Cross member i3 is rigidly attached to
so that the knurled head 33 thereof is located
the forward ends of members l2 and is preferably
below the platform member ID. Preferably the
formed to extend laterally a short distance be 55 nut-forming member 3| comprises a bracket ?xed
by screws or bolts 34 to the underside of platform
member l0 and provided with a threaded bore 35
positioned in vertical alignment with hole 30.
Bolt 32 is formed at one end with a double ball
joint 36 adapted to engage support 28, through
aperture 29, and whereby said bolt is rotatable
with respect to said support. It is necessary that
aperture 29 and bore 35 be in substantial vertical
in order to raise or lower said platform without
tilting said platform.
2. In a window jack having a platform member
and base members rigidly a?ixed thereto, support
means pivotally mounted on said base members
and movable vertically relative thereto, a nut-'
forming member rigidly af?xed to said platform
member and vertically spaced from the under
side thereof, a bolt threadably carried in said nut
alignment with one another and positioned below
hole 30. By turning the knurled head 33 of bolt. ,10 forming member and rotatively engaged to said
support member, and means provided in said plat
32 it is possible
the building
and lower
to which
the platform
it is at- ' form member in vertical alignment with said bolt
whereby ready access may be had to cause manual
regulation of said bolt by an operator after occu
in the window jack and desire to elevate or lower
himself relative to the window and may accom 15 pancy of said window jack in order to raise or
tached. The operator may have assumed his seat ,
plish this purpose by simple manipulation of the
bolt 32 by access thereto through hole 30.
From the above description it is clear that there
lower said platform without tilting said platform.
3. In a window jack having a platform member
and base members rigidly a?ixed thereto, a pair
of vertical stops adapted to abut against a rela
are a number of safety'and comfort features in
corporated in the window jack, namely, an ad 20 tively unmovable object, a hook member slidable
justable hook member ll adapted to be positioned
horizontally relative to said platform member,
so that the hook portion thereof is ?xed relative
to the interior moulding sill of a window; a pair
means to lock said hook member in a ?xed posi
tion, a sill support pivotally mounted to the un
tioning of the device relative to the window
member, and means formed in said platform
derside of said base member, a nut-forming mem
of vertical’posts I5, adapted to be positioned ad
ber rigidly a?ixed to the underside of said plat
jacent to the interior face‘ of window frame 0, stop
form member and vertically spaced therefrom, a
portions l6 adapted to abut against casement D;
bolt threadably carried in said nut-forming
and bolt 32 adapted to regulate the vertical posi
means and rotatively engaged to said support
after the operator has assumed his working posi 30 member in vertical alignment with said bolt,
whereby an operator may have ready access to
Although I have described the invention in
more or less detail, it is understood that various
modi?cations and variations may be practiced
said bolt for manual regulation thereof after
occupancy of said window jack.
4. In a window jack having a platform member
within the spirit of the invention'and scope of the 35 and base members affixed thereto, a hook mem
appended claims.
ber slidable horizontally relative to said platform
member and adapted to engage a window sill,
means to ?x said hook member in rigid position,
a support member pivotally and slidably mounted
and base members rigidly ai?xed thereto, a hook
member slidable horizontally relative to said 40 on said hook member, means to lock said support
member to said hook member, a support means
platform member, means to ?x said hook member
pivotally mounted on said base members and
in rigid position, support means pivotally mount
movable vertically relative thereto, unitary means
ed on said base members and movable vertically
to move said support means including a nut form
I claim:
, ,
1. In a window jack having afplatform member
relative thereto, and a unitary means to move said
ing member carried by said platform member,
support means including a nut-forming member 45 and means formed in said platform invertical
carried by said'platform member, said last named
alignment with said unitary means whereby an
unitary means positioned under said platform and
operator may have ready access to said unitary
in vertical alignment with an aperture formed
means for manual regulation thereof after occu
therein whereby said means may be regulated by 50 pancy of the said window jack.
an operator after occupancy of said window jack
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