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Aug. 13, 1946.
Filed April 11‘. 1944
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
Glen Fulfer, San Francisco, (33.1115. 7
Application April 11, 1944, SerialNo. 530,545»
3 Claims. (Cl. 216—20)
more particularly to a manual means for apply—
below the outlet II. The cover I9 is hinged to
the front of the cup and has the sides 20, 2| ex
ing paper tape to the joints of wall board panels.
Among the objects of the invention is to facili
tate ?lling and covering the seams formed by the
abutting edges of wall board panels.
Another object is the application of an adhesive
tending upwardly past the lip 22 at the top of
the opening I ‘I, and forming a chute through
which the tape 23 passes.
The tape is threaded upwardly through a slot
24 in the bottom of the cup then upwardly
This invention relates to taping machines and
through the space between the cover I9 and the
plaster to the tape as it ?ows through the ma
lip 22 and around the roller 5. The tank II is
A further object is to cause the tape to auto 10 beveled at 25, 26 to accumulate the plaster 21
therein so that the plaster remaining will ?ow
matically feed through the machine as it is forced
against the wall by the machine being guided
along the seam.
Other objects and advantages will appear as
the description proceeds.
In the speci?cation and drawing the invention
is disclosed in its preferred form. But it is to
be understood that it is not limited to this form,
because it may be embodied in modi?cations with
through the outlet I1, against the tape 23 pass
ing upwardly through the chute. The whole area
of the tape is provided with small perforations
permitting the escape of air from between the
inner surface of the tape and the contacting
plaster 21. The tape within the chute is forced
back against the cover I9 by the plaster which
is leveled off by the lip 22 as the tape emerges
in the spirit of the invention as de?ned in the 20 from the chute. The thickness of the plaster
coating may be adjusted by the screw 28, threaded
claims following the description.
through the rod I and bearing against the cover
In the one sheet of drawings:
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a machine con
The invention operates substantially as fol
structed in accordance with this invention.
Fig. 2 is a rear view of the adhesive plaster 25 lows: The operator grasps the handles '2, 3, forces
the roller 5 and the intervening tape against the
Fig. 3 is a, top view of the same.
Fig. 4 is an enlarged detail of the pressure
lower end of a seam in the wall and guides the
roller upward along the seam to near the ceiling.
The tape unrolling and passing through the chute
Fig. 5 is an enlarged detail in side elevation of 30 at 22 is coated with the adhesive plaster 29 which
is forced against the wall by the roller 5. At the
the plaster applying mechanism.
ceiling, the rod III is pushed upwardly into con
In detail the structure illustrated in Fig. 1,
tact with the tape 23 and the adjacent wall or
comprises the staif rod I, having the handles 2, 3,
ceiling. The thumb of the hand on the handle
thereon. The upper end of the rod has the yoke
4 ?xed thereon to receive the roller 5 rotating ‘ 2 is then placed against the roll III to prevent
further unwinding of tape. The machine is then
on the cross pin 6 passing through the yoke. The
pulled downwardly to shear off the tape at the
yoke is also provided with the tape guide '1 ad
blade I5.
jacent the periphery of the roller.
In taping horizontal seams the handle 2 is
The bracket 8 ?xed on the rod I, has the trans
verse pin 9 upon which the roll of tape I0 is 40 grasped in one hand and the other hand sup
ports the tank II, and the tape is fed outwardly
mounted. The tank II has a hinged cover and
over the seam as described.
is supported upon the brackets I2, I3 ?xed to the
After the tape is properly placed over the seam,
rod. These several brackets have loops within
a “broad knife” similar to a putty knife is drawn
which the cutoff rod I 4 is slidable. The ?at blade
downwardly along the tape 23 to ?atten it down
I5 is ?xed in the upper end of the cutoff rod and
to the plane of the wall board, forcing the plaster
is adapted to be advanced beyond the periphery
adhesive into the open seam to seal it. The sur
of the roller 5, and against the wall to hold the
tape so that it can be torn off along the serrated
edge of the blade I5.
The tank I I contains a semi-?uid plaster of the
nature of gypsum, plaster of Paris or the like
containing a. suitable adhesive glue that is ap
plied to the tape I6 as it passes the tank outlet
H, see Fig. 5. The plaster applicator consists
of the cup I8 ?xed to the lower corner of the tank
plus plaster exudes through the perforations and '
beyond the edges of the tape and is scraped away.
The ?akes of plaster adhering to the wall surface
adjacent the tape is then leveled and brush blend
ed. into the texture of the wall board surface. It
is usual for the operator to do the taping, fol
lowed by another operator who ?nishes the seams.
The periphery of the roller 5 may be double
" ‘
beveled as shown, or rounded or shaped to apply
the tape in corners or the conventional architec
tural contours found in wall board constructions.
reel and traction roller on said sta?; a plaster
tank on said sta? between said reel and roller
and having an outlet opening; a chute surround
The rod I may be bent to bring the handle 3
into the most comfortable position for right or
left handed operators. The length of the ma
chine is about three feet, in practice, which
ing said opening and comprising a. trough-shaped
cover opposite said opening; a. lip adjacent the
upper portion of said opening and extending into
said chute; and means for adjusting said cover
relative to said lip.
3. A taping machine comprising a staff; a tape
enables an operator of average stature to com
fortablyireachthe usual ceiling height.
Having thus described this invention what I 10 ‘reel and traction roller on said staff ; a plaster
claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is’:
tank on said staff between said reel'and roller
1. A taping machine comprising a staff; a tape
and having an outlet opening; a chute surround
reel and a traction roller on said staff; a. plaster“ " ing said opening and comprising a hinged trough
' shaped cover opposite said opening; a lip adja
and having an outlet opening; a chute surround 15 cent the upper portion of said opening and ex
tank on said staff between said reel and roller.
ing said opening and comprising a trough-shaped
cover moveable relative to said opening; and a_ _
lip extending from the upper end of said opening
and into said cover.
tending into said chute; and an adjusting means
interposed between said rod and cover for ad
justing said cover relative to said lip.
2. A taping machine comprising a sta?; a tape 20
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