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s. HEATH Em..
Filed Jung 1e. 1944
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
Samuel Heath and William E. Greenlee,
I’hiladelphia, Pa.
Application June 16, 1944, Serial No. 540,633
5 Claims.
(Cl. 223-77)
Our invention relates to new and useful im
provements in hosiery driers and has for one of
its objects to provide a simple and eflicient device
of this character including an adjustable leg form
mounted on a base carrying means whereby the
whole structure can be temporarily supported on
of the drier illustrating a modified type of adjust
ing means in a contracted position.
Fig. 5 is a similar View showing the adjusting
a suitable surface.
means extended.
Fig. 6 is a plan view of another style of base
to accommodate two or a plurality of leg forms.
‘ In carrying out our invention as herein em
Another object of our invention is to provide
bodied, l0 represents a leg form produced in the
an adjustable leg form of suitable non-stainable
general shape of a hose from suitable material
and non-tarnishable material, such as stainless 10 of slender rod design, preferably stainless metal
wire, that permits a wet stocking to be placed
or wire having some inherent resiliency in order
thereon and, when dry, to be removed without
to retain and return to the shape to which it is
the likelihood of breakage at the corners of the
bent. This leg form includes two branches Il
and |2`each having an inturned extension i3 at
Another object of our invention is to provide 15 the end.
a base of unique construction having one of the
The leg form is mounted upon a base l@ which
branches of the leg form anchored thereon and
is a fiat strip of material, for example stainless
the other slidable relative to the anchored one
steel, consisting of a single bar, Fig. 3, or a plu
and means to hold said slidable branch in an
adjusted position.
Another object of this invention is to provide
for adjustably mounting one branch of a leg
form on a base consisting of a slotted element
having a nut and bolt in the slot, or a lazy or
rality of integral bars, Fig. 6, each bar having
20 a longitudinal slot i5 terminating short of the
ends of said bar or flat strip. The ends of the
strip are notched out to provide a pair of parallel
horns or fingers I6 at each end for registration
with holes in the rib I'l of a rubber or like mate
25 rial suction cup I8. Due to the elastic quality of
the suction cups and their ribs, the cups will be
readily retained on the ends of the base with
jointed bar structure which is crooked to draw
the slidable branch inward and straightened to
force said slidable branch outwardly.
A further object of the invention is to provide
out additional attaching means. This arrange
suction cups detachablyv mounted on the base
ment also permits the suction cups to be easily
to permit replacement when damaged or Worn 30 detached and replaced or others substituted, and
out and allow the complete removal thereof for
they can be left oiî and the base fastened by
fastening the base direct to a support.
other means to a supporting surface, if desired.
A still further object of the invention is to
One branch, as H, of the leg form if) is an
provide a hosiery drier consisting of two or more
chored to the base with the inturned extension of
leg forms mounted on a unitary base, and each 35 said branch in the slot i5, by suitable securing
leg form having a movable portion to provide for
means IS, such as a bolt and nut, welding or
adjustment thereof.
any equivalent. The other branch, as l2, of said
With the above and other objects in View this
leg form is slidably mounted on the base, with
the inturned extension of the latter branch in
invention consists of the details of construction
and combination of elements hereinafter set forth 40 the slot l5, for movement to and from the branch
Il. One way to mount said branch l2 is to con
and then designated by the claims.
nect its extension to a bolt 2Q, Figs. 1, 3 and 6,
In order that those skilled in the art to which
in the slot l5, said bolt having a non-circular
this invention appertains may understand how
shank to prevent rotation in said slot i5 While
to make and use the same we will describe its
construction in detail referring by numerals to 45 permitting sliding movement thereof lengthwise
of the slot. A wing nut 2l is screwed onto the
the accompanying drawing forming a part here
to hold the parts in any adjusted position,
of, in which:
and a clamping washer 22 -preferably is inter
Fig. 1 is a side view of the hosiery drier accord
posed between the wing nut and the contiguous
ing to our invention and showing in dotted lines 50 surface of the base. This washer has portions
how the leg form may be adjusted.
bent down over the side edges of said base.
Fig. 2 is a side view, on a reduced scale, of a
A modified adjustment means is sh'own in Figs.
hose on the leg form.
4 and 5 where one end of a jointed or lazy bar 23
Fig. 3 is a section on the line 3--3 of Fig. I.
is pivotally connected with the anchored portion
Fig. 4 is a side or edge view of the lower part
of the branch H and the other end of said bar
and positioned in the slot of the base, means to
anchor one of said branches, and means to slid
bar 23 comprises two arms pivoted at 24 and one
ably and adjustably mount the other of said
arm has a ñnger piece 25 to readily lift, crook or
branches on the base.
break the bar for drawing the branch’ l2 of the
2. The hosiery drier of claim l wherein the
leg form inward, as shown in Fig. 4. Said ñnger
means for slidably and adjustably mounting the
piece 25 also functions as a stop, when the bar is
other branch of the leg form comprises a bolt
straightened, by contacting the companion arm,
having a non-‘circular shank mounted in the base
which prevents the bar from erooking in the
slot and connected to said other branch, and a
wrong direction.
Wing nut screwed onto said bolt to clamp the lat
When the leg form is adjusted, as suggested by
ter in various selected positions.
the dotted line position of the branch' l2 in Fig. 1,
3. Th‘e hosiery drier of claim l wherein the
a hose 26, Fig. 2, can be readily drawn over the
means for slidably and adjustably mounting the
drier without breaking or otherwise damaging
other branch of the leg form comprises a, lazy
the corner 21 of the gore between the heel and
foot. After the hose is on the drier, the latter 15 bar pivotally connected to the leg form branches.
4. A hosiery drier consisting of a base having
is expanded by moving the branch l2 outward
a plurality of slots, leg forms mounted on the
until the hose is taut. During the adjustment;
base, one in the region of each slot into which
the wire branches can flex to compensate for any
parts of the leg forms project, portions of said
irregularities or differences in shape between
various stockings Wherefore each branch is self 20 leg forms being permanently anchored, means to
-allow adjustment of other portions of said leg
'aligning Thereafter the drier is mounted on
forms and hold the same in' adjusted positions,
any suitable supporting surface, such as a wall,`
and means on the base for mounting the struc
'bathtub or the like, by attaching the suction cups
is pivotally connected with the branch l2. This
ture on a supporting surface.
to said supporting surface in a well known man
5. In a hosiery drier, a base comprised of a flat
strip having a longitudinal slot intermediate the
ends of Said base and terminating short of said
exact details of construction herein shown and
ends, a, leg form of Wire and including itwo
described as these may be varied within the scope
branches, inturned extensions at the ends of said
of the appended claims without departing from
30 branches and positioned in the slot of the base
the spirit of our invention.
with the plane of the form at right angles to the
Having described our invention what we Aclaim
plane of a broad face of said base, means to ñx
as new and useful is:
one branch to the base by securing its extension
1. A hosiery drier consisting of a base having
within the slot, and means slidably mounted on
a longitudinal slot intermediate th‘e ends of said
base and terminating short of said ends, a pair of 35 the base and connected to the extension of the
other branch for adjustably holding said other
spaced lingers at each end, a suction cup detach
branch on the base.
ably mounted on each one of the pair of fingers,
a leg form of Wire including two branches, in
turned extensions at the ends of said branches
Of course We do not wish to be limited to the
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