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_'Aug._i3, 1946.
Filed Oct. 18. 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Aug, 13, 1946.
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Filed Oct. 18, _1944
L mm
Patented Aug. 13,1946
Heights, Mich, as
William Johnson, Muske gen
J. Brickner and
signor of one-third to Arthur
one-third to Henry W. Kropf, Muskegon
Heights, Mich.
Application October 18, 1944, Serial No. 559,299
1 Claim.
vThis invention relates to a novel construction:
of internal grinder. It is desirable in many cases
to grind relatively small holes through pieces of
material to exact size. This grinding operation
is usually performed on hardened material and
(01. 51-43) '
the space between said parts 8 and 9, whereby
turning the shaft 1 causes a change in position
of the block 5 with respect to the head 2 as is
after a hole of approximate size has previously
From the end of the block 5 opposite where the
indexing wheel 9 is located curved arms I I extend
which are adapted at‘ their outer ends to be
been provided. The present invention is direct
brought together in clamping engagement by
ed to a very ef?cient and relatively simple in
turning the screw l2 (Fig. 3) ._ An electric motor
ternal grinder which may be applied to the ver 10 13 is mounted eccentrically on a ring l4 having
tical spindle of a drill press or similar machine,
an annular ledge to bear upon the arms H, and
the part having the cylindrical hole therein to
at the'under side a ring l5 (Fig. 4) may be de
be ground being ?xed to the bed of the machine,
tachably connected with the ring [4. The electric
and the internal grinder as a unit moved up and
motor is‘held within the ring M by a set screw
down vertically so that the grinding wheel may 15 16. It passes through the ring l5 and at-its lower
traverse the hole which is being ground. The
end its shaft is equipped With a driving pulley ll.
The ring l4 may be rotated for belt adjustment.
construction which I have devised for this pur
pose is sturdy, ef?cient and accurate in opera
From the lower end of the block 5 a sleeve 18
tion, is readily adjusted for holes of different di
extends downwardly. It is open at its side adja
ameters and is in general simple, effective, dur 20 cent the pulley H as indicated at IS. A driving
able, easily applied and removed and one with
belt 20 passes around the driving pulley l1 and
which the desired grinding operation may be very
through said opening in the sleeve l8 to pass
around a pulley 2| indicated in dotted lines in
rapidly performed.
An understanding of the invention may be had
Fig. l. Said pulley is mounted at the upper end
from the following description taken in connec
of a shaft 23 which extends into the sleeve l8 and
tion with the accompanying drawings, in which, 25 which as indicated in Fig. 2, is provided with suit
Fig. 1 is an elevation of the internal grinder
able bearings for the upper end of the said shaft
23 at the lower end of which a small‘ grinding
unit of my invention.
wheel 24 is secured. The grinding wheel is adapt
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary elevation thereof taken
at a side of Fig. 1.
30 ed to be entered into an opening 25 in the work
Fig. 3 is a somewhat enlarged plan view, and
26 indicated in dotted lines in Fig. 1 for grinding
Fig. 4 is an enlarged fragmentary vertical sec
the inner surfaces of said opening.
At the upper side of the head 2 a collar 21 of
tional view.
insulation material is located, through which the
Like reference characters refer to like parts in
spindle l passes, said collar rotating with the
the different ?gures of the drawings.
In the construction of the internal grinding 35 spindle. A cable 28 housing the wires of an
electric circuit leading to the motor l3 extends
unit a vertical spindle I at its lower end is per
between the motor and said collar, and the cir
manently secured to or formed integral with a
cuit wires are connected to metallic rings 29 and
head 2 which has parallel downwardly and out
wardly inclined sides 3. A gib 4 is located against 40 30 (Fig. 4) located around the upper portion of
said collar said rings being insulated from each
one of ‘said sides 3 and a block 5 is slidably mount
other. A housing member 3| is disposed around
ed upon said head 2, having a suitably machined
the spindle l and extends partly within the collar
longitudinal recess for slidable engagement with
so that the collar 21 may turnaround it, said
one of said inclined sides 3 and the outer side of
gib 4. This is conventional construction for ad 45 housing remaining in ?xed position when the
spindle, the collar and the head 2 are turning
iustment and When the block 5 has been ad
about the vertical axis of the spindle. The hous
iusted to any desired position it is secured in
place by set screws at one side engaging with
ing at one side hasa lateral extension 32. A ca
ble 33 having circuit wires to carry electric cur
the gib 4 as shown.
The adjustment is accomplished by means of
.rent from an electric main or other source of
supply leads to said lateral extension 32, the
an internal threaded sleeve 6 (Fig. 4) connect
ed with the head 2 into which an adjusting
wires housed by said cable 33 having connections
screw 1 is threaded, the shank of which near its
to two binding posts 34 on the housing exten
outer end is provided with a collar 8 spaced from
‘sion 32. The inner ends of said binding posts
an outer index wheel or head 9. A plate l0 se
contact the rings 29 and 39 respectively.
cured to the outer end of the block 5 extends into 55
The vertical spindle I is adapted to be de
tachably secured to and within a suitable driven
socket 35 from the overhead head 36 (Fig. l) of
a suitable machine tool such as a drill press or
the like. The socket 35 is attached to a driven
shaft which is rotated at a' relatively low speed,
therefore the spindlewl, head 2 and theparts car
ried thereon are turned at said low speed about
the vertical axis of the spindle l, the motorv l3 ' '
turning in a circle about said axis. The motor
in addition is driven at its regular speed of oper
ation and drives the shaft 23 at the required high 7.
speed for grinding.
orbital movement of the grinding wheel 24 causes
said wheel to cover the circumferential inner
surface of said opening. The collector ring con
struetion shown in Fig. 4 permits the supply of
electric current to the motor [3 while said motor
is moving in its circular path of movement about
of thespindle J.
The construction is very‘practical and useful.
The motor is readily accessible for installation,
removal, repair and replacement. The construc
tion is relatively simple, is very durable and has
proven' in practice to be very effective.
_‘ ‘_
Depending upon the position
adjust-V a I i 'Ijheinvention is de?ned in the appended claim
able block 5 upon the head 2, the axis oil the 15 and 11s‘ to?be i considered comprehensive of all
formsof structure coming within its scope.
shaft 23 may be located‘ either indirect aline
ment with the axis of spindle l or eccentrically
thereof. When adjusted to be offset a shortdis
tance, as shown in Fig. 1, the shaft 23 and the
‘ grinding
‘ I claim:~
Améchanism as described comprising, a spin
dle mounted to be rotated, a head on said spindle,
guideways on said head extending perpendicular
Wheel thereof; will
be rotated about the 20 to the axis of the spindle, a supportingblock
axis of said shaft 23 at high speed vandwillimove
mountedon ‘said guideways, means ‘for adjust
bodily in an orbit around an extension of the axis
ing said block on said guideways, va ‘shaft rotat~
of the spindle I. Accordingly the grinding wheel
ably mountedon said block having an axis paral
24 moving‘ in said circular orbit about Lth'e' axis
tov theaxis of ‘the spindle, a relatively small
of spindle I is carried around the inner. surface 25.
pulley on said shaft, a grinding’ wheel’ on said
of thehole 25 in the work 26. The hole-25>‘ may
shaft,v a rotatable support oh said block spaced
, be in a plate'or block or other ‘work which is
laterally from‘ said shaft,‘ vmeans for clamping
clamped to the table of the machine, to the driv
said support in adjusted rotated positioman 'elec
ing shaft of which the internal grinding unit of
my invention is applied. The head 36 being ver—" '30 tric motor mounted with its shaft eccentric to
the axis of said support, a relatively large pulley
.tically adjustable in the machines to which this
on said motor shaft and a belt extending‘ around
. internal grinding unit, is applicable,‘ the grinding
both of said pulleys.
__ p
- wheel 24 is movable vertically1to¢coverthe ver
tical dimension of the opening 'at"25, while the
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