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Aug. 13, 1946.
’ Filed Jan. 6,41945
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
William H. Rodefeld, Richmond, Incl.
Abplication January 6, 1945, Serial N0. 571,556
6 Claims. (GI. 214—79)
My present invention relates 110 machinery for
handling hay and similar material.
have picked up onto the conveyance and. then re
The principal object of this invention is the pro
Vision of a machine combining raking, loading‚
teeth 4 drop another bunch of material.
holding‚ and transporting mechanism 130 provide
of a machine with which 0ne man can do W01‘k
that heretofore required more than one machine
swung up and, rearward to put material on the
conveyance the holding arms 6 swing down and
being spaced to Dass betweem the loading teeth
they come against the material and the loading
teeth then return to the ground and the holding
arms 6 remain against the materia1 to hold i1: on
anal more than one man.
the conveyance until the loading teeth again rise
I attain these objects by mechanism illustrated.
in the accompanying drawing, in which—
to put more material on the conveyance than the
'I‘he frame I ‚ the rear wheels 2, the sides 3, the
36 and is connected by a 1ink 21 130 an arm 20 on
means t0 rake, take up, am]. remove hay and 51m.
ilar material from I;he ?eld more e?‘iciently.
Another object of this invention is the provision
turn down 120 pick up Position before th_e raking
Immediately after the loading teeth have
holding arms 6 swing quickly up out of the way
anal then again Swing down and against the ma
Figure 1 is a side view of the machine and shows
a conveyance in combination w_ith a Set of raking 15 terial before the, loading teeth again retum to the
teeth near the front thereof and a sei; of loading
teeth back of the raking teeth and a set of holding
The movements of the raking teeth 4 and the
loading teeth 5 and theholding arms 6 occur in
arms above the loading teeth and mechanism 1:0
operate the raking teeth and the loading teeth
proper order While the machine moves continu
and the holding arms.
20 a1ly forward and the loading teeth and the hold
Figure 2 is a plan view.
ing arms crowd the material back into the 001'1
veyance unti1 the conveyance is full and then the
Figure 3 is a partial side view showing the rak
ing teeth in raised position.
mechanism is put out of operation by shifting the
Figure 4 is a partia1 side view showing the 1oad
lever 32.
. ~
ing teeth in raised position and the holding arms 25 The frmt wheels 3I of the conveyauca operate
in raised position.
on the castor whee1 principle to permit turning.
Figure 5 is a partial front view showing only
A sprocket 8, a. spi‘0cket I6 and a sprocke_t 23
and the drive sprocket ‘I are connected by a
the loading teeth and. the holding arms with the
loading teeth in raised position and the holding
chain II.
The sprocket 8 rotates on a stationary stub
arms in lowered position and this view shows how 30
shaft 9 and carries an eccentrically positioned
the loading teeth and the ho1ding arms are spaced
1:0 pass between each other.
roller III that strikes-a rocker arm I2 carried by a
Figure 6 is an enlarged partial top view showing
stationary stub shaft I3 and the rocker arm I2 is
the 1eft rear wheel of the coriveyance and a
connected by a rod I4 to an arm I5 which is se
sprocket that drives the mechanism that operates 35 cured to the shaft 35 that carries the raking
the raking and loading teeth and the holding
teeth 4. Movement of the rocker arm I2 by the
arms and the means for engaging and disengaging
roher I0 0n the sprocket 8 therefore raises the
the driving sprocket and the wheel hub to put the
raking teeth 4.
mechanism in or out of operation.
The sprocket I6 rotates on a stub shaft I3'and
Sim'ilar numerals refer 110 similar parts 40 carries an eccentrically positioned roller I'l that
t_hroughout the several views.
strikes a 1ever I9 that is carried by a stub shaft
front wheels 3I anal the tongue 30 constitute the
a shaft 22 that carries the loading teeth 5. Move
ment 0f the 1ever I9 by the rollers I'I 011 the
The raking teeth 4 rake up material as the 45
I6 r-aises the loading tee’ch 5.
machine is pulled forward and then drop the ma
23 rotates an a stub shaft 3I and
teria1 in a bunch by being .raised to the position
carries an eccentrically positioned roller 24. A
shown in Figure 3. 'I'he loading tee'th ‘5 then
two arm rocker 25 carried by a stub shaft 29 is
pick up the bunched material as the machine
moves forward. 'I'he raking teeth 4 return 150 50 connected by a. bar 28 to an arm 27 Which is se
cured to a sha?: 26 that carries the holding arms
raking position immediately after passing over a
6. The two arms of the rocker 25 are struck al
dropped bunch of material 1:0 rake another bunch
ternately by the r01_1er 24 on the sprocket 23 and
of materia1 and while the raking teeth 4 are down
the loading teeth 5 swing up to the positions
when the roller 24 strikes the upper arm of rocker
shown in Figures 4 and 5 to put the material they 55 25 t‚h_e holding arms are raised and when -the
roller 24 strikes the lower arm of rocker 25 the
ing teeth are up and so the holding arms remain
against the material while the loading teeth are
4. A self-loading annveyance to take up anal
holding arms 6 are lowered.
The hub 33 of the sprocket ‘l ha‚s clutch jaws
to eng-age similar clutch jaws 011 the hub 34 of
the wheel 2 -and the clutch jaws are engaged or
disengaged to put the mechanism in or out of 0D
transport hay and similar material while moving
forward having a carrying compartment open at
the front‚ a set of teeth to rake material anal
Having now’described the invention, what I
drop it in bunches, a second Set of teeth to s1ide
c1aim and desire 130 secure by Letters Patent of
under the said bunches a‚nd then to swing upward
10 anal elevate the material to the oarrying com
the Unitedßtates is:
1. A machine to handle hay and similar mate
pa.rtment and a set of arms to press the mate
ria1 consisting of a, wheel supported frame car
ria1 in the carrying compartment and hold it
rying a. set of raking teeth near the front end
therein and to serve as a closing means to the
~ thereof arranged to rake material into bunches
‘open front 015 the carrying compa‚rtment.
as the machine moves forward and to rise and 15
5. A machine for harvesting hay 'and similar
drop the said bunches and a sei: of loading teeth
material consisting of a wheeled chassis support
located behind the raking teeth with ~thtäir freut
ins a 1oad carrying compartment open at the
ends arranged to slide on the grouncl under the
front and having a set of loading teeth hinged
bunched material dropped by the raking teeth
to the chassis near the said open front anal ex
and their back ends carried by the frame in such 20 tending forward with the front ends thereof rest
manner as 120 permit the front ends to be raised
ing on the ground when they are in down posi
to carry the material up-ward am! backwa‚rd to a
tion and extending upward a„t the open front of
carrying compartment a‚nd a, set of ho1ding arms
the carrying compartment when up and a set of
supported above the said loading teeth and ar
holding arms arranged to pass between the said
ranged to swing downward and rearward to pass
loa‚ding teeth when they a1‘e up to press material
between the said loa‚ding teeth to hold the mate
in the carrying compartrnent and to hold it there
rial in the carrying compartment.
in when. the said loading teeth are in down posi
2. A haryesting machine consisting of a
tion anti a set of raking teeth near the front of
wheeled chassis ha‚ving a set of.raking teeth ar
the chassis to rake material as the machine
ranged to rake material as the machine moves . moves forward and. arranged. to drop it bunched
forward and then drop it in a bunch anal having
in front of the sa‚id loading teeth.
a set of loa.ding teeth hinged to the said chassis
6. A machine to rake and take up and trans
back of the said raking teeth and. arranged to
port hay and similar material consisting of a
wheeled chassis having a carrying compartment
extend forward and to p&tss under the bunched
material dropped by ‘the said raking teeth as » open at the freut anal having a. set of raking
the machine moves forward anal then to swing
teeth near the freut 0f said chassis arranged to
upward and elevate the said materia! to a carrY
rake material a‚s the machine moves forward and
ing compartment on the said Chassis and having
to rise at intervals to drop the raked materia‚l
a set of holding arms arranged to pass between
in bunches and having a set of loading teeth be
the said lom_iing teeth while they are up anti to‘ 40 hind the raking teeth and hinged to the machine
and extending forward toward the raking teeth
hold the seid material in the said 00mpartment
when in down position a„nd arranäed so tha.t the
and having mechariism to operate the said rak
ing teeth and loä.ding teeth and holding arms.
forward ends thereof slide on the ground and
under the bunched materia‚l and so that they
3. A machine to rake, tanke up, and. transport
swing upward to elevate the said material to the
hay and similar Irlaterial having a, set of raking
said carrying compartment and having a. set of
toethyarranged to rake' materia‚l as the machine
holding' arms hinged so they may swing to pass
moves forward and to riseyat intervals a‚ncl drop
between and. through the loading teeth when
the raked material 'bunchecl anc1 then return to
the ground for additional raking and having a
the same are up to press material into the car
sei; of _loading teeth behind the said raking teeth ~€ rying compartm‘ent and. arranged to remain
against the material therein while the loading
a‚rrai1god to s1ide under the bunched material
drop«ped -by the raking teeth and then swing up
teeth return to the ground to take up more ma
teria1 and to Swing upward out of the way when
ward. t0 carry the material to a, holding compart
the loading teeth elevate the next bunch of ma
ment anti a set of holding arms arranged to press
teria1 and then to swing through the 1oad
and hold the material in the holding com‘part
ing teeth to press and hold the material and
ment -‘and meohani_sm to operate the raking teeth
ha.ving mechanism to operate the raking teeth
and the loading teeth a‚nd the holding arms anal
and the loading teeth and the ho1ding arms.
to time the movements thereof so the loading
teeth a‚re down When the raking teeth riss and
so the raking teeth rema-in down when the load 60
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