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'Aug. 13, 1946.‘ _
Filed Dec. 9, 1945
Jbl'in H. Barrel/‘T.
7\ W
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
John H. Barrett, Hudson, Mass, assignor to The
La Pointe Machine Tool Company, Hudson,
Mass, a corporation of Maine
Application December 9, 1943, Serial No. 513,599
2 Claims. (01. 175—367)
This invention relates to a magnetic ?xture
by which work may be secured for machine op
It is the general object of my invention to pro
vide a magnetic ?xture so constructed that the
work may be conveniently held at a selected angle
relative to a supporting magnetic table or other
A further object is to provide a magnetic ?x
recess 30 to receive the cylindrical lower surface
of the work support II. A retaining plate 40 iS
secured to each end of the work support I I in any
convenient manner, as by screws 4I. Each plate
40 is provided with a segmental rib 42 (Fig. 3)
on its inner face, which rib is a sliding ?t in a
corresponding segmental groove 44 formed in
the adjacent end face of the base III. The ribs
42 and grooves 44 thus hold the base III and work
support II securely in assembled relation, while
ture having an angularly adjustable work-hold 10 permitting
angular movement of the work sup
ing element, together with means for adjusting
said element, and means for securing the same
An end portion of the cylindrical outer sur
in adjusted position. I also provide a construc
face of the work support I I is preferably provided
tion such that the magnetic force which holds
with gear teeth 50 forming a segmental rack
the work in the ?xture also looks the ?xed and
which is engaged by a pinion 5I rotatably mount
movable parts of the ?xture in selected angular
ed on a stud 52 ?xed in the base II). The end
face of the base is recessed as indicated‘ at 53
My invention further relates to arrangements
to receive the pinion 5|, and the pinion is pro
and combinations of parts which will be herein
vided with a knurled head 55 by which it may
after described and more particularly pointed
be conveniently turned. This construction pro
out in the appended claims.
vides convenient means for angularly adjusting
A preferred form of the invention is shown in
the work support I I on the base I0.
the drawing, in which
Each segmental plate 40 is provided with a seg
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of my improved ?x
ture, with certain parts shown in section;
Fig. 2 is a front elevation thereof, looking in
the direction of the arrow 2 in Fig. 1; and
Fig. 3 is a partial sectional view, taken along
the line 33 in Fig. 1.
Referring to the drawing, my improved ?xture ._
comprises a base III and a work support I I. Each
of these parts is formed of alternately disposed
plates I4 and I5 of magnetic and non-magnetic
material respectively. The magnetic plates in the
" mental slot 60 through which extends a stud GI
?xed in the base I0. Wing nuts 62 on the studs
6I provide convenient means for clamping the
base I0 and work support II in selected angular
One end of the base I!) may be provided with
the graduated scale indicated in Fig. 1, which is
positioned to coact with an index arrow on the
adjacent plate at. By reference to the gradua
tions, the angular displacement of the work sup
port II may be conveniently ascertained.
base are aligned with the magnetic plates in the
With this construction, a piece of work W may
work support and the non-magnetic plates are
placed on the work support II and may be
similarly aligned, as clearly shown in Fig. 2. The
quickly and easily adjusted with the support to
plates I4 are preferably of wrought iron or soft
any desired angular position. After the adjust
steel, and the plates I5 may be of brass or bronze
is made, application of magnetic force will
or other non-magnetic material.
cause the work W to be ?rmly retained on the
The several plates I4 and I5 forming the base
work support I I, the work support I I to be ?rmly
are permanently assembled by cross rods 20 (Fig.
retained in the base I0, and the base III to be
1), and the plates I4 and I5 forming the work
securely held on the working surface of a mag
support II may be similarly assembled by cross
rods 2I. The rods 20 and 2| may be headed or 45 netic chuck or table.
It will be understood that my improved work
riveted in the outer plates to ?rmly hold the parts
holding ?xture is intended primarily for use on
a supporting magnetic surface, as it hasno pro
The work support II is preferably formed as
> vision for generating magnetic force in itself.
a segment of a cylinder, with a portion cut away
to provide work-engaging surfaces 25 and 26, 50 Having thus described my invention and the
advantages thereof, I do not wish to be limited
preferably disposed at 90° to each other. When
the details herein disclosed, otherwise than
the surface 25 is parallel to the bottom of the
as set forth in the claims, but what I claim is:
base III, the surface 25 is preferably aligned with
1. A work holding ?xture comprising a base
the top surface 21 of the base.
The base I0 is provided with an upper concave 55 and a work support, each formed of a plurality
of axially adjacent and axially alternated mag
netic and non-magnetic plates, each plate having
a work holding and angularly recessed edge por
tion and a segmental circular edge bearing por
tion and said plates being secured in a longitudi
nally extended assembled structure, said base
and support having coacting concave and con
vex cylindrical ‘surfaces, said support having end
plates with segmental locking ribs and said base
netic and non-magnetic plates, each plate in said
support having a work holding and angularly
recessed edge portion and a segmental circular
edge bearing portion and said plates being se
cured in a longitudinally extended assembled
structure, said base and support having coact
ing concave and convex cylindrical surfaces, said
support having end plates with segmental look
ing ribs and said base having segmental grooves
having segmental grooves to receive said ribs, 10 in its end surfaces to receive said ribs, whereby
whereby said base and support are continuously” said base and support are continuously main
maintained in assembled sliding relation, and
tained in assembled sliding relation, said plates
having segmental slots and said base having studs
extending through said slots, and clamping nuts
2. A Work holding ?xture comprising a base x15v on said studs'e?ective to clamp said plates and
and a Work support, each formed of a plurality
support to said base.
of axially adjacent and axially alternated mag
additional means to secure said support to said
base in any selected angular position.
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