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Aug. 33, N46.
Filed Aug. 4, 1.944
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
Bernard GraftornBrooklyn, N. Y.
Application August 4, 1944, Serial No. 548,049
1 Claim. (Cl. 120-48)
The purpose of my invention is to provide apen
“ the channel ‘9 which passes through parts C and
with a rotary valve structure, consisting of three
cylindrical parts held in superposed relation by a
rivet, the center cylinder valve alone being r0
tinuous straight alignment with parts A, B and
A. When the channel 9 is brought into a con
C, a continuous flow of ink goes through the
9 from the interior of the barrel I3 into
tated in a manner that acts as a shutoff in the
the opening, I0, of the pen as shown in Figure 3.
flow of the ink from the ink barrel to the pen
The three projections 3 of the cap 2 set into the
point. This is a novel means of making the pen
keyways which are a part of the cylindrical part
leak proof. This is accomplished by having the
B, shown at 5 and are spaced 120 degrees apart,
cap turn a cylinder which opens 01' closes the
In or one third of the circumference interiorly with
flow of the ink.
in the cap; thus when the cap is screwed into
' Referring to the drawing:
the pen as shown at 6 and ‘I, the B cylinder is
Figure 1 is a fragmentary view of the pen and
also caused to revolve and the ink channel in
part B is turned away from the channels of A
Figure 2 is a sectional View on line 2-2 of Fig
15 and C. The channel 9, is then closed as shown
ure 1.
in Figure 5 by the turning of cylinder or part
Figure 3 is a cross sectional view on the line
B. A gasket I5, is placed in the barrel part C,
3—-3 of Fig. 4.
making this area moisture tight. The portion
Figure 4 is a sectional view on the line 4-4
shown as 16 may be extended to enable an in
of Fig. 3.
Figure 5 is similar to view shown in Fig. 3 20 terior bladder for the ink to be sealed onto the
said portion IS. The circular projections 11
showing segment turned part of a revolution.
shown in the Figures 3 and 5 ?t into the'circular
Figure 6 is a cross section of line 6—-6 of Fig. 5.
recess I‘Ia of the cylinder B. The circular pro
Figure '7 is a detail view, partly broken, show
jections I8 in Figures 3 and 5 ?t into the circular
ing pen point rest and ink channel.
I8a of the barrel C. The rivet shown as
Figure 8 is an end view of ink channel.
H, is tightly held by a driving fit to the interior
Figure 9 is outside view partly broken of por—
tion of barrel of pen point holder.
Figure 10 is an end view of Fig. 9.
Figure 11 is a cross section of the cap showing
projections and threaded portion.
I attain these objects by the means illustrated
centers of parts A and C as shown in Figs. 3 and -
The part B ?ts loosely on the rivet as shown
in Figs. 3 and 5. Thus only part B is rotatable
30 on the rivet.
To carry out the purpose of my invention, slight
changes may be made in the construction of my
leak proof pen without departing from the broad
in the drawing accompanying this speci?cation,
in which i shows the entire pen; 2 is the cap of
scope of my invention.
the pen; 3 shows the projections which set into
What I claim as new and useful is:
the keyways of the revolving cylinder 4 and into
In a fountain pen, having three parts, said
the grooves ‘5; the cap shown as 2 has a thread
parts having a channel therethrough for the ink
shown as 6 which is turned onto the threaded
flow; a rivet passing through and holding to
portion shown as ‘I of the body of the pen shown
gether the parts in superposed relation; a center
as I. The 8 is the pen point rest showing the ink
channel 9 through which the ink flows to the 40 portion adapted to be rotated to open or close
the valve around the rivet; said rivet holding to
pen point I0; the pen rest is tapered so that it
gether three divisions of the pen; turning the
?ts into the opening 19a of the pen shown as
center portion by 120 degrees being suf?cient to
I; the rivet II holds together part A as the pen
operate the valve; each of the three parts having
point rest and pen point holder, with the re
a channel and the channels registering in one
volving center cylinder part B which acts as the
position of the part B and when part B is rotated,
ink cut-o? valve; part C is the barrel portion
its channel going out of registry with the channel
of the pen also held by rivet I I. A gasket is fit
in each of the other two parts; a cap covering
ted at I2 into the grooves of A and B. The ink
the pen which has three projections therein which
flows from the interior I3 of the barrel through
the channel 9 in parts A, B and C. The gasket 50 extend into grooves of the center cylinder; said '
I4 is set in B and C into recesses which provide a
‘ cap engaging the center portion and closing or
seal against the leakage of the ink to the ex
terior and also acts as a tightening means be
tween the parts C and B. The part B, which re
volves around the rivet II also turns and closes 55
opening the valve as the cap is screwed on or on“
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