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vAug. ‘1.3, m6.
Filed‘ Oct. 5‘, 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet _1
_ Aug. 13; 14,
2,405,804 I
Filed 0012'. 3, 1944
2 Sh<§‘ets—Sh.ee_t
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
George Zint, Wapakoneta, Ohio
Application October 3, 1944, Serial No. 556,972
3 Claims. (Cl. 91—54.4)
The invention aims to provide a simple, inex
pensive, easily operable and effective device for
moistening the gummed edges of cigarette papers
when rolling cigarettes with any of the conven
tional hand-operated cigarette-rolling machines.
Figure 1 of the accompanying drawings is a
front elevation of the device.
Fig. 2 is a rear elevation.
Fig. 3 is a top plan view.
Fig. 4 is an end elevation with the actuating
levers and‘associated parts moved to extreme
positions to give access to the ?lling plug of the
22 are secured tothe rear ends of two levers :23
which are disposed atthe outer sides of the end
walls 9, said levers being fulcrumed between their
ends to the extensions I5, as shown at v21!. The
front ends of the levers 23 are connected vby a
, ?nger bar 25Vwhich overlies the top ‘I2 of the
reservoir 1. Ascent of this ?ngerlbar and thus .
descent of the pressure bar’ 29, arev liim'tedyby a .
nut 26 on the upper end of ‘a stud 21 which
projects upwardly vfromthereservoir top I2, said
?nger bar 25having a slot 28 through. whichgsaid
stud extends.‘ A coil spring 29 surrounds the
stud 2‘! and presses upwardly against the ?nger
Fig. 5 is a transverse section on line 5-5 of
bar 25 to normally hold the parts in such posi
Fig. 1.
15. tions that proper space exists between the pres
Fig. 6 is a sectional perspective view showing a
sure bar 20 and the end I‘! of the wick It.
portion of the reservoir.
The reservoir top I 2 is provided with a suit
A preferred construction has been illustrated
able ?lling plug 30. To readily gain access to
and will be rather speci?cally described, with
this plug, the nut 26 may be removed, whereupon
the understanding, however, that within the scope 20 the levers 23 may swing to the position shown in
of the invention as claimed, variations may be
Fig. 4, disposing the ?nger bar 25 in widely spaced
made. It may also be stated that whereas the
relation with said ?lling plug.
expressions “front” and “rear” will be herein
When the reservoir contains a quantity of
used, it is to be understood that such expressions
water, the wick I6 and its end I ‘I will remain
are relative rather than limiting.
25 damp. Thus, when the gummed edge of the cig
A horizontally elongated reservoir ‘I is shown,
arette paper 2| is interposed between the wick
said reservoir comprising a bottom 8, end walls
end I‘! and the pressure bar 20, it is only neces
9, a relatively low front wall It], a relatively high
sary to depress the ?nger bar 25 to press the gum
rear wall I I, and a top I2 which extends rear
against the wick end I‘! to moisten said gum.
wardly from the front wall It! and terminates in 30 Depression of bar 25 will of course tilt the levers
spaced relation with the back wall I I. This back
23 to raise the pressure bar 20, and as soon as
wall I I rigidly carries a horizontal shelf l3 which
said bar 25 is released, the spring 29 returns the
projects rearwardly from and extends longitudi
parts to their normal positions.
nally of the upper edge of said back wall. An
While excellent results have been obtained
other wall Idrises from the rear edge of the top 0: Cl. from the details disclosed and they may be con
I 2 to a plane above the shelf I3, and the end walls
sidered as preferred, attention is again invited
9 vare provided with upward extensions I5 which
to the possibility of making variations within the
are secured to the walls II and I4 and project
scope of the invention as claimed.
upwardly from the ends of the shelf I3.
I claim:
A ?at wick It extends upwardly from the re 40
1. In a moistening dew'ce, a substantially rec
servoir 1 between the walls II and I4, the upper
tangular reservoir to be supported on a table
end I‘! of said wick being disposed horizontally
and formed along its entire longitudinal rear wall
upon the shelf I 3 and projecting rearwardly be
with an elongated substantially rectangular wick
yond the rear edge of said shelf. A clamping
holder projecting above the ?at top of the reser-'
plate I8 rests upon the horizontal upper end I‘! 45 voir, a fixed elongated shelf projecting rearward—
of the wick and is secured in place by screws I9
ly from the upper edge of said holder and posi
which are threaded into openings in the shelf I3.
tioned horizontally below the upper edges of the
A pressure bar 29 is disposed under the rear- .
side and front walls of said holder, a ?at rec
wardly projecting end I‘! of the wick l6 and is
tangular wick extending from said reservoir
spaced downwardly therefrom to a su?icient ex 50 through said holder and having its upper. portion
tent to permit the gummed edge of a cigarette
resting on said shelf with its upper end project
paper to be inserted between the two as shown in
ing beyond the outer rear edge of saidshelf,
dotted lines at 2I, in Fig. 5. The pressure bar 26
a rectangular clamping plate positioned between
is preferably in the form of a ?ange on the upper
the side and front walls of said holder over the
edge of a bar 22. The ends of the bars 2n and 1.56. W16}; portion on said shelf, the rear portion of
to clamp the wick on said shelf, a ?at rectangular
pressure bar underlying said rearwardly project
ing end of the wick and spaced downwardly
therefrom to permit insertion of a gummed paper
between the two, two parallel levers ?xedly se
cured at one endto, the, ends ..of, saidpressure bar
and positioned along the outer sides ‘of said wick
holder, a ?nger bar ?xed to the other ends of
said levers and overlying the front portion of the
top of said reservoir, and means for fulcrum
ing said levers between theiriends.
2. In a moistening device, a substantiallyxec
tangular reservoir to be supportedeon ,a table‘
and formed along its entire longitudinal rear wall
with an elongated substantial-151irectangular wickv
holder projecting above the ?at top of, the reser
?nger bar, a coil spring on said stud beneath said
?nger bar and a nut threaded on said stud above
said ?nger bar, whereby said spring will hold
said plate overlying the said projecting end of
said wick, fastening means for securing said plate
said pressure bar a predetermined distance from
said wick until the ?nger bar is depressed.
3. In a moistening device, a reservoir com
prising a bottom, end walls, a relatively low front
wallwa relatively high ,back wall, and a top ex
tending rearwardly from said front Wall and ter
10 minating in spaced relation with said back wall,
an elongated shelf secured to and projecting rear
wardly from the upper edge of said back wall,
~wsaid‘shelfextending longitudinally of said upper
edge of said back wall, an additional wall rising
~fromithe, rear edge of said top and extending to
a‘plane above said shelf, said end walls having
l-u'pwarid. extensions which are secured to said
backmwall and said additional wall and project
upwardly from the ends of said shelf, a wick
from the upper edge'of said holder, a ?at rec 20 extending from said reservoir between said back
~wall=andsaid additional wall, the upper end of
tangular vwick extending '5 from said - reservoir
voir, a ?xed elongatedshelf projectingrearwardly '
"through‘séud holder-and having its upper ‘portion
‘resting on said shelf with its upperlend projecting
beyond the outer rear edge of said shelf, means
- clamping ‘the: wick on said shelf,~an open rec
“tangular swinging frame surrounding said wick
holderand in'cludinga pair of levers positioned
saidlwickbeing secured upon said shelf andv pro
jecting rear-wardly/ beyond the same, a pressure
bar underlying said _- rearwardly projecting end
of said wick and spaced downwardly therefrom
to permit insertion ofea gummed- paper between
the two, two levers at ‘the outer sides of said end
walls and fulcrumed between their» ends on said
1 at‘ the ‘outer sides ‘of 'said' holder and pivoted ‘be
end wall extensions, the‘rearerids of‘ said" levers
"*tween their ends thereto, a‘pressure bar connect
“ing- thel'rear“ ends- vof > saidi'levers "and underlying 30 being connected‘ to: therends of said pressure bar
'forraising the‘latter;~and a’?nger'bar connected
-‘ the projecting "end of the" wick vand a‘ ?nger bar
‘to the front - ends -‘ of said? leversfor operating
‘connecting the front-ends-of said‘levers and over
said levers.
‘lyingiTthe-topvof the'front‘ portion of said reser
‘lvoir;a‘threaded-‘stud-lrising frorn’the top of said
"reservoir-1 and passing'*_through an =opening' in: said 36
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