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Aug». 13, 1946.
2,405,808 *
Fiied April 17, 1944
2 sheets-sheet 1
y Aug. 13, 1946.
. Filed April 17,` 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
vHarry A. Armbright, Lansdowne,`Pa. y
Application April 17, 1944, ¿Serial No.153-1A07
4 Claims.
(o1. s5--7¿)
My invention relates to a demonstrationlayout
planner adapted for vuse in demonstrating and
nished, and for cooperation with said platform
and walls there isprovided a set .of tiles or blocks
made to thesame scale as the measurements on
facilitating the making .of layouts of equipment,
articles 0f furniture and -the like, in a room of
the rail members, each tile corresponding to a
particular article of equipment, furniture or iiller
piece and bearing an index marking for identifi
cation, so that yby positioning these tiles on the
platform against the 1rail members and by super
imposing certain tiles uponone another, any de
deñnite dimensions, soV that a lay person can
readily visualize the precise arrangement and
location that such articles will .occupy when in
stalled .or _setin place in such room. More `spe
cííìcally _it relates to a .modern kitchen .planner
whereby a salesman can demonstrate to a pros
pective punchaser of kitchen equipment units,
justhow the kitchen .would look with :the various
units installed in place.
l0 sired vplan or arrangement of equipment may be
arrived at. And »Where it is desired to make a
diagram or sketch of the arrangement decided
upon, it is merely 'necessary to place a sheet of
paper çon >the platform beneath the rail members
¿and the tiles and use the _rail members and indi
vidual tiles `as templets for drawing on the paper
v.the :room outline and the arrangement of the
The vmodernization of kitchens and other
rooms, for example, ,playrooms in a home with
standard equipment and .articles of >furniture is
.at the present time _proceeding atan accelerated
rate. Kitchen .equipment .and .articles of furni
.separate pieces of equipment disposed therein.
The invention will -be better understood froma
consideration of the detailed description which
follows, when considered in connection With the
accompanying drawings, wherein:
ture for such purposes are now being .manufac
.tured in units of .various sizes and packaged for
direct shipment to the purchaser who, independ
.e .tly of, .or with .the aid of a salesman, .chooses
.and orders the desired equipment which, upon be
ing received, must be installed .or Lset in place.
Of course, to arrive at a fair ideaof how the vari
ous >articles .will fit into a .particular room, the
.purchaser or salesman, .after measuringtthe room
and deciding what articles vare to be .placed there
Figure .,1 is a top plan view of a demonstration
layout plannerv kembodying my invention.
Fig. 2 is a section taken substantially along the
plane of the line 2-.2 -of Fig. 1.
Fig. ,3. is a Yperspective view of `the crossed ends
of onepair of rail _members .showing their inter
`in,.rnust make numerous calculations to Iascertain
digitated relationship,
Vjust hcw said articles will best vfìtintolthe avail-> 30 Fig, 4 is a perspective .View of aplurality of the
able space. .It is apparent that vsuch procedure
tile members forming part Aof my invention.
is not only .time-consuming, but it also -fails to
Fig. 5 is a perspective view of a window strip
present .to the purchasereither aclear `picture of
usable with my invention.
the proposed arrangement or insure that said ar
rangement and disposition of the articles, when
installed, willbe the best .possible Moreover, er
rors are liable .tobernade in thecalculations and
`should they occur, will give rise :to considerable
annoyance and its attendant expense .and loss of
time in exchanging the-articles.
My present invention hasbeen dsigned to over
come all of the aforementioned objections in .that
it eliminates all calculations, >provides for free
dom of re-arrangement Vof the articles until the
Referring to the drawings, the reference char
acter I El represents a hat., substantially rectangu_
lar platform of Yany suitable material such as
l wood, plastic, Iindurated fibre or the like, lhaving
formed therein, preferably .adjacent the .corners
thereof, slots II disposed parallel to the sides of
the platform and adapted >to receive therethrough
bolts I2 whichserveto hold railrnembers i3, each
consisting of 7.a plurality of superposed `elements
I4, in >assembled relation. To hold „the `>elements
I4 in properly spaced relation, there are pro
preferred larrangement is decided upon, and en- l s. O1 vided washers or spacing members I5 of a thick
ables the salesman or the demonstrator toq‘uickly
prepare a scale drawing of the approved arrange
ment, thereby enabling the purchaser, upon re_
ceiving the individually packaged articles, to have
ness .substantially Vequal to .or slightly Ygreater
than the .elements M. There are .two Vpairs of
rail members I3 lmounted to forma rectangle,
With the elements of each rail member inter
them installed according to the scale drawing. 50 digitated with the elements of another rail mem
More specifically, my invention consists of a plat
form having two pairs of relatively movable'par
allel Vrail members having scaled .measurements
thereon, adapted to be adjusted tocorrespond to
thegfour 'Walls :.of .the room Ato She equipped .or ¿fur
ber whereby the rail members are adapted .to be '
movable relatively to one another at right angles
to each .other to >provide substantially rectangu
.lar areas .of A.varying .dimensions .on .the platform,
.55 @it 'being 'understood that the relative :movements
are controlled by the movements of the bolts I2
in the slots II. The platform In is preferably
in the room may be represented and definitely
located on my device, and in Fig. 5 I have shown
an adjustable member 25 consisting of a pair of
mounted upon a rectangular frame I6 by any
suitable securing means, such as wood screws I1,
the frame having grooves I8 therein in under
lying relation to the slots II in the platform,
the Width of said grooves I8 being such as to
accommodate nuts I9 adapted to engage on the
bolts I2¿-in a manner tobe slidable,rv but non
telescopic elements 25a and 251) dimensioned to
be inserted between two superposed elements I4
of a rail member i3 as shown in Fig. 1, to deñ
nitely locate such window in the room layout
being planned. Of course, similar members may
be employed to locate other windows or doors in
rotatable, in the grooves I8. The topmost ele
ment I4 of each of the rail members I3 is pref
erably formed of transparent plastic material
and each rail member has scale measurements Z’IlH
thereon visible through the topmost-»element I4,
whereby the r-ail members may be adjusted rela
tively to each other to correspond to the’longi
If desired, the location of doors and windows
the room.
In the use of my demonstration layout planner
iet it be assumed that it is desired to modernize
a kitchen measuring approximately 11’ 4" by
l5 10T 6" and that it is desired to use and retain
tudinal dimensions of the four walls of >a roomV »
which the rail members in adjusted position are
intended to represent. For holding the rail mem
bers in such adjusted position While at the same
time to permit of their movement across the plat
form, the bolts I2 by which the rail members
Vare held onto the platform, are provided with
springètensioning means such as coil-springs 2l
mounted between the holdingV nut I9 and the rear
the Vstove 26 and the refrigerator 2'I now con
tained inthe kitchen, either in the locations that
they now occupy or in a preferred rearrangement
thereof. The salesman or demonstrator will ñrst
set his rails on the platform so that they will
correspond to a room having the desired dimen
sions. He will then take tiles corresponding in
size to the basic elements of equipment such as
the stove, the sink and the refrigerator, and dis
pose them along the rail members at the positions
where it is desired that they be located. Then,
through the use of B-indexed tiles representing
cabinets, the remaining space along one or
of the rail members, ñller Washers I3a are pro
more Walls may be nlled in to locate the positions
vided. For convenience, washers 22 are disposed
at the opposite ends of the springs 2l to providev 30 of such cabinets and then W-indexed tiles may
be superposed upon these base tiles to represent
proper bearing surfaces therefor. In view of the
the location of wall cabinets to be located in the
construction and arrangement of the rail mem
kitchen. In this connection it will be apparent
bers on the platform as hereinabove described,
that, inasmuch as the wall cabinets are of less
it will be apparent that the rail members are
depth than the base cabinets, by placing the cor
first assembled on the platform and the latter is ,
responding wall cabinet tiles in superposed rela- `
then mounted on the frame I6 with the nut-en
tion tothe base cabinet tiles, the relationship of
gaging ends of the bolts slidably disposed in the
the base and wall cabinets will stand out quite
grooves I8. After assembly, the device may be
prominently. With respect to taking care of a
mounted in a suitable finishing frame indicated
corner of the room whereat it isnot convenient
by the reference numeral 24.
or desirable to place a base cabinet, a filler piece
For cooperative engagement with the rail mem
such as tile 241) may be inserted thereat, and,
bers, there are provided a plurality of tiles or
face 'of the platform. l‘I‘o compensate for the
overlapping relation of the bottommost elements
blocks collectively represented` by the reference
character‘ZlIr, each of said tiles being preferably
of rectangular form and made to the same scale
as the measurements on the rail members, and
each tile corresponding to a particular article
0f equipment, furniture, or filler piece, which is
to be disposed within a room, the layout of which
is to be planned.
Each tile also carries an index ,
24a thereon for identifying the particular articie
of equipment or furniture which it represents.
For example, the base cabinet tiles may have an
index including the letter B, a Wallcabinet may
have an index including the letter W and tiles
representing a refrigerator, a stove or a sink may
have arbitrary indexes. Certain of the tiles, how
ever, do not represent articles of >equipment or
furniture but are used as ñller pieces for dis
position‘in the layout to take care of corners or
other locations in the room where standard ar
ticles' of equipment are not available, for exam
ple, tile designated 24h represents a corner filler
piece. The tiles 24 areof various sizes, corre
sponding to the dimensions of standard articles
of equipment which are availablefor installa
tion and said tiles are preferably made of greater
thickness than the individual elements I4 con
stituting a rail member I3, but of less thickness
than the total thickness of the-rail members, so
thatat least' two tiles, for- example, W-I83 and
B-ISSS in Fig, 1, may be'superimposed on one
another when placed in`abutting relation toV a
rail member, Without danger of -passing under or
between the spaced elements of the rail'member.
if desired, a corner wall cabinet such as 24e may
'be superimposed upon the tile 26h representing
the filler piece. Inasmuch as kitchen equipment
is now manufactured and packaged in standard
sizes -for direct shipment to the purchaser, it will
be appreciated that by locating the deñnite posi
tions that various articles of equipment will oc
cupy in 'a given room by the use of my invention,
a prospective `purchaser will obtain a deñnite idea
and visual picture of the iinal arrangement of
' such equipment in the kitchen.
It will also be
apparent that by the use of my demonstration
layout planner, the tiles may be rearranged to
represent various layouts until a preferred one
is decided upon. When such preferred layout is
chosen a permanent record thereof may be
readily obtained by placing a sheet of paper on
the platform and extending under the rail mem
bers and then using the rail members and the
individual tiles as templets, a diagram of the
room and the various articles of equipment to
be disposed therein can be readily drawn in out
line and suitably notated to provide a ready ref
i ‘erence for both the purchaser and the installer,
when the packaged equipment is delivered.
For convenience, my demonstration layout
planner may be mounted and carried in a suitable
»container (not shown) which may have com
partments for the tiles to facilitate their use.
It'will be apparent that my present invention,
althoughv primarily designed for planning and
demonstrating the layout in modernizing kitch
ens, is equally applicable in demonstrating the
layout of other rooms of a home, such as a play
room which may employ standard equipment,
and for demonstrating and planning the layout
of showrooms, stockrooms and the like. Accord
ingly, it is to be understood that my invention
is not limited to the precise structure and ar
rangement of parts hereinbefore described, but
mental member of the other pair, at least one
complemental pair of said rail members having
its members relatively movable and adjustable
to each other while maintaining the >substantially
»right-angular relationship therebetween and
having scaled measurements thereon whereby a
substantially rectangular space provided by the
may be varied within the range of mechanical
adjustment of said movable rail members on said
skill without departing from the spirit of my
platform may be made to correspond to the meas
invention, as deñned in the accompanying claims. 10 urements of a given room, cooperating parts on
What I claim is:
the platform and one the movable rail members
1. A device of the character described compris
guiding said rail members in their movements,
ing a platform, two complemental pairs of rail
each of the rail members of the pair of movable
members on said platform, each pair having its
rail members consisting of a plurality of spaced
individual members disposed substantially at a 15 superposed elements with the superposed ele
right-angle to one another and to a comple
ments of one rail member being interdigitated
mental member of the other pair, at least one
with the elements of the other rail member, and
complemental Ipair of said rail members having
a plurality of rectangular tiles, dimensioned to
its members relatively movable and adjustable
, the same scale as the rail members and adapted
to each other while maintaining the substantially 20 to represent articles of equipment, removably
right-angular relationship therebetween and
positionable on said platform in engagement with
a rail member, said tiles being of less thickness
substantially rectangular space provided by the
than the total thickness of a rail member whereby
adjustment of said movable rail members on said
at least two tiles may be superimposed on one
platform maybe made to correspond to the meas 25 another in engagement with at least one rail
urements of a given room, cooperating parts on
member without passing under or between the
the platform and on the movable rail members
interdigitated elements of the rail members to
for guiding said rail members in their -move
represent the relationship of articles of equip
ments, each of the rail members of the pair of
ment to be demonstrated by the device.
movable rail members consisting of a plurality
3. A device according to claim 2, wherein both
of spaced superposed elements with the super
complemental pairs of rail members are movable
posed elements of one rail member being inter
relatively to each other and each rail member
digitated with the elements of the other rail
consists of a plurality of spaced superposed ele
member, and a plurality of rectangular tiles,
ments which are interdigítated with the elements
dimensioned to the same scale as the rail mem 35 of the adjacent rail members.
bers and adapted to represent articles of equip
4. A device according to claim 2, wherein a
ment, removably positionable on said platform
longitudinally adjustable member consisting of
in engagement with at least one rail member
a pair of telescoping elements and representing
and with one another.
an opening is adapted to be mounted and fric
2. A device of the character described compris 40 tionally held on a rail member to locate the posi
ing a platform, two complemental pairs of rail
tion and width of such opening in the repre
members on said platform, each pair having its
sentation of the given room.
individual members disposed substantially at a
having scaled measurements thereon whereby a
right-angle to one another and to a comple
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