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Aug. 13, 1946. '
_.=_ C5, CARTUN
Filed Jan. 22, 1945
Invent 01- :
Paul O. ‘Cari-Jun,
by Wwajwldy
' His Abbor-neg
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
Paulo. lCartun,.Cleveland Heights, Ohimassignor
to General Electric Company, a corporation of
New York
Application January 22, 1945, Serial No. 573,871
5 Claims.
(Cl. 200-50)
"The present invention. relates to lamp holders
In wall 6 is an opening in which is positioned a
and especially to lamp holders for tubular lamps,
sliding contact l2, the head of which engages
such as ?uorescent lamps. It is especially useful
the one end of lever 3. It is biased to a position
in connection with tubular lamps requiring rela
in engagement with the lever bya suitable spring
tively high open circuit voltages, for example, (y 53. ‘Preferably sliding contact ‘i2 is provided
voltages of the order of 500 volts or higher, al»
withra recess in which is positioned a spring
though it is not limited thereto necessarily.
pressed pin ill-which forms the contact proper,
The primary object of my invention is to pro
it being the part of the sliding contact which
vvide an improved constructionand arrangement
engages the lamp contact ‘2. This provides yield
of lamp holder which affords a high degree of 10 ing means for the sliding contact so as to insure
safety .‘from an electrical standpoint. It em
pro-per engagement with a lampend. Also, in
bodies an improved arrangement wherein locking
wall 6 is a second opening in which is positioned
means are provided for locking the lamp end in
an actuating pin Idadapted to engage the other
the holder, whichv locking means controls the cir
end of lever 8. Pin 15 is formed, at least in part,
cuit for the lamp, thearrangement being such
of. insulating material. It is provided with a head
that the circuit through the lamp is closed only
with which the end of lever Sengages and which
after the lamp ends are correctly positioned in
serves toprevent the pin from sliding out of the
the lamp holders and locked therein.
wall opening in which it is located.
A further object of the invention is to provide
rl‘he front wall l5 of the casing is shaped to
an improved lamp holder which is simple in 20 de?ne an opening I‘! in which a lamp end is
structureand capable of being manufactured at
positioned when in the holder. The upper half
low cost.
of end wall I6 is an integral part of the .casing.
Other objects and advantages of my invention
The lower half comprises a cover or door [8
will appear more fully from the following speci
hinged to the casing as indicated at 19 and,
25 adapted to move from the closed position shown
For a consideration of what I believe to be
in Figs. 1, 2 and 4 to the open position shown in
novel and my invention, attention is directed to
Fig. 3. The cover or door I8 carries on its inner
the following speci?cation and to the claims ap
side a projection 20 adapted to engage the actu
pended thereto.
ating pin I5. It may be held in closed position
In the drawing, Fig. l is a side elevation of a
by any suitable means. In the present instance,
tubular lamp mounted in lamp holders embody»
it is indicated as being held in closed position by
ing my invention; Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional
a pair of spring catches 2! the inner ends of
view through one of the lamp holders withv a
which are suitably ?xed to casing 3 and the outer
lamp end positioned therein and locked in place;
ends of which are reversely bent to engage over
Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 2 with the lamp
the outside edges of the cover.
end removed from the holder, and Fig. 4 is a
When cover I8 is in open position, as is shown
perspective view of the lamp holder.
in Fig. 3, spring l3 forces contact [2 to the left
Referring to the drawing, I indicates a tubu
as shown in Fig. 3 to bring the end of the con
lar lamp which may be a lamp of the fluorescent
tact within the con?nes of the opening in which
type. At its ends, it is provided with‘ lamp termi 40 it slides and to force the actuating pin I 5 toward
nal contacts 2 which may be in the form of metal
the right, bringing its head into engagement with
caps suitably attached thereto and connected to
wall 6, the head serving as a stop to limit the
the cathodes inside the lamp envelope. ‘This lamp
movement of lever B by spring l3. When the
structure is to be taken as typical of any suitable
cover I8 is in open position, a lamp end may be
tubular lamp having metal contacts at its two
positioned in recess I‘! by passing it sidewise into
ends through which the lamp is connected in the
the upper half of the opening. It can then be
fastened in position by closing cover 18, i. e., by
The lamp holder comprises walls which de?ne
moving it from the position shown in Fig. 3 to the
a casing 3 having a recess 4 at its rear which
position shown in Figs. 1, 2 and 4. When a lamp
is closed by a cover plate 5. Attached to wall P end is positoned in the holder initially, the cover
6 of recess 4 by suitable screws is a pivot arm
being open, a circuit through it is not closed since
1 on the end of which‘ is pivoted a lever 8. One
the end of contact I4 is within the con?nes of
end of lever 8 is connected by a ?exible conduc
the opening in wall 6 in which it slides. When
tor 9 to a terminal plate I0 provided with a screw
cover I8 is closed, projection 20 engages actuat
I l for connecting a lead wire to the lamp holder. 55 ing pin l 5 to turn lever 8 on its pivot to move it
from the position shown in Fig. 3 to that shown
in Fig. 2 and when thus moved sliding contact
[4 is brought into engagement with the lamp
terminal contact 2.
Viewed from another aspect, it may be consid—
3. A lamp holder for a tubular lamp having an
end contact comprising a casing having a lateral
opening through which a lamp end may be posi
tioned in the holder, a cover for the opening
pivoted on the casing, an axially movable contact
pin in a casing wall, and means whereby move
ment of the cover from open to closed position
ered that I have a lamp holder having an open
ing for the introduction of a lamp end into the
effects movement of the pin from non-engaging
holder and a cover 18 for closing the opening to
position to engaging position with the contact on
lock the lamp end in the lamp holder, the cover
in being positioned to lock the lamp end in the 1O a lamp end positioned in the holder.
4:. A lamp holder for a tubular lamp having an
holder serving also to close a circuit for the lamp.
And while in the present instance the cover is
end contact comprising, in combination, a casing
best embodiment thereof, but I desire to have it
understood that the apparatus shown is only il
lustrative and that the invention may be carried
out by other means.
axially movable pin carried by said casing for en
gaging the other end of said member, and means
carried by said cover for engaging the second
having an opening through which the lamp end
shown as being hinged to the casing, it will be
may be positioned in the holder, a cover for the
understood that other arrangements may be used.
In accordance with the provisions of the pat 15 opening movable on the casing to hold the lamp
in position in the opening, an axially movable
ent statutes, I have described the principle of
contact pin in the wall of the casing, a pivoted
operation of my invention, together with the
member carried by said casing, one end of the
apparatus which I now consider to represent the
member engaging the contact pin, a second
mentioned pin upon movement of the cover from
What I claim as new and desire to secure by
open to closed position whereby said pin moves
Letters Patent of the United States is:
1. A lamp holder for an end of a tubular lamp 25 the pivoted member to force the contact pin into
engagement with the lamp contact to make an
comp-rising a casing having an opening through
electrical connection therewith.
which a lamp end may be positioned in the holder,
5. A lamp holder for a tubular lamp having an
at contact in the lamp holder biased to a position
end contact comprising, in‘combination, a casing
away from the region occupied by a lamp end
having an opening for receiving the lamp end, a
when in the holder, a cover for the opening for
cover for the opening movable from open to closed
looking a lamp end in the holder, and means
position to hold the lamp in the opening, an
whereby the positioning of the cover in locking
axially movable contact pin carried by the casing
position moves the contact to a position where it
and adapted to extend into the opening, a pivoted
may engage a lamp end contact.
conducting member carried by said casing, one
2. A lamp holder for an end of a tubular lamp
end of the conducting member engaging the con
comprising a casing having an opening through
tact pin, terminal means carried by the casing
which a lamp end may be positioned in the holder,
and being electrically connected to said conduct
a sliding contact in the lamp holder, means bias
ing member, and means cooperating with said
ing the sliding contact to a position away from
cover for moving the pivoted conducting member
the region occupied by a lamp end when in the
movement of the cover from open to closed
holder, a cover for the opening for looking a lamp
position whereby said contact pin is moved into
end in the holder, and means actuated by closing
engagement with the lamp contact.
movement of the cover for moving said contact to
a position where it may engage a lamp end con
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