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Patented Aug. 13, 1946
UNITED srnrs PATENT orties
Paul C. Gaylord, New Brighton, N. Y., assignor to
, Greif Bros. Cooperage Corporation, Cleveland,
Ohio, a corporation of Delaware
Application ûctober 8, 1943, Serial No. 505,423 i
4 Claims.
(Cl. 229-55)
My invention relates to containers and more
Similar numerals refer
to similar
things, are to provide an improved sealing joint
throughout the several iigures.
Referring to Figs. 1-5, the cylindrical body Si
of the container is preferably made of iibrousV
material in laminated or multi~layer form withthe lower edge of the bottom portion closed by
for the _open ends of the container when the metal
the 'seam It! in any suitable manner. Around the Y
particularly to that type of containers having
fibrous cylindrical bodies in laminated form and
metal closures for the top and bottom.
The objects of ’ my invention, among other
closures or covers are applied and secured, more
particularly to the top of the container, whereby
the head cover may be ailixed firmly in place
while providing a tight sealing joint around the,
container rim; also to pro-vide an improved seal
Vor gasket construction that dispenses with the
use of ay binding agent or adhesive, and at the
same time reinforces the rim portion or margin
of the open end of the laminated fibrous con
tainer, which is of advantage when the metal
closure or cover is inserted in the open end andforced into sealing position on the slightly yield
ing fibrous body in the Zone of the gasket where 20
eiîective and uniform sealing is important.
A further object of my invention is to‘provîde a
outside of >top portion of the body 9 slightly be
low .the rim edge il, the circular seal jor gasket
I2, preferably made of compressible material such
as twisted paperrope, is secured by the continu-V
ous line stitching I3 passing through the body;
Other types of securing means may be used, kbut
I prefer the continuous line of stitching I 3 as
Ishown in Fig. 5, which enables the gasket I2 to
be slightly compressed without injuring or loos-`
ening the stitching. This annular line of stit'chf
ing I3, while holding the gasket` I2 firmly in placeA
alsoY reinforces the margin of the body Aat lil
where the rim edge I I is slightly flared outwardly
as shown inFig. 2 for the insertion of the metal
closure kor cover I5 which lits into the openße'nd
compressible gasket secured to the 'outer walls l of the container body 9 as shown in Fig. 3.
The cover I5 shown in Figs. l-3 is the well
of the body slightly below the rim of the open
end of the container, and so arranged that when 25 known closure for containers of the lug type
having the slotted lugs I5 arranged in spaced
the rim margin of the fibrous body is curved out»
apart relation around the circumference of the
wardly and over the gasket as the metal closure
cover l5. The cover I5 has the central counter
is applied to the container, the compression of
sunk panel Il which merges in the annular ver
the curved rim margin and gasket will añord a
tight and uniform seal to prevent leakage of the 30 tical wall I8 that fits snugly against the inner
wall of the body 9 (Fig. 3) when the cover i5 is
contents of the container, and at the same time
applied to the body. This annular wall i8 merges
the compressed gasket affords a ñxed circular
with the curved wall I9 from which the lugs Iâ
support so as to secure the metal cover or olo'
depend so as to form an inverted U-shaped chan
sure firmly in place within the rim of the con
tainer by having the cover clamping devices bear 35 ne1 2D adapted to rit over and enclose the rim
of the body 9 and the gasket I2 (Figs. 2 and 3),
against the under side of the gasket.
when the cover I5 is forced downwardly into the
Other advantages of my invention ‘will be »set
body. The lugs Iii are then bent inwardly by the
forth in the following description taken in con
closing tool (not shown) with their end portions
nection with the drawing.
In the accompanying drawing showing pre 40 2| bearing against the outer walls of the body t.
The lugs I6 also press upwardly again-st the un
ferred embodiments of my invention:
der side of the gasket i2, and the channel Qi:
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the container body
curves outwardly the flared rim edge I I from the
with the cover in superposed position;
position shown in Fig. 2 to that shown inFigs.
Fig. 2 is an enlarged section on the line 2
of Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary elevation
showing the cover in sealing position;
Fig. 4 is a detail Sectional View of parts shown
in Fig. 3;
Fig. 5 is a section on the line 5_5 of Fig. 2;
Fig. 6 is fragmentary elevation of a modified
form of cover and attaching ring therefor;
Fig. '7 is section on the line 'I-l of Fig. 6; and
Fig. 8 is a detail section on thev line 8-8 of
Fig. 6.
3 and 4 so as to form a tight seal on the open end
of the body 9 as the cover £5 and lugs I6 curl out
wardly and compress the rim edge II around the
upper side of the gasket Ii; at the same time the
lug ends 2l apply pressure beneath the` gasket I2
'which also acts to hold the lugs I6 in place. The
, stitching I3 reinforces the body margin Id below
the rim edge II, and also serves as an annular
hinge for the rim edge II when outwardly flared
and also during the subsequent curling of such
rim edge II over the gasket I2 as shown in Fig. 3.
The lug ends 2| also bear upwardly against the
under side of the gasket I2 which affords a yield
ing abutment for the lug ends 2|.
In Figs. 6-8, I have shown a modified form of
cover and attaching ring therefor. VIn this mod
iñed form the cover I5 has the central panel Il
and vertical annular wall I8 with channel 22
that is semi-circular in cross-sectionA as shown in
Fig.r8. The attaching ring 23 is of the usual con
struction that ñts snugly over the cover channel
22, and has lits ends formed with transversely
disposed clips 24 and 25. The clips 24 and 25
have holes bored in alinement through which the
threaded bolt 26 passes with the nut 21 screwed
on the threaded bolt 26 as shown in Figs. 6 and
7. .» When the clips 24 and 25 are drawn toward
of stitching passing through said gasket and
outer wall of the body slightly below and in mu
tual parallelism with the rim edge of said open
3. A container comprising a fibrous laminated
cylindrical body having an open end outwardly
iiared around its margin, a metal closure having
a counter-sunk center portion >íitted snugly with
in, and also having a rim portion overlapping,
said open end, and an annular gasket of com
pressible material fastened permanently to the
body by stitching passing through the entire wall
thereof substantially along the base of the ñared
' margin and mutually parallel with its rim edge
and also adapted to be compressed in a plurality
of directions by the closure rim between the
each other by the bolt 26 and nut 21 in clamping
body, flared margin and closure when the latter
the ring 23 to the cover I5, the eover channel 22
is forced into sealing position, said rim portion
and ring 23 curl outwardly the rim edge I'I and
of the closure also curling and compressing said
squeeze this rim edge II and gasket I2 together 20 iiared margin over said gasket outwardly on the
to provide a tight seal, the gasket I 2 also serving
annular hinge formed by the stitching and also
to hold the ring 23 in proper horizontal aline
compressing the gasket inwardly and upwardly
ment while securing the cover I5 in place.
against the body and curled ñared margin, Y
Other types of cover closures may be used to
4. A container comprising a ñbrous laminated
effect the same advantageous result in securing
cylindrical body having an open end outwardly
an eiîective seal by bending over the flared rim
dared around its margin, a metal closure having
edge II and compressing same along with the
a counter-sunk center portion the sidewalls of
gasket I2 to provide a tight and uniform sealing
which fit snugly within said open end with an
for the closure extending around the open end
outer curved wall rim portion overlapping the
of the container.
30 flared margin of the body, an annular gasket of
Various changes in the form, construction and
fibrous material more compressible than the body
disposition of thepartsmay be made without
departing from the scope of my invention or
fastened permanently to the body by stitching
passing through the entire wall thereof substan
sacrificing its advantages in use.
tially along the base of the flared margin, and
I claim as my invention:
35 means for positively locking the closure to the
1. In a container having a ñbrous laminated
open end, thereby causing its outer rim portion
body with an open end, va compressible gasket of
to be bent inwardly to forcibly compress the gas- v
twisted fibrous material fastened by stitching to
ket in a plurality of directions against the body
the outer wall of the body slightly below and in
and iiared margin and also to curl said iiared
mutual parallelism with the rim edge of said open
margin outwardly on the line of said stitching
between the gasket and said outer rim portion
2. In a container having a fibrous laminated
while compressing same against the gasket when
body with an open end, a compressible gasket of
the closure is locked in sealing position.
twisted paper rope fastened by a continuous line
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