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Aug. i3, 1946.
Filed-Dec. 29, 1941
5 Sheetsf-Sheet 1
Aug@ 13» 3946»
H. w. KLEls-r -
Filed Deo. 29, 1941
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
I- _______ __
jíerffzasn if jíZezLvSt
Aug. 13,L 1946.
Filed Dec. 29, 1941
3 snee’ts-sheet s
It@ 5.
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
Unirse sr
Herman W. Kleist.Chicago,- nl., assigner to noie
Refrigerating Company, Chicago, Ill., Va corpo
ration of Illinois
Application December 29, 1941, Serial No. 424,741
2 Claims.
(Cl. 62-102)
’I‘his invention relates to devices for freezing
drawn and closes when the air withdrawing device
is disconnected. There is` a plug H screwed into
foods and has for its object to provide a new and
improved device of this description.
the nipple 'l which closes the connection so as to
The invention has as a further object to pro
vide a device for freezing foods by means of con
duction combined with air circulation.
prevent the air from entering,v thereby causing the
lower pressure within the plate to be maintained.
The above described structure is particularly
advantageous for the use of plates partially filled
The invention has as a further object to pro
vide a device for freezing foods by means of which
with a eutect'ic solution. With referencefor ex
the time required for freezing is greatly reduced.
ample to Figures 3 and 6, when the plug il is
The invention has further objects which are 10 initially removed and the ball raises, any suitable
more particularly pointed out in the accompany
liquid may be poured into the plate space through
ing description.
the passage 8 until the space between the plates
' Referring now to the drawings, Fig. 1 is a ver
is partially filled. IThereafter the ball 9 or its'
tical sectional view through one form of device
equivalent is positioned in place and the space
embodying the invention;
between the plates `which contains eutectic solu
Fig. 2‘ is a sectional view taken on line 2_2 of
tion is partially exhausted and the plug ll is re
Fig'. 1;
turnedy in place;
Fig. 3 is a sectional view through a plate nipple
for use in removing air from between the plates;
Fig. 4 is a view of one of the plates with a por
tion of one sheet broken away;
Fig. 5 is a view similar to Fig. 1 showing a modi
ñed construction, where the food is located in a
The ball 9 then serves as a
check valve preventing the entry of air into the
evacuated interior of the plate.
The plates 2, 2a, 2b, etc., are mountedA in any
desired manner. As herein shown, these plates
kare preferably mounted in a horizontal position.
The plate 2 is preferably arranged at the top of
the’receptacle. The plates 2a, 2b, etc., are pref-à
Fig. 6 is a sectional View taken on line 6_6 of 25 erably arranged so that the food to be frozen mayFig. 4.
separate freezing chamber.
be placed on top of these plates. The plates `are
Like numerals refer to like parts throughout
the several figures.
Referring now to the drawings, there is illus
also preferably arranged in staggered relation.
There are spaces I2, I 2a, |2b, I2C, i242, etc., above
plurality of refrigerating plates 2, 2a, 2b, 2c, etc.
heights to be placed therein and still have a space
for the circulation of the cold air. These spaces
the plates. These spaces are preferably of dif
trated a cabinet or receptacle I, provided with a 30 ferent heights to permit food material of different
These plates are vacuum plates and are`made up
of `two comparatively thin metal sheets 3 and 4.
are preferably arranged to form a continuous
Located between these sheets is a pipe 5 formed
passageway. The space l2 is connected at one
into a coil. extending back and forth between the 35 end with the space l2a by the opening i3; the
sheets. The sheets are hermetically sealed at the
space I2a is connected at the other end to the
edges so as to form an air-tight receptacle. The
space |213 by the opening Hl; the space i211 is
pressure of the air on the inside of this receptacle
connected at its other end by the opening i 5 with
ls reduced so that the greater external pressure
the space I2C; the space I2C is connected at its
causes the sheets'to make good heat conducting
other end by the opening I6 with the space i203;
contact with the pipe 5.
the space I2d is connected by the opening il with
For'this purpose, some means is provided by
the space I8; the space I8 is connected by the
.means of which air may be removed from between
opening l5 with the passageway 2G extending
the sheets 3 and il. As herein shown, a nipple 'I
along one end of the receptacle i and this pas
is provided which has a passageway 8 connecting 45 sageway is connected to the space l2 between
with the interior of the space between the sheets
plates 2 and 2a by the opening 2l. An air mov
S and 13. There is a check valve 9 for closing this
ing device 22Vis preferably arranged in the open
passageway. Above the check valve 9 is an en
ing 2l and is operated by a motor 23. The pas
larged part ie which has an internal screw
sageway 20 is bounded by the end wall of *he re
thread. An air removing device is connected
ceptacle l and the plate 20a.
with this enlarged portion so that sufñcient air
The plates 2, 2a, etc., are connected to a refrig
may be withdrawn from between the sheets 3
erating apparatus 245 of any of the usual types
and il to secure the desired pressure Contact be
containing a compressor 25, a condenser 26 and
tween the sheets 3 and ¿l and the pipe 5. The
a motor 2l for operating thefcoinpressor. A pipe
check` valve 9 opens to permit the air to be with 55 28 leads from the condenser to one of the plates,
as for example, the plate 2. There is the usual
expansion valve 29 in this pipe. The pipe 23
connects with the pipe 5 in the plate 2.
The pipes 5 in the different plates are con
nected together so that the refrigerant may pass
through the pipes 5 in all of the plates. As herein
frozen as shown in Fig. 1 is placed on the plates
2a, 2b, 2c, etc. The refrigerant is circulated
through the pipes 5 of these plates by means of
the refrigerating apparatus 2a so as to cool the
plates down below freezing. YThe air moving de
vice 22 is operated and the cold air is circulated
back and forth between the plates and above the
shown, these connections are made by the pipes
food thereon, and when it reaches the bottom
35, 3|, 32, 33, 34 and 35.
plate this cold air passes through the opening I9,
There is preferably a storage compartment 36
separated from the receptacle I and in which 10 up into the passageway Ell and back to the air
moving device 22.
foods may be stored after they have been frozen.
'I‘he food is frozen by contact with the plates
There is a plate 2f in this storage compartment
and is also frozen by the cold air striking the
and the pipe 5 of this plate is connected by the
food as it is circulated by the air moving device 22,
pipe 35 to the pipe 5 in the plate 2c. The plate
In Fig. 5 the cooled air which is circulated be
2f is connected by pipe 31 with the compressor 25.
tween the plates is then discharged into and cir
While the plates may be suspended in any
culated through the storage chamber 36a.
desired manner, I have provided a simple, cheap
I have found that by means of the simul
and effective means for accomplishing this. In
taneous cooperative action of the freezing plates
this construction, one of the sheets of which each
plate is made is larger than the other so as to 20 and the circulating cooled air the time required to
freeze the foods is decreased very materially,
provide a projecting edge 3a. Angle irons 39 are
and I have found this decrease in freezing timel
placed on the wall of the receptacle I and the
to be from 30 per cent to 50 per cent depending
plates are supported on these angle irons by
upon the food frozen.
means of the projecting edges 3a (see Fig. 2).
After the foods are frozen they are removed
The refrigerating apparatus 24 may be located 25
from the plates and placed in storage chamber 3B,
in any place desired. It would ordinarily be
and other foods placed on the plates and frozen.
located outside of the receptacle I and the stor
This device, therefore, very greatly increases the
age compartment 38 and would usually be lo
efficiency in freezing foods by thus decreasing
cated in the basement of the building.
In Fig. 5 I have shown a modified construction. 30 the time it takes to freeze the foods soi-.hat a much
larger quantity of food per day can be frozen and
In this construction the cabinet I is provided
placed in the storage device. It is of course
with a plurality of refrigerating plates 2, 2a, 2b,
evident that a series of storage devices may be
2c, etc., with spaces between them, and an air
moving device 22 to move cooled air back and
used in order to take care of the food frozen on
forth through the spaces between these plates. 35 the plates in the receptacle.
By providing a clearance between adjacent
These plates are connected to the refrigerating
plates which decreases progressively toward the
apparatus in the usual way, as shown in Fig. 1.
air discharge end of the series of plates, I cause
This construction is particularly adapted for use
progressive increase in the speed of movement
in connection with ice cream. The ice cream,
in this case, is not frozen or kept frozen on the 40 of air between the plates, and also compensate
for the volumetric change due to progressive cool
plates, but is placed in the storage compartment
ing of the air. The use of the above described ar
In this construction, instead of having the cool
air pass under the plate 2e, it is directed from
the passageway IT through an opening 4I! in the
partition 4I and passes into the freezing cham
rangement economizes on space. Small packages
placed between the closer spaced shelves are more
and then this cold air, the temperature of which
gered relation and adapted to form, with the walls
of said compartment, a devious path for air, each
said plate including upper and lower smooth sur
faced metal sheets, whereby the passages defined
between adjacent cold plates have smooth upper
rapidly frozen, being subjected both tothe action
of the plate on which they rest and to the action
of the closely spaced shelf above.
ber or chambers 35a so that the material to be
I claim:
cooled therein is immersed in the cold air and
l. In a freezing and storage assembly for frozen
this cold air then passes up through an opening
42 in the partition l!! and thence along the pas 50 foods and the like, a quick freezing compartment
and means for quick freezing material inserted
sageway 20 back to the air moving device 22. By
therein, including a plurality of vertically spaced
means of this construction the air is cooled to a
generally horizontal cold plates arranged in stag
very low degree as it passes between the plates
may be below the freezing point, passes into the l
freezing chamber so as to freeze the material
therein. When it is such material as ice cream,
the ice cream can be kept at the proper desired
and lower walls, means for circulating a volatile
'I'he speed of the air moving device 22 may be 60 refrigerant through said plates, and means, ar
-varied to move the air at a slower or faster speed,
depending upon the cooling condition desired.
By having the plates smooth, it is not necessary
to defrost the device as very little Vfrost will de
posit on the plates and Whatever does deposit
can be easily and quickly scraped off while the
refrigerant is `being passed through the plates.
By means of the air moving device the tem
perature in the freezing chamber may be reduced
to from 10 to 30 degrees below zero.
Access may be had to the receptacle I by means
of doors 43 and access may be had to the storage
chamber 35 or 36a by means of doors 44.
ranged to cooperate with said plates, for circulat
ing air along the path defined by said plates, and
an additional storage chamber having an air pas
sage connection adapted to admit air from the
quick freezing cabinet, and an air discharge con
nection adapted to return used air to the air cir
culating means.
2. In a freezing and storage assembly for
frozen foods and the like, a quick freezing com
partment and means for quick freezing material
inserted therein, including a plurality of ver
tically spaced generally horizontal cold plates ar
ranged in staggered relation and adapted to form,
with the walls of said compartment, a devious
The operation of the invention is‘as follows:
When the device is to be used, the food to be 75 path for air, each said plate including upper and
lower smooth surfaced metal sheets whereby the
passages defined between adjacent cold plates
have smooth upper> and lower walls, means for
' circulating a volatile refrigerant through said
plates and means arranged to cooperate with said'
plates for circulating air along the path defined
by said plates, and an additional storage cham- i
ber having an air passage connection adapted to
admit air from the quick freezing cabinet, and an
air discharge connection adapted to return used
air to the air circulating means, the clearance be
tween the opposed faces of adjacent plates de
creasing progressively toward said air discharge
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