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Aug; E3, 194%.
2,4053%? -
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
Cyril George Pullin, Wimbledon, London, Eng
land, assignor to The Cierva Autogiro Company
Limited, London,
England, a British company
I Application March 23, 1945, Serial No. 534,273
In Great Britain April 28, 1944
2 Claims. (Cl. 123-173)
This invention relates to cooling jackets for
liquid-cooled internal-combustion engines.
My primary object is to provide a jacket so
connected to both a jacketed cylinder head and
a cylinder barrel that relative movement between
these two parts as a result of differential thermal
expansion will be permitted.
A further object of this invention is to provide
a very light and simple construction.
In my invention I make the jacket that sur- ’
the part 9 is united to a metal ring it which is
bonded by rubber H to an end surface l2 of the
cylinder head 2 which lies in a plane at right
angles to the axis of the barrel 5. Water ports
is are provided in this end surface i2 and the
ring H3 is formed with corresponding ports M as
shown in Figure 2 so that water can ?ow from
the space within the jacket ‘I to the space 6. In
order to prevent the rubber of the bonding ring
I! from obscuring the ports l3 and ill when they
rounds the cylinder barrel from a sheet-metal 10 are brought into registration with one another
shell which is rubber-bonded directly or indirect
and the bonding process takes place, liners l 5 are
ly to both the barrel and the cylinder head. The
provided around the edges of the registering ports.
shell, being made of sheet-metal, is very light,
When the shell ‘I has been welded or otherwise
and the rubber bonds provide enough resilience
secured to the ring I [l a cylindrical skirt it in
to allow for diiferential thermal expansion.
tegral with the part 8 lies around external cool
?ns I‘! on the barrel i. Rubber bonding ma~
plied to a jacketed cylinder head that is inter
terial i8 is put in position between these ?ns ll
nally screw-threaded to ?t over an externally
and the skirt iii and the skirt is then rolled in so
screw-threaded barrel. In this type of construc
20 that it becomes bonded through the rubber to the
tion the head is heated to enable the barrel to
?ns I] as shown in Figure 3.
be screwed into it, so that in effect it is shrunk
A liquid inlet connection is is welded to the
onto the barrel, and the cooling jacket must be
'conical part 8 of the jacket ‘I and a liquid outlet
?tted after these operations have been carried
connection 20 is formed in the head 2. Of course
The invention is particularly useful when ap
A construction in accordance with the invention
will now be described by way of example with
reference to the accompanying drawing in which:
Figure 1 is an axial section through the cylinder
head and the end of the barrel of a cylinder 30
equipped with my novel cooling jacket construc
Figure 2 shows part of a metal ring and rubber
bonding serving for indirect connection of the
jacket to the cylinder head shown in Figure 1';
if desired the cooling water may flow in the other 7
direction, that is to say in through the connection
23 and out through the connection l9.
One advantage of the invention is that it pro
vides a simple means of converting an air-cooled
cylinder assembly to liquid cooling.
What I claim is: _
1. In aliquid-cooled internal combustion en
gine, a cylinder having a head and a barrel, said
head presenting an end surface lying in a plane '
at right angles to the axis of said barrel, a metal
Figure 3 is an enlargement of part of Figure
1 showing the joint at the skirt of the sheet metal
coolant jacket.
The construction shown in Figure 1 comprises 40
ring rubber-bonded to said surface, and a cooling
jacket surrounding said barrel, said jacket com
a cylinder barrel l with an external screw-thread
at its upper end which mates with the corre
sponding thread in a cylinder head 2 provided
with an exhaust valve 3 and an inlet valve 4 of
prising a sheet-metal shell rubber-bonded to said
barrel and united to said ring.
2. In a liquid-cooled internal combustion en
gine, a cylinder having a jacketed head and a
barrel secured in said head, said head presenting
an end surface lying in a‘plane' at right angles to
the axis of said barrel and formed with ports for
standard construction. The head is ?rst heated, 45 the passage of cooling liquid into the jacket
then the barrel is screwed in and next a locking
around said head, a metal ringformed with com
ring 2! is tightened up to make the joint between
plementary ports in registration with said ?rst
the head and the barrel gas-tight. ‘ The head 2
is surrounded by and integral with a cooling
mentioned pOrts, said metal ring being rubber
end of the barrel in accordance with this inven
tion and takes the form of a sheet-metal shell
rubber from obscuring said ports, and a cooling
jacket surrounding said barrel and united to said
jacket 5 so as to leave a, space 6 for circulating 50 bonded to said surface, liners around the edges
of said registering ports to prevent the bonding
water. A water jacket is provided around the
1 composed of a conical part 8 and a cylindrical The upper end of 55
part 9 welded to the part 8.
metal ring. 7
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