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_. yO_mEgERTs
vFiled March 22,1945
FIG. l.
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
'rancune ooNNEoTioN
Ottie Roberts, East St. Louis, Ill. Y
appiicatißn March 22, 1945, serial No. '584,190
3 Claims.
(ci. 3_11)
This invention relates to trachea connections,
and more particularly to improvements in de
special equipment, to surround comfortably cer
tain irregularly shaped tracheal incisions and
may thus be readily individualized or personalized
vices for this purpose which operate to effect a
suitable air supply connection between a tracheal
opening and the sound box of an artiiicial larynx
to the user.
The foregoing and numerous other objects will
more clearly appear as the description proceeds.
In the drawing:
Fig. l is a side elevation of a trachea connec
or the like,
Since the ñrst appearance of the various types
and designs of artiiicial larynges which have
been available for a number of years to those
requiring such instruments, considerable dini
culty has been experienced in effecting a practical
and comfortable connection between a trachea
opening and the tube for supplying air there
tion embodying the present improvements;
Fig. 2 is a sectional view along a longitudinal
median plane, particularly as taken along line
2_2 of Fig. l, and illustrating the internal ar
rangement of parts in assembly, and
from, to an artificial voice apparatus. The pres
Fig. 3 is an exploded view of the bell andthe
entv invention has resulted from a number of 15
sleeve used to effect a tube connection, shown in
years of experience of this applicant, as a user,
section, together with a resilient annulus used
designer and manufacturer of equipment of this
as a cushioning element, and threaded assembly
general type. The general betterment of and in
crease of comfort to the user of such devices,
Referring now by characters of reference to n
constitute general objectives of the present in 20
the drawing, an air supply tube l!) which may
conveniently consist of a suitable high grade rub
Due to the fact of surgical removal of the
larynx, or because of severe impairment of the
ber or rubber-like material, serves in now well
known manner, to direct the air supplied from
vocal chords in any manner necessitating the
use of artificial speech devices, it is usually neces
the trachea opening, to the interior of a sound
sary to terminate the trachea or windpipe in an
box cr the like, of an artiñcial larynx, for ex
outside oriñce surgically formed in the lower
ample of a type such as shown in my copending
frontal portion of the neck. It is to the purpose
application of Serial No. 584,189, ñled March 22,
of providing a suitable, practical, air-tight and
1945, and entitled “Improvements in artificial
comfortable connection from such tracheal ori 30 larynx construction.” As will best appear from
fice to an artificial larynx, that the current im
Fig. 2, a suitably tight and readily effected air
provements are directed.
supply connection consists of an integrally ex
It is frequently the case that a tracheal open
tended sleeve II, being part of a cup-like or bell
ing resulting from the causes noted, is not of
shape body generally indicated at l2. The con
truly circular shaping; frequently also they vary
in size, and the neck contour of the patient or
user of the device may vary considerably so as
necting tube or sleeve Il is provided with an in
ternal bore i3 of substantial size, which is con
tinued into a bore lil of even diameter with the
to necessitate, for best results, a high degree of
bore'lä. Beyond this, proceeding toward the air
physical adaptability of the air tube connection
supply or connection end of the device, it will
to the varying contours and shaping of neck, and 40 best appear from Fig. 3 that the bore löl is some
the varying nature of tracheal incisions in differ
what enlarged and is internally threaded as at
ent individuals. This greater adaptability is ob
l5 for a purpose hereinafter better appearing. tained as an objective of the present improve
’Beyond the threaded bore l5 is the cup or bell
More particularly stated in reference to cur
rently novel structure, the invention has as an ob
jective, to provide an easily conforming annular
structure which may consist of a molded thermo
45 plastic element, including >preferably in a single
piece, the parts ii and i2, this unit being molded
cushion in `combination with a cup-like trachea
or otherwise
the bell formed
is contoured
so thatl
to approximate
the chamber
connection, and the attainment of a structure
ly the frustrum of a sphere approaching hemi
such that the resilient or cushion element of 50 spherical proportions, thus resultingV in a rela
the device may be renewed from timey to time
tively deeply cupped fitting,
Without special skill, tools or equipment.
It will now appear that, with a normally cir
Yet another object of the invention is attained
cular trachea opening, the device including mere
in a tracheal connection such that the bell or
cup thereof may be readily adapted, without any 55 ly a suitable tube connection and a bell portion
such as I2, may be operatively employed of itself,
2,405,851 Y
without other provisions, to complete the com
munication between trachea and artificial larynx.
It is preferred to form the structures II-IE
of some suitable thermoplastic material, prefer
ably hard rubber of the grade usually sold as
rod stock, and which in order to adapt the shap
ing of bell or cup I2 to meet any unusual indi
vidual requirements, may be softened in warm
water, _reshaped as needed, and upon recooling,
will retain the desired- oval, oblong or otherY non
circularshape resulting from the softening treat
It is greatly preferred to employ in conjunc
tion with the structure I I-l2, a cushioning and
air sealing device which, in a thoroughly prac
tical and extremely comfortable form, consists
of a deepY washer-like element originally in the
form of element I1 (Fig. 3).
This is cut or
molded as an annulus having an initial axial
opening I8 of approximately the diameter of the
enlarged threaded bore I5, and further provided
with rounded margins such as indicated at 2G.
The initial outer diameter of the annulus l'I is
by preference, appreciably greater than the larg
est diameter of the frusto-spherical bell or cup
I6, for a reason hereinafter better appearing.
As a preferred means for assembling the an
nulus I1 to the body I2, there has been selected '
and repeated usage made of a tubular screw 2|.
cheal opening, it is now seen that there is pro
vided an element of high depthwise or axial re
silience making for extreme comfort.
It is greatly preferred by this applicant not to
anchor or secure the trachea connection in any
way to the neck, as is sometimes advocated by
designers of older forms of trachea connector.
It will be observed that with the present device,
the connector may be readily applied and re
moved without eifort, and yet with the' result of
providing a perfectly conforming1 readily adapt
ing, substantially air-tight seal over the vary
ingly irregular neck areas about the tracheal
It will now have appeared that the device as
described fully attains the several objectives re
sulting in the present development, and that in
all other ways it will meet the existing demand
for a more comfortable and more practical con
nection of this type.
The detail of description, referring as it does
for instruction purposes to a single selected em
bodiment, is not to be understood in a restricting
sense because of the many variants possible with
in the .scope of the appended claims.
I claim as my invention:
1. A trachea connection for use with an arti
ficial larynx instrument or the like, for the pur
pose of establishing communication from a tra
cheal opening to an air supply tube to the instru
The'bore of screw 2| is preferably, in assembly, 30 ment,
the connection including a hollow body
a continuation of the bore i4 in element I2, as
internally formed substantially of the contour
will best appear from Fig. 2. The diameter of
of a frustrum of a sphere, an annulus of cush
screw 2l is preferably about the same as, or
ioning material projecting outwardly of the inlet
slightly exceeds the diameter of the opening I8,
end of the connection to serve as a neck cushion
and the threads 2I conform to the female thread 35 about the tracheal opening of the user, and se
ed portion I5l of the bell I2. In conjunction with
curement means gripping the inner margin of the
the tubular screw 2| there is preferably employed
annulus, and attached to an inner central area
a thin metal washer 22 formed of a corrosion
of the hollow enlargement.
resisting metal or material, or alternately surface
2. In a trachea connector, a trachea cup char
treated as by plating or dipping, for this purpose.
acterized by a deep internal chamber, a cushion
The assembly of parts will now have become
_obvious from the foregoing complete description
of the
several elements. The washer 22 is in
over screw 2l and brought to abut the
or under surface of the head 23 of the
The screw 2I is then extended through
the opening I8 of the annulus I1, and is threaded
into the tapped socket or bore I5 as firmly as
conditions will permit.
ing element consisting of an annulus of cellular
rubber-like material, of at least the diameter of
`the peripheral portion of the cup, and anchored
to substantially the deepest end of the cup, the
cushioning annulus projecting axially and toward
the neck of the user substantially beyond the
`margin of the cup.
3. A trachea connector consisting of a hard
rubber fitting having a deeply cupped enlarge
'I'he washer I'I is by preference of a profusely 50
ment chambered to provide a bell-like structure
internally cellular construction, and of rubber or
arranged to be presented toward the tracheal
a rubber-like materialy being characterized by a
opening, and of a diameter to surround said
very marked depthwise resilience and substantial
opening, an annulus of a cellular highly com
stretch. Now as screw 2l is threaded up, the
rubber-like material of a diameter eX
shape of the internal surface of the bell or cup 55 ceeding the largest diameter of the cupped en
I6 will result in 4drawing the central areas of the
largement, a tubular screw, a washer fitted over
annulus depthwise into the cup, so that there
the screw behind the head thereof, the screw ex
results, for example, a soft yet substantially com
tended through the opening of the annulus and
plete cushioning liner Within the bell, but more
having a threaded connection inwardly of the
importantly, due to the initial diameter of the 60 bell structure beyond the deepest portion of the
annulus and its stretching characteristic, there
cup, the annulus being of a size such that. when
remains extending axially of the mouth of the .
the screw is threaded up, the annulus constitutes
rigid bell I2, an extremely deep peripheral cush
a deformed liner within the cup-like portion, and
ion for the element I2. The resulting structure,
extends axially a substantial distance beyond the
upon application to the neck of the user, will
outer margin of such portion to constitute a cush
according to pressure of application, be at times
ioning and sealing element peripherally of the
deflected outwardly to an even larger diameter
cupped enlargement.
as may be desired, but upon merely a. gentle pres
sure toward the neck of the user about the tra
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