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Aug. 13, 1946.
I F116@ Aug. 11. 1942
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
VHenry B. Watkins, Worthington, Ohio, assignor to
The Kilgore Manufacturing Company, Tipp
City, Ohio, a Vcorporation of‘Ohio
Application August 11, 1942, Serial .Na-454,479
8 Claims. (Cl. 2‘06-29)
This _invention relates to matches and more
>particularly to a match package in which the
>matches are adapted to be ignited as they are
withdrawn from the package.
Itis .a principal object of theinvention >to pro
islocatedwithin the match-retaining pocket. The
match -head is usually Ayieldably coniined `within
the -pocket, .requiring the exercise of a definite
,pull `in `order ytoeffect withdrawal thereof from
Vthe pocket, »and-it isrduringthe .course of its travel
through thepocket and- while-,thehead is still con
fined yby `thepooket and caused thereby tovfric
tionally engage >the striker strip, that >ignition
îplìshed by »mere vwithdrawal thereof from the
.takes-place. As aresult, theflash of vignition and
ïpackage, but only when ignition is definitely -in
rtended and-the act» of Withdrawall is accompanied 10 initial -burning vtake -¿place with the head still
vconiined ,in fthejquite narrow limits of the pock
by the application 4of ,pressure >to v.a - predetermined
et, this space‘aiîording .only ran inadequate vent
`area ,of-the package.
`for the -escapeof Vthe llame and the combustion
rItis a .furtherobject to provide such >a'pack
gases resulting ~therefrom. »If-the match is vwith
.age >in which the ignition of the match occurs
»only after it .has left the -match holding pocket 15 drawn from the .pocketrelatively slowly, or in
`the -event that the match -should actually vbe
»and -under `such conditions that adequate space
caused to`> ignite and the >head .allowedtofremain
_is vavailable for the venting of the flame-and gases
>withinfthematch pocket, the pocket, `andthrough
without> burning thepackage> itself or the hand of
i,it,-the„hand~of the »,user, maybe Vsubjected. to the
_the user.
Itis a’still further object to providea match -20 action lof the yiiameand heated gases for a sufñ- ,
cientrperiod of Atime tube-burned` or injured.
.package .of .this'character in which the matches
In accordance `With the Vpresent invention, a
-Lcan -be -saiely replaced in the >package -for _:sub
y.positive »safety feature is provided in that the
lsequent use in the eventy of a failure _of .ignition
.mere >act yof »withdrawing vthe match `fromthe
-When the match isiirst Withdrawn, thus fassuring
25 package fdoes vnot ¿provide .for -ignition thereof,
Ymaximum fuse-of all ¿matches Vin the package.
vvide a >match package having lpositive safety fea
tures inthat ignition ofthe match is not accom
but a further and definite application of pres
In the drawing,
ysureisrequired to .be made upon a Vpredetermined
.Fig. lisa plan view of >a match packagefcon
4area Vof Athe `lï'flckage,when it is ydesired to have
.structed in .accordance With thefpresentV invention
vignition ‘takeplace Thus there is required »a deñ
with the cover »opened out and folded ñatinor
rvder more clearly illustrate Vthe :construction 30 `nite and correlated -action ¿comprising »the With
fdrawal which is effected by one hand, andthe
applicationv of ,pressure .ein .a deñnite area `which
:Fig 2 is ,a perspective view of 4the package
`i's :effected by the :other ,hand of the user, such
showing .the wayin Whichit is held for use, Vcer
:coordination :providing f_or Ythe positive ignition
Atainfof .the parts being >broken to ,illustrate the
construction more clearly;
35 Aof .the match Y,as opposed to accidental >ignition
Fig. ~3 isa »sectional View through the package
on the line‘3-"3 of Fig.'2;
Further, the invention provides for the igni
Fig. 4 is a plan view of a modiñed form of
tion _Lof the V`.match "taking place only after the
vpackagavthe `rcover lbeing opened out in the'same
‘head thereof has been Withdrawn >or removed
:mannerfas shown .in IFig. l;
40 ¿from the confining pocket. Thus v.the ñash of
.ignition and preliminary combustion takes place
_»Fig. 5 is . a _sectional view'through the -modiíied
.in Janarea'which is :relatively free in comparison
.form of package Vshown in Fig.l 4 ;
Awith the : conñned - space of .the ipocket ,and »which
Fig. 6 is a'plan vview ,of apackage having >a
is furthermore located remotely with :respect'ïto
»double match strip arrangement, the package
Ythe heads >of kth'efother >matches remaining VAinzthe
ibeingfolded flat rto show the vconstruction'there
`pockets -so that 'there :is >little :or »no `possibility
of; and
-ojf >accidental »ignition vthereof. This is ,accom
`Zlï'ig. -7_is.a>‘sectional »view throughnthe fform of
:.plished :through fthe location ,of the striker strip
package sshown in Fig. 6.
¿in the area outwardly :of and beyond the outer
In the construction of match lpack-ages -con
-tainingìmatch'es which rare adapted :to be ignited 50 Lends of 'the Vmatch l¿pockets --so that the match
¿heads do :not frictionally contact the striker strip
upon .withdrawahthematch headsrare held 4with
y.until ‘they have been substantially vWithdrawn
,in pockets -with the 4ends projecting outwardly
¿from the pockets. `A .flexible Vcover member is
therefrom, Iand upon Withdrawal-cfa match from
its pocket, ignition takes place ythrough the pro
L»provided which voverlies the striker Astrip and
maybe depressed upon-manual application
Vvisionfof astrikerfstrip or frictional-surface’which
of pressure to the cover in a predetermined area
that it overlies the match pockets I 8 and projects
upwardly only a limited distance beyond the top
edge of the striker strip 25. This provides an
overhanging part 28 or strip which extends along
the top edge of front cover portion I3, this strip
28 being relatively flexible and forming a pres
to thereby force th‘e match head, in the ycourse
of its withdrawal and after its release from the
pocket, to travel across the striker strip in fric
tion and igniting contact therewith. A relatively
light pressure is sufficient for this purpose, the
pull required to be exerted on the match head
during its passage across the striker` strip being
substantially less than that to effect its with
sure applying area through which manual pres
sure can be applied in the direction of the striker
strip. Preferably the area 28 carries suitable
legends or instructions as shown in Fig. 2 identi
tively and rapidly across and in frictional con
iying the area of the cover portion upon which
tact with the striker strip, assuring its ignition
pressure is to be applied by the user wh'en igni
and continued withdrawal `and final separation
tion of thematch being withdrawn is desired.
from the package.
The lower portion of the cover I3 is left clear and
Referring to the drawing in which preferred 15 is adapted to receive advertising or other printed
embodiments of the invention are shown, the
matter thereon.
form shown in Figs. 1 to 3 comprises a main cover
Fig. 2’ also illustrates the manner in which the
’ drawal froml the pocket.
Thus it is drawn posi
I0 which is preferably a strip of relatively heavy
package is held during the withdrawal of the
match. Thus with the package held between the
thumb and the íoreflnger of the left hand, the
match to be withdrawn is grasped by the'thumb
and foreñnger of the right hand. With the
paper or paperboard having an intermediate fold
line II located eccentrically such as to provide
a back cover portion I2 and a front cover portion
I3. The match holding strip is shown at I5 com
prising a broad flat strip of paper material I6
and an overlying narrower strip of paper mate
rial I'I which is corrugated and which when as
sembled and secured to the strip I6, provides a
series of spaced elongated match holding pockets
I8 leaving the upper part of strip I6 exposed.
>The depth of the corrugations is slightly less than
the thickness >of.> the match heads so that the
heads are confined and yieldably held in place
therein. Preferably the ends of the pockets ad
jacentthe fold line II are crimped and ñattened
as shown at I9 in order to _close the inner ends of
thumb of the left hand in position over the por
tion 28 of thecover, and substantially in line
with the arrows showing the proper point of pres
sure application, a slight pressure upon strip 28
will cause it to be flexed and depressed toward
the back cover portion I2 such as to coni-lne the
match head during the course of its withdrawal
30 and to force it to move in friction and igniting
contact across striker strip 25. It is found that
a relatively slight pressure will sufñce for produc
ing the desired ignition, -the pressure so applied
actually being less than that which is applied to
the end of the match in order to withdraw it
th‘e pockets. 4'I'he strips are conveniently secured
to each other and strip I6 is secured to cover por
tion l2 by means of adhesive»
from its pocket. Whenhowever the package is
- l
held in such a, way that no pressure is applied to
’I'he matches 2B are shown as provided with
pressure strip 28, then the match may be with
drawn without igniting and if desired may be
heads 2I carrying angignitable compound and
each received within one'of the pockets I8. The 40 similarly replaced in its pocket. It'will also be
matches have outer extending ends 22 which' are
seen that upon ignition the Iiame and combus
somewhat wider than the body of the match to
tion gases are not confined to a small space but
provide for grasping, the ends extending upward
can escape laterally all directions and thus the
ly toward theupper edge of the cover portion I2
possibility of injury ordamage to th‘e user _or to
to beprotected‘thereby while being available for 45 the package is substantially reduced orelimi
s withdrawal.
The pockets I8 are not formed with" an extend
ed friction surface- and the matches may thus
be inserted or Withdrawn therefrom, the heads
moving across the relatively smooth surfaces of
strips I6 and Il without `sufficient friction to
Acause ignition. In order to provide for ignition,
astriker strip of suitable frictional material is
provided which is preferably formed as a coating
of friction'al'material 25 upon the outer exposed f
part of the match package strip I6. In this posi
'tion it occupies anïarea primarily located out
wardly ofthe match pockets; as shown in Fig. 1
`it ‘may extend slightly‘below the outer edge of
corrugated strip I1 in order to' extend the area
’over which the manually applied pressure Yis ef
fective to cause vignition while still causing igni
tion to occur essentially in the unconfmed space
‘beyond the pocket.
VReferring now to Figs. 4 and- 5, Vsimilar'parts
are shown with the same reference numbers and
the description" thereof V'need not be repeated.
This construction diñ’ers in that the front cover
portion I3‘ is made somewhat longer and is
formed with a scoreline or depression 30 Awhich
separates pressurè'strip'28` from the main> part
of the front cover, the score line forming'an
inner rib which asY shown-in
Y5 projects to
ward and is located approximately in-alignrnent
with the outer edge of striker strip 25.
' " , _
The operation of this construction is as fol
lows: Rib 3U tends to concentrate the pressure
applied by the thumb in a definite line above and
substantially at the outer end of the striker strip
so that as the head ofthe match is withdrawn
under the rib, itis caused.- to come in frictional
and igniting contact with the striker strip. Thus
The match strip with‘rthe matches received in
the applied pressure is made effective in the area
the pockets is assembled upon the back cover por
tion I2 in substantially the manner as shown in
Fig. 1 and secured thereto by suitable means such
as the application of adhesive. Thereafter the
front cover portion I3 is folded over upon the
match strip and secured to the top face of the
corrugations, also preferably through the use of
a suitable adhesive. VBy reference to Figs. 2 and
3 it will be seen that the cover portion I3 does not
extend upwardly as far as the rear Portion I2, but
desired even though they thumb >should not ‘be po
sitioned accurately above the striker strip and
in line with the head of the match being with
drawn. It will also be noted that in this ar
rangement the pressure strip 28 extends upwardly
somewhat .beyond the outer edge‘of the striker
strip thus aifording further protection to the
hand of the user and tending to preventr any pos
sible burning thereof.-
_ `
In the arrangement shown in Figs. v6 and 7, the
@over ¿is :constructed :substantially :the :same ¿as
shown iin Figs. e :andîöfexcept that-,in this form
each :ofthe inner faces of-‘the cover receives "a
match strip I5, the two match strips being 'se
cured >respectively to the‘inner faces of the cov
ers .with corresponding inner ends located adja
cent "the fold Vline ll. Preferably-the stripacar
ried by the lback coveris spaced slightly farther
from ¿the'fcld line than `that carried by vthefront
drawal thereof ¿from fsaid pockets, said A_bac-king
strip being-:formed >with an` integral foldedz'cover
portion extending,outwardly-beyond said pockets
and said vstriker ¿strip and «terminating V‘inwardly
of the ends 'of zthe lmatches ïand adapted to .be
pressed toward .said `striker strip -to lforce :the
match vheads into friction lcontact with said
striker Vstrip-gas the matchis withdrawn'and after
it :leaves said «pocket - while :providing :for `inser
cover. ¿It -will thus be clear that uponthefold 10 tion and removall of matches from said pockets
ing.of~ithe cover portions upon :each other, `'the
without ignition in the :absencefof such pressure.
two-match strips may be secured in face to .face
f3. A ,matchpackage :comprising a m-atch‘hold
contact vby the application-of adhesive ,providing
ing strip having a 4plurality of .pockets 'formed
therein, matches having heads extending kinto
this _arrangement the rearstrippf matches pro 15 said pockets and having ends .projecting out
jects up above the ifront strip so that “they can
wardly therefrom in position to Vbe grasped and
l be easilygrasped and withdrawn ñrst. AS dS
withdrawn, a striker strip located outwardly .of
a match'package inthe yform shown inFigj'Y.
scribed above, the :withdrawal of >a match from
said pcckets'and engageable with the ymatch head
either strip VAin v,the absence of >pressure :applica
only after substantially complete «withdrawal
tion tothe pressure strip Y28 maytake place with 20 thereof fromìitspocket, and a flexible cover mem
out ignition. However when'ignition is desired,
ber `secured over said >pocketsand’having a 'free
pressure _is ¿applied to the strip 128 thereby de
outer end overlying-and projecting beyond Tsaid
ñecting'the flexible pressure strip and-the rib ¿30
striker strip in the direction of withdrawal vof
toward the _back cover‘section |.2,~both frontand
the matches, vsaid striker strip and said outer
back‘being'ñexed sufliciently to confine the match 25 end >.of ,said-.cover member ,being in substantially
heads so that a match frometiher strip will be
free and yielding relation‘to each other-providing
caused to frictionally engage the striker strip
for `removal and replacement of the matches
with which it is `associatedfin the course of its
therebetween 'without ignition, said outer endßbe
withdrawing action.
ingadaptedto `„be manually pressed Ltoward said
The invention .therefore provides in a `highly 30 striker strip to force .said Vmatch heads .during
simple vandsatisfactory*mannen a safety feature
withdrawal'intofriction,and igniting contactwith
which 'is incorporated in ,the match package,
said striker strip -following `their removal îfrom
avoiding vaccidental ignition upon mere with
the pockets.
drawal, and providing for ignition positively and
»4. A match package comprising ia match'hold
freely when'the act of Ywithdrawal is performed 35 ing strip 'having .a plurality'of pockets formed
in conjunction with the application of pressure
therein, matches having heads extending into
to a predetermined area of the package.
said pockets and having ends projecting out
While the forms of apparatus herein described
wardly therefrom in position to be grasped and
constitute preferred embodiments of the inven
withdrawn, a striker strip located at the outer tion, it is to be understood that the invention is 40 end of said pockets and engageable with the
not limited to these precise forms of apparatus,
match head only after withdrawal thereof from
and that changes may be made therein without
its pocket, and a flexible cover member overly
departing from the scope of the invention which
ing said striker strip, said cover member having
is defined in the appended claims.
a transversely extending rib projecting toward
What is claimed is:
said striker strip and adapted to be manually
1. A match package comprising a backing strip,
depressed to connne the match heads into fric
a corrugated strip forming a series of pockets
tion and igniting Contact therewith upon with
on said backing strip, matches having heads eX
tending into said pockets and having ends pro
5. A match package comprising a match hold
jecting outwardly therefrom in position to be
ing strip having a plurality of pockets formed
grasped and withdrawn while being protected by
therein, matcheshaving heads extending into
said backing strip, a striker strip on said backing
said pockets and having ends projecting out
strip located beyond the outer end of said pock
wardly 4therefrom in position to be grasped and
ets and engageable by the matches only after
withdrawn, a striker strip located at the outer
withdrawal thereof from the pockets, and a nex
end of said pockets and enga-geable with the
ible cover separate from and overlying said pock
match head only after withdrawal thereof from
ets and extending outwardly a limited distance
its pocket, and a flexible cover member, said
lbeyond the outer edge of said striker strip but
cover member having a transversely extending
terminating short of the outer ends of the
rib projecting toward said striker strip and sub
matches and adapted to be manually pressed Glv stantially in alignment with the outer end there
toward said striker strip to effect friction and
of, said cover member and said rib being adapted
igniting contact of said match head therewith
to be manually depressed toward said striker strip
as it is withdrawn while affording protection for
to force said match heads into friction and ig
the fingers of the user.
niting contact with said striker strip upon with
2, A match package comprising a match hold 05 drawal.
ing strip having a plurality of pockets formed
6. A match package comprising an outer cover
therein, a backing strip to which said pockets are
vfolded upon itself along an intermediate fold line
secured, matches having their' heads received
providing a back cover portion and a front cover
Within said pockets and extending outwardly to
portion, a match holding strip having a plurality
ward but not beyond the outer edge thereof in
of pockets formed therein and secured to the
position to be withdrawn therefrom, a single
inner face of said back cover strip, matches hav
striker strip carried on said backing. strip and
ing heads extending into said pockets and hav
located at the withdrawal end and outwardly of
ing ends projecting outwardly therefrom in po
said pockets and engageable with said match
sition to be protected by said back cover strip
heads only after substantially complete with 75 while being available for withdrawal, a striker
strip located beyond the outer end of said pock
ets and engageable by the match being with
drawn only after the withdrawal of the head
portion to confine the space therebetween and
force the match being wtihdrawn into friction
and igniting contact with one of said striker
thereof from its pocket, said front cover member
being secured to said pockets and having a iiex
ible «portion adjacent its outer end extending out
wardly beyond said striker strip and adapted to
be manually pressed toward said striker strip to
8. A match package containing matches adapt
ed to be ignited upon removal from the package
under pressure comprising two strips of paper
material secured together one of which isY cor
rugated to provide a series of match holding
pockets, the other of said strips being folded along
a line substantially parallel to said corrugated
strip forming two unequal parts folded one upon
substantially free and yielding relation to each
the other, matches having ignitable heads with
other in the absence of said pressure and provid
drawably conñned in said pockets and extending
ingfor removal and insertion of said matches
15 beyond the shorter but terminating inwardly of
without ignition.
the longer of said parts, a striker strip 'carried
7. A match package~ comprising an outer cover
by the longer of said parts and located outwardly
folded upon itself along an intermediate fold
of said pockets and frictionally> engageable with
line providing back and front cover portions,
said match heads only after substantially oom'
match holding strips having a series of pockets
formed therein secured to opposed faces of each 20 plete withdrawal thereof from said pockets, the
coniine the match heads and force their frictional
engagement therewith during withdrawal, said
ñexible portion and said striker strip lbeing in
of said cover portions, matches having heads eX
tending into said pockets and having ends’ pro
jecting outwardly therefrom in position to be
- grasped and withdrawn, a striker strip located
shorter of said parts forming a cover member
secured in overlying relation upon said corrugat
ed strip and having its outer end freely sup
ported in overlying relation with respect to said
beyond the outer` end of each series of pockets 25 striker strip and extending outwardly beyond said
striker strip and terminating inwardly of the
and ‘engageable by lthe match being withdrawn
ends of the matches, the outer end of said cover
only after substantially complete withdrawal
member being freely supported and depressible
thereof from its pocket, said striker strips in the
upon'application of pressure to the area thereof
folded position of said cover being in spaced face
to face relation with each other such that the 30 directly above said striker strip and in line with
the match being withdrawn to cause each said
matches \may be withdrawn from the pockets
match to ignite under the combined action of
without ignition, said front cover member having
being withdrawn and of said predetermined pres
an outer flexible portion overlying and extend
ing beyond said opposed striker strips and adapt
ed to be manually pressed toward the back cover 85
sure application.
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