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Aing. 13,1
Filed June 15, 1944.
3. c115.
_ 12
m mmR.
Samuel Flier
I ’ Jiforne .5
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
Samuel Flier, Spring?eld, Mass.
Application June 13, 1944, Serial No. 540,047
1 Claim. (Cl. 206—75)
The present invention relates to pads for watch
and jewelry boxes and to a method of making
the same.
Pads currently used are made as follows: a
piece of pasteboard is die-cut to appropriate
shape and dimensions, it is then assembled, and
?nally covered by hand with suitable material
such as velveteen.
The pad forming the subject matter of the
present invention is made in the following way:
a piece of pasteboard is scored or grooved in ac
cordance with a predetermined pattern, it is cov
ered with velveteen or other suitable material,
and ?nally die-cut.
The new method is quicker and cheaper, sav
ing both labor and material.
It is the object of the present invention to pro
duce such pad and the method of making the
posed pairs of spaced, parallel score lines. The
upper line Ila of each of these pairs of score
lines coincides with the line at which head por
tion I 3 and foot portion l4 meet. The lower line
I lb is in the foot portion.
Also as part of the die-cut process, a U-shaped
cut I8 is made in the foot portion, the yoke por
tion l9 thereof joining score lines ll'a with each
other, the arm portions 20 joining one of the
score lines Ha with one of the score lines Ill),
and the other of the score lines lid with the
other of the score lines Ill).
The pad is now ready to be folded and inserted
into box 25. It is folded on groove lines 12 and
score lines lid and Ill), as shown in Figure 2.
Head portion I3 becomes an elevated platform
member, supported by downturned flaps l5a and
by the downturned members llc formed between
score lines Ila and Ill). The tongue lBa which
A preferred embodiment of the present inven 20 is formed by U cut I8 now lies underneath the
tion is shown in the accompanying drawing in
platform member, on a plane with foot portion
M. The net result is a rectangular shaped aper
Figure 1 is a longitudinal, vertical section of
ture 2| formed between downturned members He.
the pad, shown in assembled or folded position
The pad as shown in Figure 2 is now inserted
in a watch box, carrying a strap Wrist watch;
25 into box 25 as shown in Figure -1. The watch
Figure 2 is a perspective view of the pad, shown
strap 26 carrying the buckle is laid on the ele
in assembled condition;
vated portion, the watch proper '2‘! on the foot
Figure 3 is a transverse section on the line ‘3-3
portion, and the apertured strap 23 is turned un
of Figure 2;
der the watch and inserted into aperture 2|,
Figure 4 is a plan View of the pad in unassem 30
The embodiment herein described and the
bled or unfolded condition; and
method of making the same are not intended to
Figure 5 is a bottom view of the pad in unas
limit the invention to the speci?c features dis
sembled or unfolded condition.
closed. Modi?cations both of the article and of
The pad l8 herein claimed is made of paste
the method are possible within the broad prin
board or other suitable material, covered with a 03 Q31 ciples of the invention and are here contemplated.
covering H of velveteen or similar material. It
As used in the claims hereto appended, the
is made as follows:
word “scoring” is intended to include "grooving”
as well as “scoring.”
A piece of pasteboard is scored or grooved on
its under surface with spaced parallel grooves or
I claim:
score lines l2 as shown in Figure 5. The top sur 40
A jewelry pad blank having a wide and narrow
face of the pasteboard is now covered with vel
veteen or other suitable textile or other mate
rial. The velveteen-covered pasteboard is now
die-cut to the shape shown in Figures 4 and 5,
that is, to two end to end rectangular portions, 45
the head portion I3 being larger, at least in width,
than the foot portion I4. The side edges l5 of
head portion I3 are spaced from and parallel to
portion comprising a sheet of pasteboard and a
fabric covering on the top side of said pasteboard,
a pair of parallel score lines in said wide portion
of said pasteboard extending longitudinally there
of adjacent its side edges to form a pair of flaps
which may be folded downwardly, additional
parallel score lines in said narrow portion of
said pasteboard extending transversely thereof
immediately adjacent said wide portion to form
grooves I2 and are coextensive therewith. The
side edges l6 of foot portion l 4 are in line, re 50 a step portion, and a U-shaped cut in both the
spectively with said grooves. The portions be
tween the grooves and side edges l5 comprise
?aps I5a which may be bent over as hereinafter
pasteboard ‘and the fabric covering thereon be
tween the last mentioned score lines with the base
of the U-shaped cut coinciding with the trans
verse score line nearest said wide portion to form
As part of the die-cut process or as part of the 55 an opening in said step portion.
grooving or scoring process above mentioned, the
pasteboard is scored with two oppositely dis
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