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Am@ §39 .È
Filed sept. 5, 1944 _
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
Carl Hoffman, De Kalb, Ill.
Application September 5, 1944, Serial No. 552,789
1 claim.
(Cl. 268-72)
My present invention, in its broad aspect, has
to do with means for creating a powerful operat
ing leverage to open refrigerator doors of the type
which are ordinarily so heavy as to require great
strength and force to open. Such doors are in
many instances equipped with what are known as
“Pressure type” door closers. My invention, more
particularly, contemplates the use of a pivoted
lever arm fulcrumed to exert a powerful opening
leverage with a minimum of eifort, and it may be 10
mounted either on the inside or on the outside of
a refrigerator.
Other important objects and advantages of
Since many refrigerator doors are so heavy as
to make handling very difficult, I have provided a
T-shaped plate 6 mounted on the door flush with
the edge, and which is formed with an enlarge~
ment 'I tapped with a thread 8 to receive a thread
ed pivot bolt 9 on which is mounted a lever arm
IU. The lever arm I0 has a cut-away portion II
at its end and is tapped to receive a threaded
pivot bolt I2 on which is mounted a roller I3. The
fulcrum of the lever arm (the pivot bolt 9) is relaL
tively close to the roller, and the lever arm itselfv
is provided with a relatively long handle I4 as
shown in Figure 1. The handle portion I4 of the
lever arm may be of simple tubular metal con
my invention are (l) to provide a simple lever
with a roller contact to exert the required power, 15 struction and has a hand grip I5, and may be
slightly curved, for convenience as at IS. A plate
(2) to provide a device which may be used to
I1 is mounted on the door frame in the path of
either push a door` open from the inside, or exert
the roller I3 when the arm is operated to exert
an opening leverage on the doo-r from the outside,
opening leverage between the door and frame to
and (3) to provide a simple, efficient, practical
and inexpensive device which may be applied to 20 handily and easily open the door irrespective its
size or weight, by mounting my lever arm on the
conventional types of refrigerators. Other and
inside Wall of a refrigerator or refrigerator door
equally important objects and advantages will be
frame and mounting the plate I1 on the inside of
apparent from the following detailed description
the door opening pressure of the lever on the
and drawing, but it is to be understood that the
broad scope of my invention should only be de 25 door may be provided.
From the foregoing, it is believed that the oper
termined with reference to the appended claims.
ation and advantages of my invention will be ap
In the drawing wherein I have illustrated a
parent, but manifetsly, changes in form, size,
preferred form of my invention:
shape, proportion, arrangement and construction
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a refrigerator
door on which my device is mounted, and which 30 of parts are permissible provided same fall within
the purview of what is claimed.
shows its operation;
I claim:
Figure 2 is a detailed plan view of the lever arm,
A door opening device, comprising a door frame
roller, and fulcrum, and
and door, a plate mounted on the outer face of
Figure 3 is a detailed edge view of the lever arm,
35 the door, a boss carried by the outer face of the
roller and fulcrum.
plate and extending parallel with the face of the
In the drawing wherein like characters of ref
door beyond the edge thereof, a lever having a
erence are used to designate like or similar parts
bolt passing loosely therethrough adjacent one
throughout the several views:
The numeral I designates a refrigerator door
end and screwed into said boss, a lateral pivot bolt
of well known type, and 2 the frame, to which the 40 carried by the inner end of the lever and parallel
door is attached by hinges 3, and provided with
with the ñrst mentioned bolt, and a roller carried
by said bolt and having a rolling contact with a
closure ñttings 4, and a handle 5. All of these
plate carried by the door frame~
parts are conventional and form no part of my
present invention.
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