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Aug. 13., 1946-
a... H. MATHIS _
Filed Sept. 24, 1943
.20 if. Mai?js
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
2,405,896 '
Leon H. Mathis, Lake City, Fla.
Application September 24, 1943, Serial No. 503,703
2 Claims. (01. 143-43)
This invention relates to portable saws, and
more particularly to a portable saw for cutting
into desired lengths logs to be used for pulp
wood or ties or the like.
The object of the present invention is to pro
vide an improved portable saw of the type indi
cated, peculiarly adapted to being maneuvered
on the rough ground and in the underbrush com
monly encountered where the logging operations
members I 2-I2 is an internal combustion en
gine I4, the pulley I5 of which is connected as
by the double belt It‘ ‘with the pulley ‘I’ mounted
on the saw shaft 6. A fuel tank I 8 for the engine
Hi can be conveniently mounted upon the upper
side of the handles I adjacent the engine. Legs
I'I-I ‘I can ,be also provided on the handles I so
that when not in use the saw will be supported
by tl|1e ground contacting wheel I0 and the two
are in progress, so that it can be readily posi 10 legs ‘I.
tioned with respect to the fallen logs to cut same
In operation it will be apparent that by grasp
at desired points without the necessity of moving
ing the rear end of handles I —I the entire device
the logs either to level the same or change their
can be manipulated like a wheelbarrow on the one
position on the ground.
ground contacting wheel I0 and approached at
Further objects will appear in the course of 15 any angle to a fallen log regardless of the rough
the following detailed description.
ness of the ground. It will be further observed
The invention consists in the novel construc
that by further elevation of the handles I-I the
tion, arrangement, and combination of parts
saw ‘I can be depressed over the log to saw the
hereinafter more particularly described and
same from the top downwardly and that by
manipulating the handles I the angularity of the
One sheet of drawings accompanies this speci 20 saw 1 with respect to the vertical can be readily
?cation in which like reference characters indi
adjusted so as to take into account the angularity
cate like parts throughout.
of the fallen log with respect to the ground.
In the drawing:
In actual construction it will be apparent that
Figure 1 is a side elevation of the improved 25 the structural details are subject to variation but
portable saw;
the present embodiment has been found highly
Figure 2 is a plan view of the saw;
practical and desirable.
Figure 3 is a vertical transverse cross-section
Having thus fully described my invention, I
taken on line 3-3 of Figure 1.
In accordance with the present invention, a 30 1. A single wheel support portable saw com
suitable framework is provided including sub
prising a framework including handle members
stantially parallel handles I-I connected at their
joined medially of the structure to a forwardly
forward ends by inwardly directed portions 2-2
extending arm formed with a bifurcated forward '
which are joined to a medial forwardly extend
end to receive the saw, a downwardly extending
ing arm 3, the forward portion of which is bifur 35 fork member connected at its upper end to the
cated into arms 4-4 which carry on their outer
frame at the junction of the arms and saw sup~
ends bearings 5-5 in which are journaled the
member, a single supporting wheel jour
shaft 6 of a circular saw ‘I. The shaft 6 carries
the fork member and means for sup
preferably a double pulley ‘I’.
porting a motor below and medial of the handle
Depending from the frame members 2-2 and
forwardly extending arm 3 at substantially the 40 members.
point of juncture of these parts, are spaced arms
parallel handle members having their forward
8-8 carrying on their lower ends journals 9-9
ends bent inwardly and joined to a forwardly
for rotatably supporting the shaft of a ground
saw supporting arm, a downwardly ex
contacting wheel I0 which, it will be observed, 45
tending fork for a single wheel having its upper
lies in substantially the same place with the cir
end joined to the frame at the junction of the
cular saw ‘I.
handles and saw supporting arm, a wheel jour
Depending from each of the handles I rear
nalled in said fork, an engine supporting frame
wardly of the ground contacting wheel I0 are
frame members I I-I I connected by frame mem 50 work depending from the handle members rear
bers l2 and steadied by diagonal braces I3 which
have their forward ends secured respectively to
the members 4-4. Mounted upon the frame
wardly of the wheel supporting fork, and leg
members depending from the handle members
rearwardly of the engine supporting‘ frame.
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