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Aug. ' 13, v’ 1946.
2,405,916 ’
Fil'ed Oct; 25,_1944
> .
Patented Aug. 13, 1946
2,405,916 ~
‘noon knockers,
'William'Neuhaus,Neillsvillawis. r.
Application October" 25, 1945;, serial N6. 550331‘.
1 Claim.
(01. 116-1167) '7
This invention appertains to door knockers
and more particularly to door knockers of the
mechanical type for producing a series of rapid
from a solid block of material such as wood, but
obviously the same can be formed from cast
metal or pressed from sheet metal. The inner
blows or knocks on a door.
face of the body 5 has formed therein ‘anin
wardly extending cavity 6 in which is mounted
the operating mechanism for oscillating the head
1 of the knocker. Communicating with the cav
ity 6 through the upper end of the body is a
One of the primary objects of my invention is
to provide a door knocker having a novel and
attractive form shaped to simulate the appear
ance of a Woodpecker With means for rocking the
head of the Woodpecker against the door for pro
passageway 8. The head ‘I carries a forwardly
ducing the desired sound to attract the house 10 extending broad bill 9 which normally projects
holder to the door.
beyond the inner face of the body for engaging
Another salient object of my invention is to
the door D as will be later set forth. The bill 9
provide a door knocker in the form of a wood
pecker having a pivotly mounted head with a
is preferably tapered toward its forward end, but
wheel or ratchet for oscillating the head.
A further and more speci?c object'of my in
through the passageway 8. The neck terminates
the same terminates in a broad tapping face I0.
forwardly extending bill for rapping on the door 15 Formed on or secured to the head 1 is a depend
with means including a hand crank and a star
ing neck II which extends into the cavity 6
in a pointed end I 2 for a purpose which will also
vention is to provide a novel means for mounting
be later described. A pivot pin l3 connects the
the head on the body of the knocker and for 20 neck with the body 5 whereby the head is free
normally urging the head and bill into engage
to rock back and forth to permit the engagement
ment with the door.
5 of the bill with the door.
A still further important object of my invention
Particular attention is invited to the leaf
is to provide a door knocker of the above char
springs M as the same form an important fea
acter which will be durable and e?icient in use, 25 ture of my invention. "The front ends of the
one that will be simple and. easy to manufacture
springs I4 are secured as at l5 to the upper
and one which can be placed upon the market at
end of the body on each side of the neck H and
a reasonable cost.
the rear ends of the spring curve upwardly, as
With these and other objects in view, the in- I
at It into engagement with the lower face of .
vention consists in the novel construction, ar 30 the head ‘I in rear of the pivot 13 and normally
rangement and formation of parts, as will be
urge the head forwardly and the bill into engage
hereinafter more speci?cally described, claimed
and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in
ment with the door.
Rotatably mounted in the body 5 below the
neck II is a transversely extending shaft l‘l.
which drawing:
Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view 35 Mounted upon the shaft for rotation therewith
through my door knocker taken substantially on
is a star or ratchet wheel [8 and this ratchet
the line I—I of Figure 2 looking in the direction
Wheel is deposited within the cavity 6. The
of the arrows and showing the knocker applied
radially extending points IQ of the star are
to a door.
adapted to engage the pointed terminal l2 of
Figure 2 is a sectional view taken at right an 40 the neck I I. One end of the shaft protrudes be
gles to Figure 1 and substantially on the line 2-2
yond the body 5 and has connected therewith a
of Figure 1 looking in the direction of the arrows.
handle or crank 20 to permit the rotation of the
Figure 3 is a horizontal sectional view taken
shaft by a person. In order to permit the easy
on the line 3-3 of Figure 1 looking in the direc
fastening of the knocker to a door D, the inner
tion of the arrows.
45 face of the body has secured thereto transversely
Referring to the drawing in detail wherein
extending straps or brackets 21 which protrude
similar reference characters designate corre
beyond the side face of the body. Screws 22 can
sponding parts throughout the several views, the
extend through the straps and into the door for
letter K generally indicates my door knocker and
securing the knocker ?rmly to the door.
D, a door with which the same can be connected. 50
In operation of my knocker, the crank 20 is
The knocker K, as stated, is formed to simu
turned and the points IQ of . the star wheel I8
late a Woodpecker and hence the knocker is
will engage the lower end of the neck and move
painted and otherwise ornamented to carry out
said lower end forwardly and the head 1 rear
this simulation. As illustrated, the same in‘
wardly away from the door against the tension
cludes an elongated body 5, preferably formed
of the leaf springs l4. As the pointed terminal
body, a transversely extending shaft rotatably
carried by the body extending through the cavity,
of theneck I I rides of! of a point the spring will
forcibly and quickly move the bill into engage
ment with the door for producing a rap. By
turning the crank rapidly a series of quick raps
means for rotating the shaft, a wheel having
radially extending points secured to the shaft for
can be produced which will formulate the noise
made by a Woodpecker. From the foregoing de
the body having a depending neck extending into
scription, it can be seen that I have provided a
'door knooker of an exceptionally simple form
which can readily take the form of a wood
rotation therewith, a head on the upper end of
the cavity and having its lower end arranged in
the path of the wheel points, a pivot pin rock
ably mounting the neck intermediate its ends on
pecker =andswhich ‘will formulate the?noise made 10 ‘itheirbody,‘*leaf‘springs ‘disposed on opposite sides
by a woddpecken?whenathe knocker’is operating.’ ‘of‘the-neck' having their forwardv endssecured to
the upper end of the body and their rear ends
Changes in details may be made without de
parting from the spirit or the scope of my inven-‘ ' .:.curved upwardly and rearwardly into engage
» mentrwith the head in rear of the pivot for nor
tion, but what I claim as new is:
H H ._
A door knocker shaped to simulate a wood
mally urging the headvforwardly, and a striking
pecker comprising a body having :an grinterior ' V -;bill:carried:by said head and projecting forwardly
cavity, means carried by the?forward iace of the
body for connecting the same" to a support, said
cavity opening out through the upper endilofathe 7 I
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