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Àug» i3» 3945.
Filed Oct. l1, 1944
Patented Àug. 13, 1946
Nils A, Tambien?, Ghîeago, 1,11-, assigner te Apple=
ton` Electric Company! a corporation of Illi
Application Qctoher 11, 1944., Serial N0. 553,213
5 claims. (o1. 13a-fig),
Water often collects in boxes of various kinds
and conduits for wires _in distributing systems
for _electricity and dees harm if it is not removed»
providing valleys about one thirty-second oi _an
inch having been found satisfactory, The ele
ment 6 is preferably lightly clamped between the
A simple little hole at a low point in a box Ato be
drained will serve to permit water to escape but,
in many Situations. this expedient cannet be
adopted because of lire hazard-,Álamo as well as
Water beine able te pees through .Suchî a hele
Thís .has led te the Creation ef ñttîngs which Will
permit the escape ef water and yet be “11eme
tight.” The mest eemmen. type of Such a .ñtting
is based. en the .idea- ei a screw extending up
through a Wall at the bettem 0f a space te be
drained and being such a leese fit that Water een
110W Out elena the threads ¿In order ier such a
device to be- “llame tight” the escape passage
must extend along many turns of the screw
threadz the downward slope being so gradual that
two members of the plug, the parts being so ar
ranged, however, that water flowing down
through the upper member of the plug can readily
enter the upper ends of the valleys between the
lands of the screw threads 'I and thereafter ivlow
freely out o_f the lower ends o_f these valleys and
drain out of the cup through the holes 5. In the
arrangement shown, the cylindrical element rests
on a central boss 8 on the bottom wall of the
cup, thus providing
annular chamber or free
space in the bottom ef the eue above the heles
5 and below the-lower ends eff the valleys spiral
ling around the cylindrical element. A_lso, the
upper member ver the nlug has at the betteln a
teatral bess 9», eeetaeties the tee ef the element
water does not flow freely and dirt entering the
passage stays there instead of being washed away. 20 6 and provided in its under face with a wide,
deep groove I0 extending diametrically across the
The object of the present invention is to pro
same so as to be in communication with the lower
duce a simple and novel “flame tight” drain f1t
end of the h'ole 4 in the upper member of the plug.
ting in which the principle of a helical outlet pas
By using a triple thread, there is obtained the
sage is utilized, but in such a, manner that the
eñect of a valley or passage having three times
escape path is relatively short and steep and per
the cross sectional area afforded by the valley of
mits a flow of water in relatively large volume.
a single thread and, furthermore, the pitch of
For a full understanding of th'e present inven
the valleys is much steeper. This last charac
tion and of its objects and advantages, reference
teristic is important because, in order to be ex
may be had to the following detailed description
plosion proof or “flame tight,” must be of small
taken in connection with the accompanying
area in cross section and, if the slope or pitch be
drawing, wherein:
too gradual, the water will bind in the valleys and
Figure 1 is an axial section through a ñtting
will not drain away properly. Should foreign
embodying my invention, along with a fragment
matter get into the valleys and clog the same, the
of a box to which the fitting is applied; Fig. 2
cup need only be unscrewed to permit the element
is a section on line 2_2 of Fig. 1; Fig. 3 is a top
6 to be removed and cleaned.
view of the ñtting; Fig. 4 is a bottom view of the
In Figs. 5-7 I have shown a smaller ñ‘tting in
upper member of the two part plug; Fig. 5 is a
which there is a simple plug I I adapted to be
section, similar to Fig. 1, showing a modification;
screwed into the bottom of a box B or the like
Fig. 6 is a section on line 6-6 of Fig. 5; and Fig.
and having an axial, smooth bore I2 larger in
7 is a section on line l-‘I of Fig. 5.
diameter than the hole II in the upper member I
Referring to Figs. 1-4 of the drawing, I and 2
0f the plug in the other form. The cylindrical
are the upper and lower members of a two part
element I3 is a sliding ñt in and extends through
plug. The member l is a solid body having an
this bore from top to bottom, and is provided
upper part adapted to be screwed into a hub or
with an external triple screw thread I4 in which
downward projection on a box A; while the lower
the valleys are of the same width and depth as
portion is in the form of an enlargement having
are those on element 6. The part I3 is held
an internally screwthreaded flange 3 on the under
against dropping out by a head on its upper end.
side. The member 2 is a cylindrical cup the open
This head may conveniently be a thick disk I5,
end of which is screwed into the lower end of
larger in diameter than the bore I2, held in
member I. The member I has a central hole d
place by a screw I6, passing through the same
drilled through the same from top -to bottom, and
and into the upper end of the cylindrical element
the member 2 has holes 5 in the bottom wall for
I3. In the under face of the disk are deep, wide
the escape o1’ water. A solid cylindrical part 6
grooves I'I, that permit water in the box to flow
lits slidably in the cup and is provided with ex
ternal, multiple screw threads "I, a triple thread
through the same, when the marginal portion of
the disk rests on the bottom of the box; the
cylindrical element are spaced farther apart than
the length of said bore, whereby said element is
water thus ñnding its way into lthe upper ends of
the Valleys between the lands of screw threads
I4. The part I3 is preferably a little longer than
the plug so as to project somewhat below the lower
end of the latter.
left free to be moved up and down through a
limited distance.
3. A drain ñtting consisting of a plug having
a smooth central bore, a cylindrical element i'lt
On the lower end of the ele
ment I3 is a head I8, preferably integral there
with, that makes it impossible fork they element
to be pushed out through the -top of the plug. l
ting slidably in said bore and having multiple
external screw threads, a. disk larger in diameter
than said bore overlying and detachably con
This device operates in the same manner as
10 nected to the upper end of said element, and there
that previously described, to drain Water from
being channels in the under side of said disk to
the box.
Because the element I3 is longer than '
the plug it may be jiggled up and down from time
to time, without opening the box, to clear the
valleys, if the flow of water therethrough be
permit water to enter the upper ends of the valleys
between the screw threads when the disk lies on
the upper face of the plug.
4. A device as set forth in claim 3, wherein
the cylindrical element is longer than the plug
While I have illustrated and 'described with
and has on its lower end an enlargement to pre
particularity only two specific forms of my inven
vent-it from being lifted up through the plug,
tion, I do not desire to be limited to the exact
5. Means for draining a chamber in a member,
structural details so illustrated and described;
which comprises a body having a long, smooth
but intend to cover all forms and arrangements 20 bore, a long, cylindrical member ñtting slidably
which come within the deñnitions of my inven
in said bore and projecting down below the lower
tion constituting the appended claims.
end of the latter, and parts on the ends of said
I claim:
cylindrical member to hold it against withdrawal
1. Means for draining a chamber. in a mem
from the said bore, while permitting it to be lifted
ber, which comprises a body having a long smooth
through a limited distance by upward pressure in
bore, a long cylindrical element ñtting said bore
the upward direction against its lower end, and
and having multiple screw threads on the same,
there being multiple external screw threads on
parts on the ends of said element to hold it
said cylindrical member; the part at the upper
against removal from said bore; said parts each
end of said cylindrical member normally resting
having a transverse dimension greater than the 30 on the bottom of the chamber and being shaped
diameter of said bore, the upper part being shaped
to leave the upper ends of the valleys in the screw
to leave the upper ends of the valleys in the
threads open at all times, and the part on the
screw threads open, and there being normally an
lower end of the cylindrical member being nor
outlet from the lower ends of said valleys between
mally spaced apart from the bottom of the mem
the lower of said parts and the bottom of said
ber containing the bore.
2. A means as set forth in claim 1, wherein the
distance between the parts on the ends of the
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