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Witty 1L. Alclerson, 312, W i
or to E. E. in Pent do Nemonrs & Qomhany,
mill, Del... o oorcorstion of.’ Delaware ‘
collection senate, toss,
(cl; toil-=23)
This invention relates to new compositions of
matter and to methods for their preparation.
The invention has as an object the preparation
positions can he obtained however with esters o
alcohols containing eight or more carbon atoms.
Examples of other esters that can replace that
of new and improved ?lm-forming compositions. ‘
used in the foregoing example comprise ciodecyl
A further object is the production of valuable
supported and unsupported ?lms. Uther objects
stearate, myricyl linoleate, octedecaneciiol mono
laurate, octyl arachidate, uecyl eicosanate, lauryl
are disclosed hereinafter.
psl'mitete and. the like.
The above objects are accomplished by blend
inc in the manner more particularly pointed out
hereinafter e. normally solici polymer or ethylene
’ Pl'he proportions of the ethylene polymer to the
mixture of ester and glyceride and of the ester
and glyceride in the mixture thereof can vary
and a mixture of a naturelh7 occurring fatty acid
somewhat from. that given in ‘the best emhotii»
glycericle and an ester of a cerhoxylicacici con
merit of the invention outlined alcove. Generally
taining at least 14'; carbon atoms with an alcohol
the mixture of glycericle enci ester constitutes
containing at least 8 carbon atoms one. preferably _ , from il.l% to 10% by weight of the ethylene ooh:
' 11-18 carbon atoms.
mer and. wherein theminture oi glyceride end
in the best method oi’ practicing the invention
the normally solid ethylene honor is blended.
usually by milling on rolls, with the fatty acid
ester consists of from 10% to 50% of the elyceriole
and from 90% to 50% of the ester.
glrcericle and an ester of s carhoxiylic acid con»
taimne at least it carbon stems with on alcohol
contsg ii to it cartoon atoms, the
The temperature oi, the calender rolls is criticsl
for the successful production oi’ well=iormee
In general, the rolls should be maintained ice
ore of 7
tween 110° end‘ 150° 0., if touch films which are
free of holes are to be obtained. If temperatures
in excess of 150° C. are used, the
is too soft
fatty sold slyceritle and, ester constituting-from
6.5% to 2% by weight oi’ the ethylene polymer
and the mixture of clyceride e ester consisting
and below 110° C. it is not su?cieutly plastic i’or
oi’ from 25% to t0% oi the clyceride anti fire 25o removal from" the rolls as a continuous, touch.
75% to 6M2 oi the ester.
_ _
The iollowing example, in which the ports ore
by weight. further illustrates the practice of the
. As a rule, it is prer‘erreri to retain the
. rolls between 120° oml 140° C. In order to rem
more hires having a thickness of less than t v; s,
into its ports of a'polymer of ethylene herring
a molecular weight oi shout 15,009 is worked one
it is necessary to resort to the use of an sir hit
es described in the example. Thicker #12:" say
from loss rolls in thickness can he removed i’ro
the rolls without the use of an air hlest. One of
the important advantages of , thin illms is that
part oi‘ undecyl stecrate and 0.5 port of p
icy milling on rolls hosted at rec-1st" C.’ The hot
lolencl'prepared in this fashion is trensierred to
‘ they are smoother, more pliable and. more trons
the lolsht formed by the ?rst and middle rolls of 35 perent than thick ?lms and hence more readily
a vertical three-roll calender. the‘ rolls of which
adaptable for use as wrappins foils, and for cost“
are msinteined st 135°»it0" C. Aster he he
ing fabrics. The production oi such ?lms theretween the top end middle'rolls almithen between
lore constitutes a particular, preferred embodie
7 the middle and bottom rolls of the celender the
merit of this invention.
composition is stripped from the hotto oi’ the
The solid. ethylene polymers whichare used‘ir.
lowest roll in the form of a‘continuous :r i it with
the practice oi this invention are made by heat
the aid of an air blast directed es
the sur
ing ethylene alone, as described in U. S. Patents
fsce oi the calender roll at the point where the
2,153,553 and 2,168,465 or in
1:" nture with one
is stripped. The ?lm thus obtained is tough,
other poerizahle organic compound, as de
?exible and essentially tree from pin-holes. It is
scriloed in U. 8. Patent 2,200,429. The polymers
well adapted for use as e moisture prooi wrao=
ping foil.
of ethylene clone or in 123111. ture with other
po rerizable organic compounds can also 1 he.
Replacement of the pslrn oil in the above com-‘
obtained by contacting ethylene clone or in so
position with other naturally occur" ‘1 fatty acid
miiztnre with another polymericahle-orgemc com
slycerides, such es, coconut oiLlinseed oil, etc, 5%) pound with water and a screw compound at a
elves products oi’
‘m. 5 ~ _ properties.
The long chain ester of the carboxylic acid con
tsinins at ‘least is carbon stoma is, as previously
indicated creed preferably with on alcohol
ii to it cocoon
_ temperature in the range of t0°-35®° C. and under
a pressure in excess of ao'spfheric,v end preter
ahly in the range or s-icco atmospheres. _"li‘he
polymers oi ethylene alone are solids at not "1
temoturos, corrcsoonrl in com
stantially to (CI-19¢, and have a molecular weight
above 6000, The properties of the polymers‘oi
to be understood that I do not lumtmyséir‘to“
_ the speci?c embodiments thereof, except as de
ethylene with other polymerizable organic com- . _ ?ned in the appended claims.
pounds depend upon the composition of the poly
I claim!
mer and the nature of the polymerizable organic
1. A composition of matter comprising in ma
ior amounte, normally solid polymer of ethylene
- The compositions described herein make pos
' sible the preparation from ethylene polymer of
and a mixture ‘in amount of ;i.'rom 0.1% to 10%
by weight of said polymer. of naturally occurring
fatty acid glyceride and an ester of a carboxylic
valuable unsupported transparent ?lms, and par
ticularly of thin ?lms of'enhanced utility. .These 10 acid containing at least 14 carbon atoms with
compositions are ‘also useful in the preparation
of improved supported ?lms by calenderirig on a
non-rigid support, such as paper,’ fabric or metal . foil.
The compositions described herein, as compared
tolknown ethylene polymer compositions, are of
special value in that they can be readily sheeted
on calender rolls at temperatures- above 120° C.
into tough, transparent and ?exible ?lms. This
is an important characteristic because optimum
' _an alcohol containing at least 8 carbon atoms,
said mixture consisting of from 10% to 50% of
said glyceride and from 90% to 50% of said ester.
2. A self supported ?lm comprising the com»
position set forth in claim 1.v
3. A ?exible base material coated with a ?lm
of the composition set forth in claim 1'.
4. The composition set forth in claim 1 in
which said mix‘zture is present in amount of from
0.5% to 2% by weight of said ethylene polymer
and in which said mixture consists of from 25%
?lm properties cannot be realized in the prior
to 40% of said glyceride and from 75% to 60%
manufacture oi ethylene polymer ?lms at tem
peratures below about 125° C. by calendering
of said ester.’
5.‘ A composition of matter comprising in ma
‘technique which has'many recognized advan
tages over other methods of ?lm manufacture, 25 jor amount a normally solid polymer of ethylene
i. e. adaptability to a greater range of ?lm di
and a mixture, in amount of from 0.1% to 10%
mensions and freedom from expensive and haz
ardous solvents and recovery systems therefor.
by weight of said polymer, of palmoil and undecyl
stearate. said mixture consisting of from 10% to
‘50% of the palmoil and from 90% to 50% of the ments of this invention may be made without 30¢ undecyl stearate.
departing from the; spirit and scope thereof, it~is
1 As many apparently widely different embodi
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